Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world


The first night I dreamt I was standing in a very big room with a wall in front of me & a large window behind me. Outside the window was a sort of raised platform. Not sure if it was a waiting room for a station. On the other side of the wall was the sea. On my left was my deceased Father & grandmother (his mother). In front of them was my mother who is still living. She seemed to be separated from them. Behind me was my deceased husband. He seemed to be protecting me. On the left hand side of this building out of the window I remember seeing a tidal wave. The whites of the waves were tinged red. We knew that the next wave was coming through the wall. We just stood & waited. There was nowhere to go. I remember feeling apprehensive but not afraid. When the wave came through the wall it washed us all through the window & up onto the platform. It was also red. When it rolled away, we were all standing with our arms in the air praising God for saving us. That is what I remember.

All I can remember about the second dream is being with a few people. I was sitting on a chair at a large table. I cant remember if I knew anyone. My right foot was itchy and it had a sort of scabby thing on the bridge of the foot. I remember lifting it up & looking down at it. When I saw it again it was open & had pus or something running in it. I remember someone saying I must see a dr or someone & I woke up.  EOD  Female, 57, South Africa


1st Dream

Big room: Unfamiliar place in mind.
Wall: Limit of thinking.
Window: Awareness.
Sea/water: Conscious life experiences.
Deceased Father: Changed superconscious aspect of self.
Deceased Grandmother: Changed superconscious aspect of self.
Mother: Superconscious aspect of self.
Deceased husband: Subconscious aspect that has changed in commitment. 
Platform: Place of mind that is raised or spot lighted. 

First dream: Letting life sweep you off your feet. 

First dream’s interpretation:
There is a way you’re holding onto old aspects for your authority and for creating in life. Your Father and his mother are aspects of authority that have changed and are no longer needed. Your mother represents your leading authoritative aspect, for she is still alive and in front of the other two in the dream. Your deceased husband is a commitment you have with your inner self; that too has changed, yet you are holding onto this part of yourself for protection. All of this happened the day before the dream in a place of mind where you were aware something outside of yourself was about to affect you. You chose to wait for it to sweep you off your feet and in this you stayed calm and apprehensive. After the experience happened you were in some way lifted higher. 

If this dream were mine it may look like: 
There is a situation I am grieving over, and someone else comes into my life with similar grievances. Because of my time in this manner I am able to help them along with it, and that in turn helps me move through the situation.

Endeavor to stay in a neutral place in life. That is the balance of the yin and yang. Whatever life gives you listen to your inner voice and strive for your purpose. Living this will aid you in grounding your ideas and affirming your wisdom. 

2nd DREAM  “Looking at My Feet”

Unknown people: Unknown aspects of self. 
Chair: Tool for mental relaxation.
Large table: Means for support. 
Foot: Spiritual foundation.
Scab/ disease/ illness: Unproductive attitudes.

Second dream’s theme: 
Seeing the need to heal your spiritual foundation. 

Second Dream’s interpretation:
You are looking over your spiritual foundation and seeing that there is something you need to do in order to heal this part of you. 

In real life this dream may look like:
I heard someone gossiping and from this I am mulling over what has been said. What I heard is going against my principles, and is having a negative effect on my thoughts, doubting my self and spiritual foundation.  

Come to understand the thoughts that are causing the unhealthy effect in your spiritual foundation. For ten minutes write down everything that comes to mind relating to your religious or spiritual beliefs and principles. Let every word that pops into your head go onto the piece of paper. Then look over what is on the paper and evaluate everything from more then one perspective. From this you will understand your thoughts as to why you have them, where they came from, and if they will lead you to a more healthy attitude. –DMays, interpreter

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