People were going to the Peace Dome.  D*male was present.  I decided that instead that I should go walk.  It’s the cause while everyone was reciting/reading the UPC.

Peace is recognizing the Divine in myself and others.  Peace is giving to others, consistently, lovingly, truthfully.  I have found this to be true.  Today I gave my peace, my presence through the essential quality of attention.  I greeted new friends and old, asked questions when I desired to understand their communication deeper or better.  My old friends were mostly the ones I gave consistently to.  M*male, LB*female and El*female.  With Mi*male I shared an important story of mine to show him how/what I have realized about inner authority.  I saw in his eyes a searching for a sense of deflecting or a protective shield as if my love for him was dependent upon his choices, as if it was influenced by his choices.  I love him just because he is.  I consistently reflected that quality back to him.  Truthfully I have given space.  I have given truth.  I seek and so I find.  The young Numa child (4 years old) showed me her empty sack around her neck.  I told her that was great.  I told her that it is space in a house that makes it useful.  I then played a telepathic rock game with her, teaching her the truth of connectedness.

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Dream 1- DP GLiDE#: 3f070Y

I was sitting with B*male (Trees of Life) at dining room table in Moon Valley Ranch House. He was talking and I was listening. The next image was me in a motorized vehicle (car) that took off flying very quickly through the air.

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Dream 2- DP GLiDE#: 3f060y

In a large outdoor park walking with N*male and a young child who is a boy. He (N*male) is pushing the stroller. I notice orange flowers blooming and birds flying low overhead. I hear children laughing in the distance.

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