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Why is a 32 Year Old Guy Dreaming of Cookie Monsters?

by Kerry Keller, National Dream Hotline® Coordinator

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Like many dreamers, Jeramie has become empowered by his dreams bringing life-changing opportunities into his life. Even unrealistic dreams with ‘Cookie Monsters’ inspire him to make choices to flourish each day.

After I recently finished an adult education lecture about the ‘Reality of Dream Interpretations’,  Jeramie stood up in the class and said, “I had a completely non-sensical dream this morning and I know you can’t tell me there is an ounce of value in it.”

“Oh?” I said, “then you better share it for us to examine here with everyone.”

He laughed and began describing;

I was waiting tables on three four-tops when customers at one of my other tables became very loud, demanding my attention. I looked at them to say, “I will be with you in just a minute. Only to be astonished that there were three gorillas and a woman already eating at the table.”

Another table behind him also started calling for his attention, two men dining with a talking parrot. Then unexpectedly his manager came over and told him; “I need you to get busy because we are giving you three more tables to serve tonight.”

Jeramie, anxious about efficiently taking care of all six tables, began to serve them water. Seated at each of the three tables were three women and one aggressive cookie monster engaging the other two around them.

Disturbed by this Jeramie began to complain to his manager. “I can’t serve three gorillas eating soup, a woman eating bananas, a talking parrot and three cookie monsters!” His boss was laughing at him and said, “you asked for more money, so go earn it”.  EOD

Jeramie woke up frustrated, yet very relieved the dream was over.

Then with some humor and disbelief he said, “please enlighten me”!  I responded by reminding the audience, the inner mind projects night dreams that reflect the dreamers thoughts and attitudes of the previous day. The characters, places and things in this
dream are describing or symbolizing specific ways of thinking that have been previously unconscious to Jeramie.

The manager symbolizes Jamie’s inner authority that he experiences daily as his inner knowing.  His statement to Jeramie about making money defines Jeramie’s desire to harmonize with Universal Law of Prosperity. Serving customers, (aspects of himself), symbolizes his desire to give or cause experiences that yield new knowledge, (symbolized by the food) within himself.

At first glance, we can only laugh at the dream’s story line, its characters, and Jeramie not wanting to serve animals and the imaginary characters. The significance of his resistance to serving the three gorillas, the talking parrot, and three Cookie Monsters is profound when he pays attention to the benefits of the interpretation.

I shared animals function from instinct or their reactions to pleasure and physical & emotional pain.  These actively restrict the brain’s memory and effective use of the attention. Similarly, when humans rely on instinctive habitual reactions they unconsciously limit perception of the potential successes they desire. Gorillas and the talking parrot symbolize these in Jeramie.

I then told Jeramie, “You needed to reflect on yesterday’s thought processes. You apparently recognized some habitual patterns of thinking that you no longer want to feed!”

The talking Parrot is a symbol for compulsive mind patterns you were actually imitating or learned from others. These might be unproductive attitudes you borrowed from friends or the cultural influences in life that don’t really reflect your true nature.

As much as we all love the ‘Cookie Monster’ character, in this dream it symbolizes your imagined perception of a particular knowledge, (food), that unconsciously consumes you. Now you realize you don’t want to be unconsciously attached to knowledge that restricts your forward progress towards creating prosperity.

Jeramie stood up again and thanked me for interpreting his habitual inner thoughts that he was unconscious to. “I am surprised you interpreted the ‘cookie monsters’ with such accuracy! You have awakened my attention to the scattered sources of much of my anxiety in completing my goals. Thank you again!”

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Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.  Contact Kerry for interviews at 317) 251-5285 or Dr. Karen Mosby at SOM National Headquarters 341-345-8411 .                                                                              .

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