I was teaching my “people” I worked for.  They were mentally retarded, and I was caring for them.  I worked with the female until she realized she could think.  She became aware and intelligent.  I was at work and we were not sure when my shift was over.  It was in the kitchen at COM and I ran a register for the food.  Dr. B*female told me I did not need the register and that the teachers will hand me their money in my hand.  Amy went through the line and got a regular plate of food, though she paid me with a huge stack of money.  Then Dr. D*male came through and got a big salad.  He gave me an even bigger wad of money.  J*male went through with H*male who was holding V* young girl.  They all carried their own food and individually paid me, including V* young girl – my hands were full of money so I went out to report to my boss, who was C*male.  I gave it to him.  People singing “One Voice” at the Unity Church in downtown Louisville.  The choir director wore a tux.  A*female played the violin.  I taught J*male how to sing and reach the high note.  He did it really well.  Litle girls were dancing in a circle like ring-around-the-rosey.

There were many moments throughout the day when  I felt the present moment freeze into an eternal bliss, and my heart open.  I would feel energy dance within my body.  I felt connected to an idea, a persona or a thing and I experienced peace.  Jonathan described to me how amazing and peaceful trees are because they have no ego, yet thy continually strive to grow taller and taller.  This was the first moment where I was so centered in truth that I was moved and knew I was experiencing peace, as I stood among the trees.  I then felt humbled as Dr. B* described to me the area in journalism where I need to stretch.  I realized I must be in the present moment, not lost in it.  I fell in love with the possibilities of the greatness that I can produce eternally through this.  Then I stood in front of the people and the world today and sang “One Voice”. I had been praying and visualizing the hearts of the people open, their minds inward, and their whole selves connected to the image and meaning of “One Voice”.  This occurred, and I know it did.  My heart was up there singing.  I gave love and truth and sincerity to the people, and they received it.  It was blissful peace as everyone stood in stillness and silence when I became silent.  I stood there in stillness on the path leading out of the dome continually energized by the powerful message of peace that everyone embraced and received in them from the music.  I love them, and this heart connection is peace.

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Dream 1- DP GLiDE#: 3f070Y

I was sitting with B*male (Trees of Life) at dining room table in Moon Valley Ranch House. He was talking and I was listening. The next image was me in a motorized vehicle (car) that took off flying very quickly through the air.

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Dream 2- DP GLiDE#: 3f060y

In a large outdoor park walking with N*male and a young child who is a boy. He (N*male) is pushing the stroller. I notice orange flowers blooming and birds flying low overhead. I hear children laughing in the distance.

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