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Me and my youngest son was getting ready for the day and I heard a knock at the door. It was my cousin and her husband who I rarely talk to. They had just got evicted from their home and was about to get their car repo as well. They asks me if they could stay in my garage. Just when I was about to say something in walks in my deceased uncle(who never said a thing). My brother was in my kitchen making dish water and he was holding a baby about 8m old(It felt as if this was my baby). He handed the baby boy to me because he couldn’t do dishes and hold him any longer. Then my brother turned around and asks my cousin “why me” meaning why would they asks me. They never gave me an answer. EOD

38 Year old Female


Home:            Indicates the natural condition of mind
Door:              Access to place in mind
Brother:          Subconscious aspect familiar to you
Car:                The physical body
Garage:          A condition of the body; usually rest or healing
Kitchen:          Condition of mind where knowledge is available
Water:            Conscious life experiences
Baby:              New idea (male indicates Subconscious)



There are two rules within dreams: Every dream is about the dreamer and every person place and thing will symbolize a different part of yourself. Since you are a female any male in your dream will symbolize an aspect of your subconscious mind and any female will symbolize an aspect of your conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is more reflective and rooted in the direct grasp of truth.  Whereas the conscious mind is seeking to understand and apply truth. A family member will symbolize a part of yourself that is a familiar way of experiencing yourself and your outer environment. 

With this in mind your cousin and her husband symbolize how you were being forced the day before you had this dream to see the need for more value in being disciplined and responsible and its probable effects upon your physical body.  Your uncle will represent how you recognized the need to respond rather than react quickly, which is where the scenes shift to your brother and your baby.  Your baby is revealing a new idea, a motivating factor to correct the unproductive parts of yourself.  Connecting these two causes you to ask yourself why?



We all think and express ourselves in many ways.  For instance, when you are at work you may be responsible, while at the park with your kids you may be imaginative, and playing tennis you may be competitive. Any person that appears in your dream will be symbolizing a part of yourself.  Therefore, asking yourself: How would I describe my son in one word, or how would I describe my uncle, will reveal the way you were experiencing yourself the day before.  Family members symbolize familiar aspects, so your dream is telling you that the day before this dream you were perceiving and thinking in familiar ways to you.

The central message and heartbeat of this dream is discovering who your uncle symbolizes within you.  For in your day it is this part of yourself that is calm, still, and peaceful, drawing you inward to truly respond to what it is you desire.  What you truly desire will be the fountain from which your new idea springs forth.  When you answer the question why there will be no guess work in the need to be responsible.

This dream could appear in your life because you have been avoiding something from the past and are now having to move through it.  It could even be a misperception of what responsibility is.  Most people see freedom as separate from responsibility and therefore neglect certain opportunities when in reality the more responsible you are the greater freedom you have.  This could be your new idea.  In any case, whatever new ideas you have, shine your love and light upon them therefore impacting every area of your life.

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