Compelling Dreams

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A few days ago a 17-year-old male, a junior in high school, visited our school branch to express his personal concerns. He was skipping classes and hanging out with his girlfriend looking forever for something worth while to do.

I asked him, “How may I help you?”

He very calmly said, “I would like to awaken each morning, just looking forward to the day.”

When I asked him if he remembers his dreams, he said, “Yes, most of the time I am running in a race with friends, but I am always slowed down by quicksand.”

As a Dream Interpretation Coach I then explained his dreams were repeatedly telling him that he too often places his self-value on what others expect and he becomes caught up in the competitive circumstances in his life. We spoke about his need to reflect on what is important to him and to focus his attention on causing his own desires. I

told him, “You can give your life the excitement and direction you desire just by deciding what you want to experience or accomplish in life.” I urged the young man to spend the next couple of days composing a list of 10 things he wants most in the next few years. Suddenly his eyes lit up, as he asked for a piece of paper and pen. I could tell he just saw his future and in a totally different light.

His mother called me the next day asking, “What did you tell him? My son, the distant stranger of the past few months, actually smiled at me on his way to school, and he left on time! Then I went up into his room to put clothes in his drawers and I saw two lists lying on his bed with big red titles, WHAT I WANT”. I too, then smiled from ear to ear, fulfilled by her happiness and thrilled with the genius of dream interpretation that redirected her son setting a new path of freedom in creating his life.•

Kerry Keller discusses the impact of dreams as a young man comes of age.  Every Wednesday at 7:30 Eastern Time, founder and author of The Dreamer’s Dictionary Barbara O’Guinn Condron invites the world’s foremost dreamworkers to meet dreamers in an open forum online.  The dreams submitted for the week are considered for interpretation as are dreams from attendees.  Submit your dream now!  Register for the webinar.

Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.