People in Dreams Represent Aspects of the Dreamer

from The Dreamer's Dictionary


To communicate its message, your subconscious mind chooses a male or a female, depending upon your physical sex, who exhibits a particular quality. That specific person will appear in your dream to tell you about your efficiency or friendliness, or protectiveness, or talkativeness. If your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you should talk more, you should express yourself more and let people know what you have on your mind, your subconscious mind will choose someone of the same sex who is familiar to you and who exhibits qualities of gregariousness. Maybe it will be somebody who always talks to the point that you find them annoying when you are with them. This dream‐person will illustrate the quality and attitudes of gregarity in you. People of the same sex universally represent conscious waking aspects of the dreamer.

People of the opposite sex, when they appear in a dream, will represent an aspect of the dreamer’s subcon- scious mind. You can interpret the quality of those aspects in the same way you would a conscious aspect appearing in the dream as a person of the same sex.

Learning how to identify the aspects and what they mean can prove a challenge for some people. If this seems difficult or elusive to you, think of it in this way. If you were to describe the person who has appeared in your dream to me, a stranger, what would you want me to know about them? What descriptive quality would come to your mind? You might be tempted to describe physical qualities such as they are pretty, dress well, or make a lot of money.


These descriptions are relevant to certain qualities of thought that are the point of origin for what is experienced in the outer physical world. If they are pretty, perhaps they are a very gentle person, very loving; this would identify the aspect being revealed in your dream communication.

If they dress well maybe they possess high esteem or a healthy Self respect which displays itself in personal hygiene and care in the clothing they wear. If they make a lot of money perhaps they are hardworking, ambitious, or suc- cessful. However you assess that person is the reason your subconscious mind chose this image from all available in your brain to communicate its message.

Your subconscious mind placed Ann or Mary or John or Peter in your dream to tell you about a specific quality in you.

This is the blending of what is universal in dreams and what is personally relevant. No matter who you are dream‐people represent aspects of Self. For everyone, peo- ple of the same sex signify conscious aspects and people of the opposite sex signify subconscious aspects. These con- cepts are universally true for anyone, anywhere, anytime. The specific people who appear in your dream will tell you of specific qualities unique to you. They will be personally relevant for your subconscious mind uses the information you have stored in your memory for dream communication.

For instance, two sisters dream. One of the characters in both dreams is Susan, a woman they both know. One sister thinks that Susan is the most trustworthy person she has ever met. The other sister thinks Susan is the biggest liar she has ever met. This illustrates differences in percep- tion arising from individual experiences. The woman in both dreams represents a conscious aspect of the dreamer. But for the first sister Susan represents a conscious aspect of loyalty and for the second sister Susan signifies a con- scious aspect of deceit. The meaning of the dream mes- sage will be entirely different for each sister. Remember, dreams will commend or reprimand depending upon the state of your conscious awareness and therefore your own individual needs for growth.