This is the first time I am writing. I heard about you on the radio one day and was very interested. I had a dream about 3 years ago that is still so vivid in my mind.

In the dream, my sister-in-law told me that she had the
power to communicate with the dead. She told me that
her mother, ( my mother-in-law) had a message for me.
She said to tell me that Everything was going to be o.k.
and not to worry anymore.

I really want to know what this means. I have a son who is developmentally disabled. My mother in law died when my son was four years old. He is now 17 yrs. old. Please help me understand this.

Thanks, from a concerned, loving mom

Dream Rule #1

Every Dream is about the Dreamer

Our dreams use the people, places, and things in our lives to tell us a story about us. The story is symbolic and has personal meaning that can help us live our lives. Although dreams can demonstrate other subconscious capabilities like precognition or visitation, this dream does not indicate that occurring. This dream is a message for you about you from your own inner self. Your sister-in-law represents a familiar aspect of you that holds onto the past. During the day before you had this dream you were thinking in old ways – that you had changed but now were slipping back into. Your connection with superconscious tells you to keep your attention in present rather than the future.



Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Because these dreams come from dreamers on almost every continent, they reflect back to us who we are and how we can grow as a race into our potential. They tell us that as a planet we are in the midst of constant change, often unconscious of the cause or where the change will lead. They also tell us that we desire harmony with ourselves and with each other, and that we possess the qualities necessary  to create anything we imagine. They tell us that we are experiencing in increasing numbers the limitless dimensions of consciousness beyond the physical world and in that way these dreams give us a preview of what is to come.