Last night I dreamt I woke up in my tent and water was dripping down in a steady stream onto the middle of my blanket.  I looked up to find a hole torn in the top of my tent and it was raining.  When I looked for the cause of the tear, I noticed a dark shape stuck in on the top of the tent, so I kicked it off (from inside the tent).  I looked out the tent flap to see a vultures/eagle like bird dead on the ground.  I knew it’s talons had caused the tears in the canvas.

I woke up anxious – maybe because of the weather or because of my rushed morning – but I also felt tired.  My morning meditation and a few disciplines helped.  When setting up for the event I began to realize what thoughts were running through my head.  I began to focus on the theme of “Peace” and all the people who would gather to celebrate it.  So as the day went on I felt better.  As a greeter, I was given the opportunity to speak to people right when they arrived.  Every person was happy and excited to be there.  When I got the chance to mix and mingle, I experienced our guest enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and I realized how great I felt because I was part of this.  I was calm, still, and peaceful much of the day – sometimes even to the point of feeling a sort of light-headed “high.”  I felt connected to everybody I spoke to and tried to keep in mind my connectedness with everybody else present.  My thought when I placed my tile in the mandala was “we are one in the spirit.”  At one point I sat by J*male at the fire, right before Allan walked up.  He asked how were were doing, to which I replied “peaceful.”  Jesse laughed and agreed.  So I sat by he fire and just allowed myself to “be,” I was overcome by gratitude and peace – I felt content and fulfilled.  I thought of yesterday when A*male., G*female, Yv*female, R*male and I walked through the orchard and repeated the peace prayer at every tree.  This helped me reconnect with the open heart feeling I had while in the orchard.

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Dream 4- DP GLiDE#: 3f071y

I dreamt I lived in a nice, comfortable mansion. There were many people in the dream, not all at once though. I was counseling or tutoring the people that would visit. I recall D*male was there and may have lived with me in the house with a couple other people. K*female and V*female were in the dream at some point. There was more to the dream, I just don’t remember.

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