Know Your Self

from Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming-KeyThe conscious and subconscious are a team; they always work together. The subconscious mind responds to thoughts that populate the conscious waking mind during the day. When a person knows this truth and directs his thoughts toward growth, change, love, understanding and enlightenment, this is what the subconscious mind responds to. This is also true if you think about limitation, doubt, fear and insecurity. If you have experiences you don’t understand or those that are difficult and painful you will want to investigate what thoughts you have been thinking. Thought is very powerful. Dreams are one way to become aware of the thoughts and attitudes you possess that are shaping your life.

The superconscious mind is the highest or most inner part of your mind. This is where the spark of life originates that fuels the rest of your mind. This part of mind is the closest to the Creator, the source of existence. Those who are Enlightened exist with full awareness of superconscious mind. Dreams that are extra-ordinary are often inner level experiences. 

You remember these experiences as dreams upon awakening. The quality of these dreams is often described as “more real” or “it was just like I was there” and usually occurs at times when there has been or will soon be a major shift in consciousness in the individual.