The Power of Dream Interpretation

from Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dream-Truck

The dream subjects in this book range from interpreting meanings of dreams to precognitive dreams to healing dreams. From the practical application to the knowledge and wisdom contained in this volume each person can come to understand not only the meaning of life but also his or her purpose in life. This can be achieved by understanding the messages from their subconscious minds portrayed nightly in the form of dreams.

All too often the understanding of dreams is left out of the curriculum of schools, be they public or private. In fact, dream interpretation is not taught, covered or understood in most schools, institutes or ashrams of soul growth and spiritual development. Yet dream interpretation is of vital importance for anyone desiring to know Self. The dreamer’s dreams, which come from subconscious mind, give honest, factual feedback about the individual’s thoughts, attitudes and consciousness as the person was going through their daily activity.

The Subconscious Mind or soul, being older and wiser than the conscious mind, also gives wise and honest counsel for the student desiring to understand and master all of Mind.

Learn how dreams can be used as a practical mental tool, a valuable and beautiful way to understand yourself and your mind to find purpose, fulfillment and joy in life. Your light, love, truth, understanding and connectedness with all life will grow and expand. You will come to know the truth and the truth will set you free. I congratulate all the authors of this book and the people who have made it possible for they have done a great service in raising the consciousness of the people who make up humanity and in aiding the evolving consciousness of planet Earth.