I had a dream I was sleeping and my little sister woke me up and gave me an open letter. It was from someone that I fell in love with in September and he moved away in December. He wrote me once. But it was just basic information about what he had been doing. I wrote him and I told him how I felt about him. But he never wrote back. The letter was four or five pages long. It was written in different colors of ink. At the top of one of the pages it said something similar to “I know that you like me”. When you turn the page over at the top it said “We are partners”.
There was more information in the letters but that is the only words I remember. I would like an interpretation. Thank you for your time.
S, female

Dream Rule #1

Every Dream is about the Dreamer

Dreams offer insights into the state of your awareness. When interpreting your own dreams there are two universally true principles to keep in mind:

1. Every dream is about the dreamer.
2. Every person, place and thing in the dream represents the dreamer.
A dream is a message from your inner self.

Sleeping in the dream is a symbol of a loss of awareness and will. You don’t give your physical age, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you are physically young. This dream is addressing the feelings of separation that arise as we age. Since we are not actively taught to keep the connection between the inner and outer, the subconscious and conscious minds, over time the outer ego stimulates the conscious mind toward dominance. This dream message is a commentary on this all too common death of awareness.

The aspect of yourself symbolized by your little sister plays an important part in this dream message. That conscious aspect is the part of you that is establishing the communication between yourself and your subconscious mind (symbolized by the boy). You believe there is separation from your subconscious mind, the part of yourself your sister represents knows better.

If you have a desire to learn more about dream interpretation, check out the classes and lectures here at dreamschool. In addition The Dreamer’s Dictionary (by Dr. Barbara Condron) has a wealth of information about understanding the symbols in the Universal Language of Mind. It is available on Amazon, at all fine bookstores or directly from the School of Metaphysics.

Thank you and sweet dreams!



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