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Dream Date: 6/21/2011Female, 28, California UNITED STATES

I’m back in the bedroom-classroom from my previous dream. I see the papers from my notebook on the floor and I am trying to read the paper so I remember what it said. It said, “I have love issues.” I was flipping through the papers, but what was on them kept changing. At some point it’s a page from Curious George and I can see the picture of the monkey. Then it’s these kindergarten/first grade dittos. I kept trying to find the paper again so I wouldn’t forget the phrase, but I can’t so I just repeat it to myself over and over again. I want to remember when I wake up. Then I abruptly stop myself b/c I don’t want to manifest this “love issue” idea and I realize that in a dream my words/intentions are more powerful. Also, I know that these are old writings/thoughts and I don’t want it to become a part of my subconscious again. I scoop up all the papers.

I walk out the French Doors and I recognize again that I am dreaming. There’s no one outside. It’s a bright, beautiful day.  I am in front of the school on the street. There is a park across the street. I decide to try to manifest something in my dream. I think about a pile of money, but then that gets me thinking about manifesting money in real life. So I say out loud to the world, “I am 110% financially free!” (One of my daily affirmations.)  Then I think now what? I decide to try and experience enlightenment. I look up at the sky and think about it. The sky is blue and bright. Suddenly a black dot appears and it gets bigger. The sky is opening up and I can see the universe. It looks like the pictures the space telescopes send back to earth. It’s amazing and beautiful. I hear a choir singing. It’s so beautiful, but so intense. I know that if I keep letting the hole get bigger I will reach enlightenment. But I get scared and the hole quickly closes up and the music stops. I am flabbergasted.

I see a car parked now on the street and T* (female) and K* (female) are in the car. I run up to them excited and see A* (female) walking across the street. I call out to her as I get to the car. I excitedly tell them how I just saw/experienced enlightenment and how amazing it was. T* seems uninterested, but K* asks me about it. I tell her it was scary, and she’s like “I would’ve kept going.” I’m like “yeah that’s what you say until you experience it.”

Then I tell them I’m gonna see if I can do it again. I go back to the middle of the street, but I start waking up. To bring myself back I look at my hand and the skin on my hand is golden, sun-kissed color. I think how nice my hand looks.  I’m back in the dream fully again.  I say another of my affirmations then think about enlightenment. I look at the sky and the hole starts opening again. A* is right next to me. I can hear the choir singing again and I ask her can you see it?!  I don’t know if she answers, but I know she can see it. Then I freaked out again and the hole closed up again and the music stopped. I woke up.

Female, 28, California UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Room: indicates a particular part or activity of mind (bedroom-assimilation, classroom-place of learning)

Papers/notebook:  means of communication

Curious George: compulsive use of imagination

Monkey:  habit

Doors: symbolizes access to places in mind

School:  place of learning

Street:  path in dreamer’s life

Park: subconscious existence

Sky: superconscious existence

Black: need for awareness

Choir: aspects of self in harmony

Car:  physical body

Female friends:  familiar conscious aspects of the dreamer

Hand:  purpose

Fear: indicates what is unidentified and unknown

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Dreams are valuable because they always show the dreamer exactly where he or she is in consciousness. Receiving the message of any dream is an art, based in the science of interpreting images accurately.  Herein lies a clue to the dream voted for interpretation this week.

Upon first read this dream is indeed fascinating, even dramatic.  Studying the dream, however, reveals that there is more thinking than actual images here.  On one level this indicates that our dreamer has a lot of thoughtsabout love, money and enlightenment.  She even says she practices affirmations—the repetition of a positive statement that the thinker wishes to achieve.  Affirming what you want mentally, emotionally or physically does work, owing to the power of Universal Law.  Consider, however, that there is reason that our thoughts do not manifest instantly.  The time that passes between a thought when it is generated and when it actually comes into being exists according to the individual’s need for learning.  In other words, you have to be ready to receive what you think you want in order to receive it.  Note our dreamer’s reaction in the dream when enlightenment looms up before her—she is fearful or in her own words at the end, “Then I freaked out…”.  Fear presides when something is unknown.  This dreamer has obviously given thought to her beliefs regarding enlightenment.  The dream is telling her that she is not ready for it yet, which is probably not a new thought for her.  The question then ariseswhat needs to occur in order for her to receive what she wants? This includes the financial freedom she mentions as well.

