Dream 1 – I’ve just arrived home from National teacher’s meeting/Living Peacefully event at the College of Metaphysics.  There is a great desire to spend time with J*male son.  I’ve missed him so much and want to bond with him.  He’s growing up so much, so fast.  I go outside and everything is white, bright white.  He’s behind the house in a large field swinging on a swing.  Many of his friends are scattered around the large playground.  While J*male son is reluctant, he comes with me to the house.  He’s pretty annoyed and slightly put out that I am making him spend time with me.  We end up in his room.  He tries to lie down on his top bunk.  “Jake, come on.” We go to my room and lay down on my bed and I start reading kids stories to him.  At one point I am not sure I am wearing my shirt or not.  I look down I am not. 

Dream -2 College.  We’ve ended the peace event and I ‘m needing the help of the college students and they just don’t care to direct their energies to me as they are on a mission to go to the woods.  Upon awakening, I’m singing a few lyrics about “psychedelic psycho”?

The ways in which I thought about peace today were primarily in regards to the group of students that were an active part of the “concessions” area.  Each one of the 8 (plus my daughter C* was very attentive and caring.  We focused on ideal and purpose and goals on a personal level and I held in mind the ideal and purpose and activity of the SOM, with an extra bit of love and acceptance added in.  Inner peace being an ingredient in the mix was automatic.  Being attentive to various people that perhaps needed a gentle reminder of why the experiences of the day was occurring helped to keep me centered in maintaining and elevating my personal vision of peace.  Sharing my light, honoring connectedness and living as an example helped many stay in alignment w/ the true self and God.  Perhaps one of the most influential moments was when Dr. Barbara came out to our area and taught us an even more connected way to help everyone.  Adding prana in assisting with strong desire for sun was fun, mindful, expansive and way our group stayed strong- a beautiful thread in the tapestry of the “Living Peaceably by thinking peacefully” Pre-parliament event.  I also loved the singing of One Voice.  It is such an honor to be a part of such a harmonious whole.  Thank you.

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Dream 4- DP GLiDE#: 3f071y

I dreamt I lived in a nice, comfortable mansion. There were many people in the dream, not all at once though. I was counseling or tutoring the people that would visit. I recall D*male was there and may have lived with me in the house with a couple other people. K*female and V*female were in the dream at some point. There was more to the dream, I just don’t remember.

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