I was stuck in the middle of a roll of chain link fencing.  I was eventually freed by other people using the fencing to build structures.  I’m on a street corner with some girl.  She decides to go into a library and I follow.  Once inside we start looking at rocks.  M*male is studying a collection of rocks that are off limits to me.  I have a similar rock to his and I hand it to him to study.  I ask why I am not allowed to look at his rocks. 

  • structures – path of life;
  • girl – subconsious aspect;
  • library – universal mind related to receiving knowlege of all forms;
  • rocks – forms of will;
  • M*male – conscious aspect – highly energetic- desire to learn about will. 

Find that the “highly energetic” expression of will is off limits to me and wanting to learn about how to access it.; chain-link fencing – unformed beliefs, limitation in thoughts.  Other people – aspects of self; structures – beliefs that can be used for learning.  I experienced limitation and produced freedom by creating more expansive structure with the rules I had been given.

My ideal for this weekend is Sacred Service.  My purpose is humility.  I have experienced my ideal and purpose come to life this weekend in blissful and exciting ways.  I have had so many opportunities to serve this weekend and in all of them I found the opportunity to fulfill a desire.  Today I learned a great deal about running audio for a professional audio technician, I met extraordinary individuals, attended elevated talks, and spent time with good friends all while fulfilling a need for those around me.  Humility came into play as I interacted closely with people who have experiences I value, wisdom I treasure and who value themselves.  I also experienced humility in the fact that at no point was I “in charge” but rather “assisting.”  It was refreshing to my mind and relieving to my brain to take instruction as I responded to the situations before me.  Being in the presence of so many who were willing to practice peace elevated my consciousness and make it very easy to stay positive all day.  Almost every interaction was one of open hearted giving and receiving, without complaint or negativity of any kind.  This campus became a living, breathing, peace town when people of all ages were interacting in harmony and adding their own unique perspectives to the whole.  Although this weekend and this day were not without reactions in me, I found that the few reactions that did arise were short lived and easily worked through.  I am forming a brighter, clearer picture now of what our world can look like when we finally accomplish peace and how my life is going to transform as I move closer and closer to a state of peace in my own Self.  Though I have never been physically violent, I have often been mentally and emotionally violent and most often toward myself.  Thinking peacefully is different than how I have thought in the past and may very well be the next quantum leap in my consciousness stimulated by this weekend.  I have run out of things to say but I think i’m supposed to keep writing.

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Dream 4- DP GLiDE#: 3f071y

I dreamt I lived in a nice, comfortable mansion. There were many people in the dream, not all at once though. I was counseling or tutoring the people that would visit. I recall D*male was there and may have lived with me in the house with a couple other people. K*female and V*female were in the dream at some point. There was more to the dream, I just don’t remember.

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