About Dreamschool

Welcome to Dreamschool!

You have found your way here because you are curious about dreaming.  Perhaps you have dreamed of having to take a test you are not prepared for, or running from unknown assailants, or of your teeth falling out and you are looking for possible meaning.

Or, you may be among the growing numbers who have remembered dreams throughout your life and often recorded them.  Whether serious or just curious, you have come to the right place to learn how to receive the most from your dreams.

Forty years of research supports the concept that every dream is about the dreamer.  It also shows that dreams come in service to the dreamer revealing the state of his or her conscious awareness.  Remember your dreams and new worlds open to you.  Understand your dreams and those worlds become your talisman giving greater purpose to your life.

Enjoy your time in our World of Dreams where you can read articles on dreams and health, how to remember dreams, and how a movie impacts our collective consciousness.  You can find answers to commonly asked dream questions, check out the latest news on our Special Events or discover a great dream book at our online store.  You can also register for our next Dream Catchers Online Q & A, where you can ask the Dreamschool staff questions about dreams every first Wednesday of the month.  Your fellow dreamers come from all over the world so register early for this hour listening to the foremost experts in the field of dreaming and consciousness.

If you want to Expand Your Dream Studies, you can submit one of your own dreams to be considered for one of our Featured Dream articles.  These are written by Dream Consultants to provide insight to your nighttime dreams.  You can also contact a Psi Counselor for more in depth one-on-one dream counsultation.

Would you like More Resources?  If you like what you see and want to learn more (or maybe just support our work), we have a Dreamschool Membership Level which gives you access to more featured articles, dream interpretation examples, book excerpts, archived webinars and more!  For the serious student, we offer the Dreamschool Scholars program a step-by-step online dream interpretation course.  Both levels of membership also include access to our Dreamschool Virtual Classrooms, which are master classes hosted by Psi Counselors to provide deeper insight into dream studies.  Be sure to check and see if there is a Dream Catchers Meetup near you!  These dream groups are great for meeting other dreamers locally and share your dream stories.

For those who know the value of dreams, want to explore fundamental principles of dreaming and the interpretation of dreams, you will want to take advantage of the Introduction to Dream Interpretation lesson one.  This is the first module for study in our Dream Scholars program and we offer it free because we want every man, woman, and child to understand that their dreams are valuable.  As the Native Americans teach their young, “Believe in your dreams, for your dreams become reality.”