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Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

by Kerry Keller, National Dream Hotline® Coordinator

Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

Sarah starts off her dream sharing, “I was in my room with my radical boyfriend hugging and kissing when we both heard my mother coming down the stairs. My boyfriend freaked out and quickly hid under the bed.”

Sarah decided to divert her mother from knowing Ken was in her bedroom. She knew her mom would disapprove of his spiked hair and face jewelry.

She gave Ken the opportunity to leave by going out to the kitchen to speak with her. “Hi Mom,” she said, “I did not know you were home.”

Suddenly Ken came out to the kitchen to talk to Sarah’s mom, and it was as if he had known her for a long time. Sarah was surprised at how well Ken and her mom got along.  When Ken went to the bathroom, Sarah’s mom said, “he is so nice, but he is too good for you. You will never be good enough to keep him as a boyfriend.” Sarah then lashes back at her mom, “We love each other so much and I am keeping him!” EOD
Speaking with Sarah after she shared this dream, I learned she was concerned; “Is my dream telling me that my higher self is approving of my boyfriend?” I said, “No!  But it seems you have your own conscious doubts!”

Dreams are presented to us in a language to be interpreted symbolically; rarely are they literal. There exists a ‘Universal Language of Mind.’ This is the oldest language known to human existence. Using this language, this dream reveals that Sarah is experiencing some conflict with how she identifies herself, and who she wants to become. The conflict is between two perspectives she is holding in her attention.

One is focused on and attached to her perceived desires. She feels the need to change her identity by harmonizing with Ken, who symbolizes her desire to stand out and be noticed. The other is symbolized by her mother coming down the stairs. This represents Sarah’s own inner authority coming into her conscious attention, a higher perspective, a more expansive identity from which she can create her successes.

Parents in a dream are a symbol for the superconscious mind of the dreamer. I told Sarah, this is the highest portion of her mind. It  holds the seed idea and “identity of who you are and who you are truly becoming in this life.”

Everyone has this inner mind knowing. Yet some are less aware of this expanded identity. They do not yet know there is a greater purpose and a plan for their existence.  Dreams are often messages informing us about this part of Self. Acknowledging this
self-awareness elevates one’s perspective of their gifts and the significant influence they own in this life.

In reflecting on her thoughts of the day before, Sarah’s dream says her attention was not focused on her higher purpose in life.

I asked Sarah why she described her boyfriend as ‘radical’? What did this mean in her dream?

She thought about it and said, “He’s a rebel, kind of making a statement in his world about what’s important to him.”

I shared with Sarah that this dream is a reminder from her soul of how she is holding a false self-value. We are who we think we are. The need to blend with some radical ways of thinking and expression is the focus of her mind because she needs to feel more important and have others see her importance. This causes her to feel separate from her higher self with the desire to hide her need to be radical.

Sarah then said something brilliant! “You are telling me that holding onto this need to rebel is what my mother in the dream meant when she said, ‘You will never be good enough.’ As long as I hold on to the need to be important, I will never be good  enough… I get it!”

Sarah’s dream message opened before her. I did not have to say anything else. Just amazing how valuable our dreams are!

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Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.

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