I was placing a metal disk on a rock

I was immersed in peace all day.  I noticed that the experience of peace is different for different people.  I noticed it in some people talking, some people listening, some people spending time connecting with people, some people spending time with themselves and nature.  I saw peace in laughter.  I saw peace in silence.  I observed every person who walked the labyrinth come out in a calm and peaceful state, regardless of the fact that they all went in at different speeds and with different intentions.  I observed a great deal of gratitude in others which I think added to the level of peace throughout the college campus.  Everything I was observing in others, I was in reality observing in myself.  There was a strong connection and friendship amongst all the SOM teachers and with all the guests.  The feeling and ideal of peace everyone effortlessly flowed throughout the day.  It was a beautiful experience seeing all the students and teachers unified in a cooperative effort to provide support and fulfill whatever needs arose.  Peace is alive, still, changing, growing, complete.

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Dream 4- DP GLiDE#: 3f071y

I dreamt I lived in a nice, comfortable mansion. There were many people in the dream, not all at once though. I was counseling or tutoring the people that would visit. I recall D*male was there and may have lived with me in the house with a couple other people. K*female and V*female were in the dream at some point. There was more to the dream, I just don’t remember.

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