Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world



The Symbols in your Dream include:

  • Rehearsal: place in mind of practice
  • People: aspects of self
  • Friend: conscious aspect of self
  • Crush: Subconscious aspect of self
  • Phone: means for communication message: information
  • nude: honesty and openness


Brilliant! So many people confuse dreams and physical waking life. Dreams come from subconscious mind in service to the whole Self. They are received by the conscious, waking mind telling you the state of your conscious awareness.

When you write….
“This informed me that I was not the only person my crush had been texting, contrary to what he told me. This was when I realised I was dreaming, and I immediately dismissed the thought because I knew it couldn’t be true.”
… are telling yourself and us that you KNOW the difference between the dreamstate and the waking state.

So let us aid you in interpreting the dream. Keep in mind when interpreting dreams that every dream is about the dreamer and every thing, person, and place is an aspect of the dreamer. So the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you are experiencing about the dream are all about yourself. They reflect how you see what is going on at this time in your life.

At Dreamschool we use a model of the Mind taught at the School of Metaphysics which distinguishes the inner and outer self. We call the outer self the conscious mind, and its partner inner self, the subconscious mind. (There is a third division of mind that does not appear in your dream.) These two divisions of mind are intended to work together in creating and fulfilling goals. Your dream is about your relationship with your subconscious mind.

The setting in your dream is the “rehearsal” which is a place in mind for practicing self expression. There are doubts about whether your inner self is being honest in its communication with your conscious mind about what you are doing. The doubts rise from the conscious aspect of yourself (your girlfriend), so identifying which aspect of you this person represents in your dream is the key.


To consciously identify the aspect of yourself your girlfriend represents, simply look for the dominant trait you see her expressing. Is she strong? Is she well-mannered? Maybe ditzy? Or inconsiderate? You must determine how you see your friend. Then take a look at your self, and see which of these traits YOU exhibit.

This is where you can really become the scientist of your life through experimenting with your thoughts and actions to see how life forms around your choices. Everyone can do this but you must build the trust in yourself to get clear with what is going on inside of yourself and outside. You can practice trusting yourself by continuing to separate your dreams from your waking life; your fantasies from your reality.• DMays, interpreter

Get the book. 
Learn the language. 
Record your dreams. 
Decode the messages. 
Shift your consciousness

Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.