Let’s look at the first message this dream conveys.  Our dreamer is realizing that things are not what they seem to be and this causes confusion initially (I was flipping through the papers, but what was on them kept changing).  There is a dawning awareness that she is really in beginning stages, perhaps even naïve (then it’s these kindergarten/first grade dittos), about her learning regarding love.  The one paper in the dream that is easily identifiable has Curious George on it—symbolizing her imagination as well as compulsions regarding love. Again, note how many thoughts she has in this part of the dream.  She has thoughts about the papers, the message, repeating it to herself, and then questioning the impact of thinking these things in a dream.  She is even fearful of this attitude slipping into her unconscious mind again. **  This line of thinking is likely what she follows in her waking life.  Once again, we reiterate that the dream shows more conscious, brain activity than whole mind experience.

The women at the end of the dream symbolize conscious aspects of our dreamer.  She can identify the aspects by describing each friend in one or two words as if she was talking to someone who did not know them.  Once this is done she will be more aware of the part of her that is uninterested T*, the part that wants to keep going K*and the part that she draws on for support A*.

** Note for clarification.  At dreamschool.org we differentiate between subconscious and unconscious. Subconscious is the inner partner to the conscious mind the where the soul resides.  Unconscious is the state of being unaware.  Inattentiveness promotes unconsciousness in the waking life.  Attitudes that are unconscious affect thought-energy as it manifests.  This is why things don’t always turn out the way you might want them too!   

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Enlightenment is a big ideal to hold and we commend our dreamer for striving for greater awareness and freedom in her life.  Financial freedom is a good step to take toward full awareness.  In general humanity it still very young when it comes to understanding Mind.  People are often taken with the results of things like affirmations, imaging and positive thinking because it shows that the Mind does work.  However, how Mind works remains lacking for most people.  This is the great teaching that has been available only to initiates in the past.  Today a great deal of information is readily available through books or the Internet.  It remains true now, as has always been, that a teacher is needed to guide one through the steps of Self Awareness.  Bringing light into all levels of consciousness requires discipline, devotion and instruction.  There is no fear when these steps are understood.

Our dreamer says that she meditates daily.  We encourage her to add a concentration exercise to her practice and recommend the booklet Concentration as an excellent source for specific guidelines.  Her next step is to discern the difference between Mind and conscious brain oriented thinking.

We also highly recommend the one-year Correspondence studyoffered by the School of Metaphysics.  The 12 lessons offered in this course lay a foundation for anyone who wants to understand Mind and Self more completely.  It is worthy to note that the School of Metaphysics teaches lucid dreaming (waking up in a dream like our dreamer does) in the advanced lessons after a student has some command of the Universal Language of Mind™.  Realize that when you consciously change a dream you are setting things into motion that will affect your waking life.  It is far more important to receive a dream, because it is a message from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind about the dreamer’s state of conscious awareness.  Changing a dream, or playing around just because you can, actually becomes a distraction from the soul communication that occurs in these nightly sojourns.  Note that the fear in this dream came after the dreamer began to change what was happening in her dream.  This is a healthy fear that is worth heeding—she has more to learn before changing things in the dreamstate.

One last thought.  Studying the dreams that followed this one will be helpful to our dreamer.  The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron is the best source for interpreting dream images in the Universal Language of Mind™ and it has an easy reference section for basic understanding of any dream.

Dreams of the SoulThe book we recommend is Dreams of the Soul by Dr. Daniel Condron

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