I forgot.

Well I had a great day.  I learned and experienced closer to the level of my best, in attitude and energy level and quality of interactions.  My peace thought in my little tile was “lighthearted commitment” and I envisioned those two words and images.  I held in my mind what I intended and I stayed more relaxed and open.  I had a series of deep, fulfilling, real, honest conversations that boosted up everyone involved.  I hugged great hugs.  I received back so much from everyone I interacted with and gave in a satisfying way.

To participate in the next experiment…


Dream 1- DP GLiDE#: 3f070Y

I was sitting with B*male (Trees of Life) at dining room table in Moon Valley Ranch House. He was talking and I was listening. The next image was me in a motorized vehicle (car) that took off flying very quickly through the air.

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Dream 2- DP GLiDE#: 3f060y

In a large outdoor park walking with N*male and a young child who is a boy. He (N*male) is pushing the stroller. I notice orange flowers blooming and birds flying low overhead. I hear children laughing in the distance.

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