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I dreamed I was in a racing field, I think it’s an oval, I am running, and there are people running with me, we are racing but I feel that there is something wrong with my feet. I know I can run fast because I used to race tracks, but this time, my feet is not moving the way I want it to be. It was like my feet are in slow motion even if I am really trying hard to run fast in my mind, it wont seem to follow. I keep on trying to catch up and win the race but my feet feels like water, it felt numb and it was like watching a movie in slow motion. I did not even finished the race and then I woke up.  EOD

24 year old male, Philippines

The outstanding symbol in your dream is “feet”.  Dreams use people, places, and things from our waking lives as communication symbols.  The people and things that appear in our dreams have meaning to us personally, and they also have a more universal meaning across all of humankind.  Our feet support our bodies.  They enable us to move in any direction, thus aiding us to act on fulfilling desires and getting “from here to there”.

In your dream, you are in race and your dream-feet are not functioning as you expect.

Feet in a dream represent your spiritual foundation.  What does this mean?  A foundation is a base upon which something is built.  For you, as an individual, your foundation is your understanding of how to move.  Your dream says you have previously been confident about your capacity to move where you want, when you want, and to succeed in whatever you set out to do.  Yet, this is not happening in your present circumstances.  Since all dreams point to the state of our awareness, this dream is addressing a way you are out of sync with where you have come from as a spiritual being.  You are taking something for granted; do you know what it is?


Have you recently found yourself losing your sense of purpose in life?  Numb feet that feel like water is an image of insensitivity to the Source.  This could be a spiritual crises of feeling like you have not been keeping up with your own potential.  Or it could signify an unexpected indifference arising from feeling overwhelmed by situations in your life.

The key to this dream is the slow motion.  This indicates that you are struggling to align your thoughts and actions, to get all of you moving toward your goals.  Perhaps you found yourself distracted the day or so before the dream.  The message is intended to make you aware that this is a temporary condition, of your own making, and so can be readily changed by your awareness.  The best part is that your imagination produced the misstep and it will be your imagination that will return you to a single-minded purpose so you can move forward with ease and confidence once again.

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