Dreams - The Inner Counselor

from Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dream-Woods

When I was fourteen years old my father died. Even though I was pretty mature and understood that my father was free from the pain that he had experienced I had lots of questions which started my search to understand the worlds that existed beyond the physical world. I entered the School of Metaphysics in my early twenties and found that there was a way in which I could communicate with my father to find out how he was doing. My spiritual teacher at the time instructed me to ask my father to appear to me while I was sleeping in my dream. That night I went home and prayed that my father would appear to me. This is the dream that I had that night.

“I was walking down a familiar street in my neighborhood when I saw my father walking towards me. He had a soft and warm smile on his face. I could tell that he was happy and at peace. Then I heard him say to me, “I am happy where I am. You and the rest of the family have nothing to worry about.”

When I woke up from this dream I felt a sense of joy and peace. The communication that took place with my father was mental. When my father appeared to me his mouth did not move. The communication that took place was mind-to-mind or what is called mental telepathy. The universal symbol here is that when someone who has physically died appears to you the action which lets you know if their presence is really with you is when they communicate to you, it is done mentally. If someone who has died appears in your dream and is talking to you with their mouth then they represent an aspect of yourself.

Most of the time when someone who has left the physical existence desires to communicate to one who is left on the physical plane this takes place within our dreaming time. When we are asleep our conscious waking mind (the part of ourselves which relates to our physical waking world and our five senses) is set aside and our soul or subconscious mind is free to communicate to us. Those individuals who have died reside, so to speak, within the universal subconscious mind; therefore they are able to communicate with us directly in the form of what appears to be a dream.

I share this with you because many of us as human beings have a curiosity and a desire to know that our loved ones are doing well and most importantly to have some experience so that we can release the fear of death, our own death. Through this experience we get a glimpse of how expansive we are as souls. There are no limits as to how we can communicate. Through the experiences that will be shared by others we can see that there is a whole world beyond our physical senses that is waiting for us to explore.

We often look at our life here on Earth as being such a definite and final experience when in truth our time here is brief and for the purpose of learning. The physical existence is very temporary however, there is a part of our Creator’s love that lives deep within our Self that is eternal.