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I was chatting with police officers and they casually convinced me to join them. A gunner attacked us and I killed him with a paintball gun while covering behind a car. I developed ptsd and drove far away; first on a mountain with a wide road in the snow. Eventually I met my younger brother. He was mute and distraught. We communicated via text. Then we and my even younger brother (too young to drive) drove to a gas station where we broke off to avoid a police officer. He caught me and turned out to be a serial murderer.

There was a swimming pool with several dead bodies and I had a vision of playing dead in the pool and being stuck beneath the water from a glass covering. I obeyed the vision and stayed perfectly still, holding my breath. When the murderer turned his head, I would take a small breath and I realized the glass covering was in certain areas as to throw me off and make me stay under for longer periods of time. He lifted me halfway out of the pool and looked into my eyes. I kept them perfectly still, feeling a sense of fear and intrusion. My oldest brother (different from the others) was the murderer’s helper and pulled me out of the pool. I had to continue holding my breath and felt suffocated.

Later, I found an escape route and my brother casually let me go. He also gave me a red t shirt. I escaped through a short duct that tapered off into a hole about 1x1 feet. It sucked me in and took several tries before making it through. I was instantly transported to a run down retail stand by a road where I met a small group of poor people, one being a beautiful young woman who I felt emotionally drawn to. I sketched detailed art of each face. The dream ended with a sense of escape and purpose. The mountain from earlier was in the background. EOD   Male, 25, USA


Significant Symbols in this dream include:

  • Police – Discipline
  • People – an aspect of Self. Opposite sex represents an inner Subconscious aspect of Self and the same sex will represent a Conscious aspect.
  • Gun – a means to cause change.
  • Death – change.
  • Car – your physical body.
  • Mountain – a challenge or obstacle in the dreamer’s life.
  • Road – the dreamer’s direction in life.
  • Snow – unchanging life experiences.
  • Brothers – a familiar aspect of Self.
  • Phone – a means for communication.
  • Gas station – A place to receive energy for the body.
  • Murder – change with disregard to effects of intention.
  • Swimming Pool – conscious life experiences.
  • Water – Conscious life experiences.
  • Window/glass – a means for awareness.
  • Fear – what is unidentified and unknown to the dreamer
  • T-shirt – how the dreamer is expressing Self
  • Duct – a means of transporting something from one place to another
  • Retail Stand – a place in mind exchange energy that aren’t seen as having value
  • Art – Creativity
  • Face – identity

INTERPRETATION in the Universal Language of Mind
This dream is all about changes you are facing and how you are dealing with them. There is a way in which change has occurred, bringing with it a lot of anxiety and confusion. You are unaware of how exactly it happened, so you physically remove yourself from the experience to calm down and gain some perspective. By doing so, you are met with another challenge and your need to cause continual change with discipline. This awareness causes more fear, anxiety, and a resistance to what can be. So much so, that you act as if you have changed in order to escape without making a change. This then brings you into a state of mind where you can begin looking at your Self-value in a new way and image who you truly desire to be. You end your experience with a quality of purpose knowing that the challenge will present itself again.

With this dream, there are a couple main points that will aid you in going deeper, this will give you a starting point. First, look back over the day before having this dream and see where you experienced a change that you felt was forced to make. This is what stimulated anxiety.

Note what was happening in your waking life when this occurred. Who were you with? Where were you? What was said or done that seemed to provoke YOUR emotional reaction. Whatever this was you felt overwhelmed by it. Once you discover where the anxiety began you can imagine who it is you truly desire to be, for this is what was occurring in the last part of your dream and will give you the motivation to become your ideal Self.

This dream relates to a discipline in the dreamer’s life that is unexpectedly affecting many areas of his daytime experiences. It is letting him know that he is wanting to escape from the effects of changes he has been trying to implement for a while. Identifying what that discipline is – could be an exercise program, practicing patience, or meditating every day – and linking it to the changes he has felt forced to make can be most freeing.• JRagan, interpeter


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