Insights From the Subconscious Mind

from The Dreamer's Dictionary

Dreamers Dict - CandleHonesty in your conscious mind is very important in evaluating your dreams. Your subconscious mind will present truth, letting you know exactly where you stand. This is a true advantage to learning the language your inner mind speaks. This dictionary is intended to be a resource for the meaning of images in the Universal Language of Mind, thus it will define the universally true elements of anyone’s dream. How and why the symbols appear in your dream depends solely upon your subconscious mind’s intended message. As with any dictionary, this one can only translate the image’s meaning. It is up to you to place that meaning in the context of your dream message. By understanding dream messages, you access your own sub- conscious perception that will aid you in developing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual powers.

There is another kind of person who will appear in your dreams which signifies an even deeper part of you which is termed the superconscious mind. When people of authority appear in your dreams, they will represent your superconscious mind. Your parents, your boss, the president of your country, or your minister, are examples of images representing your divinity, an inner authority. The superconscious mind is the part of mind closest to the Creator who brought you into existence as a spiritual be- ing. The spark of life from that Creator expresses first in the superconscious mind. Authority figures are the symbol used in the dream language to illustrate your awareness of your own spirituality and sense of divine presence. When these dream‐people appear, they will indicate your spiritual progress, how you are learning and responding to spiritual maturity.

In the commonly cited Freudian dream of wanting to kill your mother, the subconscious mind would be indicating something you want to do with your superconscious mind. The something would be causing death. Death in a dream indicates change. Therefore, if in a dream you are killing your mother, the message revolves around a change in your spirituality that you are forcing to transpire. When the message is understood, the dreamer is free to apply this new information in his or her everyday life.

Perhaps the subconscious mind is commenting on the fact that although you attend a church or temple regularly you are missing the spirit of your faith because it is lacking in your everyday life. Another possible interpretation of the dream might be indicating that although you are knowledgeable about meditation and stilling the mind, you haven’t been using this skill to promote peace in your life. Or maybe you have been trying to force spiritual awareness artificially through drugs or hypnosis. Maybe you are being selfish, refusing to share the wisdom you possess with others and in that way denying your own inner authority.

These are all possible individual interpretations of the same dream. It is up to the dreamer to place the translated message into his or her life for greater Self awareness. There really is no one else who can do that for you. Nor is there anyone else who will be able to apply the insight and wisdom relayed by your subconscious mind to you in the form of your dream. You are the final authority on what your dreams mean to you.

How the dream applies to the dreamer is as rich and varied as the dreamers are. Once the dream is understood you, the dreamer, must determine the significance of the dream message to your life.

Knowing how to read words in a physical language gives you a means to acquire new knowledge. If you read without comprehending the intended meaning, you lose the import of what is being communicated. You will find the same is true in using the Universal Language of Mind. Use this dictionary as a resource to acquire new knowledge, then seek to comprehend how the knowledge is personally relevant. In this way the significance of your dreams will become apparent and immediately useful to you.