Last night I dreamed that I was walking into a bedroom.  There was an over whelming fast food smell. L*female was in the bedroom talking about how bad it was that they were all eating fast food.  Next I was in a town trying to find direction.  I ended up in a park on a bench.  I was conducting a second round interview for Lululemon.  I asked “why Lululemon?” K*female began to answer.  Her bosses were in the interview also.  C*female and S*female were there.  I felt odd because they answered the same as the first round.

Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully.  Today will take some time to assimilate.  I felt love, joy, connectedness and fulfillment.  I found that placing my attention in the present moment allows a peaceful mind.  I allowed myself to be still and use the 5 senses to experience peace.  In the present moment there is nothing to fear or regret, there just is.  I was able to receive others with my full attention and with my heart open.  In that, I felt tremendous oneness.  I met a woman and her handicapped son.  He had severe brain damage and was learning to speak and use his motor functions.  I was directed to assist people to their cars, so I approached them.  Within a few moments the boy and I were laughing, testing the grip strength and hugging.  A year ago I would have been to ego centered to receive them.  I felt a deep love for the boy and his mother.  I was comfortable in our connection and at peace in the present moment.  I notice people all around me were having this experience.  My awareness was heightened and I soaked up the love.  Nothing could have gone wrong.  Peace is in the present moment.  Peace is receptivity.  Peace is undivided attention.  Peace begins in my thoughts.

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Dream 1- DP GLiDE#: 3f070Y

I was sitting with B*male (Trees of Life) at dining room table in Moon Valley Ranch House. He was talking and I was listening. The next image was me in a motorized vehicle (car) that took off flying very quickly through the air.

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Dream 2- DP GLiDE#: 3f060y

In a large outdoor park walking with N*male and a young child who is a boy. He (N*male) is pushing the stroller. I notice orange flowers blooming and birds flying low overhead. I hear children laughing in the distance.

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