Experience Connectedness Within

from The Dreamer's Dictionary

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The picture language is the language of the Subconscious mind….

A child is very open to this language from birth to around the age of seven or eight. It is at this time in their life that they have accumulated enough pieces of information that have been stored in their brain, that the child may begin to rely more on physical language and less on the inner language.

This may be stimulated by pressure from friends or becoming caught o up in the experience of physical life. The end result is shutting out the inner communication of the subconscious mind and becoming engrossed in physical life. The urge of the subconscious mind is to have a connection with our conscious waking mind and when we allow our waking mind to become so caught up in daily experiences, regardless of what those experiences are, then we may eventually forget about the inner Self.


The urge from within is very strong. When a child begins shutting out the inner mind, he or she will often have a frightening dream they remember the rest of their life. The subconscious mind will go to extreme lengths to get our attention. Its urge is to enlighten us regarding how we are using our experiences for learning. At any time in our lives, when we get so caught up in doing rather than becoming, the subconscious mind will give us a very strong message in the form of a nightmare in an effort to regain our attention.