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LAUREL CLARK on Incubating Dreams for Inspiration and Guidance
Are you looking for innovative ways to solve problems or find creative inspiration? Try asking your dreams for new perspectives. Dream incubation is an ancient science of invoking dream wisdom. People of all cultures incubate dreams for healing, inspiration, and guidance. You can learn how to cultivate this art.  
Laurel Clark is a past president of the School of Metaphysics, the Board Chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and the owner and developer of Whole Life Resources. She has been keeping a dream journal since 1977, teaching about dreams since 1979, and has appeared on radio programs around the world educating people about dreams. 
PAM BLOSSER on Good Dream Interpreters Make the Best Parents

A treasure chest of revelatory information is hidden in the recesses of a child’s dream.

A dream reveals a child’s general temperament and how they deal with the world. It alerts parents if there is something in a child’s life that is frightening or overwhelming. It notifies how a child is coping to any changes going on in their life.  Learning basic symbols and themes can go a long way. 

Pam Blosser, facilitator, has melded two areas of learning, dreams and early childhood development, into a wholistic approach to understanding the inner workings of the child in relationship to the early maturing of the outer mind. 

Through this presentation I will share my journey over the past 8 years from the dream study programs I have offered at the residential treatment facility I presently work at. I will share the dreams and the insights that many of these children have had, from the visitation dream that a young girl had after a friend of hers was killed in a plane crash, to the insights of another as to why she even began hurting herself, to the recognition of a young man that was nervous about returning back home.

Karen Mosby on The 5 most common HEALTH DREAMS You Want to REMEMBER


Have you seen
any of these

“My car is out of control, tires are flat, car is out of gas…..”
“My aunt is driving the vehicle……”
“I saw a huge tsunami about to over take me and I start to run……”
“Then the grizzly bear came around the fence….”
“The whole town had been destroyed by a large tornado…..”

Karen Mosby’s presentation can rearrange your thinking about health checkups. 
A registered nurse in intensive care for 30 years, 
Quantum Biofeedback Specialist for 10 years, 
Karen shares how her dream interpretation skills return healing into the hands 
of patients and clients, students and health coaches.


The greatest love story of your life is being told every time you go to sleep. Your soul echoes the wisdom of your ages connecting body and mind through emotion. Are you listening? Join Barbara Condron, author of Kundalini Rising and The Dreamer’s Dictionary, as she illuminates WHY we dream, HOW interpreting your dreams integrates mind, body, and spirit, and WHAT spiritual initiations appear only through our dreaming.




Compelling Dreams


A few days ago a 17-year-old male, a junior in high school, visited our school branch to express his personal concerns. He was skipping classes and hanging out with his girlfriend looking forever for something worth while to do.

I asked him, “How may I help you?”

He very calmly said, “I would like to awaken each morning, just looking forward to the day.”

When I asked him if he remembers his dreams, he said, “Yes, most of the time I am running in a race with friends, but I am always slowed down by quicksand.”

As a Dream Interpretation Coach I then explained his dreams were repeatedly telling him that he too often places his self-value on what others expect and he becomes caught up in the competitive circumstances in his life. We spoke about his need to reflect on what is important to him and to focus his attention on causing his own desires. I

told him, “You can give your life the excitement and direction you desire just by deciding what you want to experience or accomplish in life.” I urged the young man to spend the next couple of days composing a list of 10 things he wants most in the next few years. Suddenly his eyes lit up, as he asked for a piece of paper and pen. I could tell he just saw his future and in a totally different light.

His mother called me the next day asking, “What did you tell him? My son, the distant stranger of the past few months, actually smiled at me on his way to school, and he left on time! Then I went up into his room to put clothes in his drawers and I saw two lists lying on his bed with big red titles, WHAT I WANT”. I too, then smiled from ear to ear, fulfilled by her happiness and thrilled with the genius of dream interpretation that redirected her son setting a new path of freedom in creating his life.• –Kerry Keller, Nat’l. Dream Hotline® Coordinator 2017


Today, I met Steve.

Having just moved from Bloomington, Indiana, Steve was looking for a new job as a chef.  That was his reason for attending the entrepreneur networking event in Indianapolis.

Steve’s brilliance and influence unfolded before me as he described how he prefers making ‘health conscious’ meals because of his extensive use of raw herbs.

He also loves to speak to groups about healthy life changes his chef recipes offer.

Then Steve said something that made my mouth water.

For the last seven years, Steve has owned his own healthy ‘Hand Made Ice Cream Shop’ where everything is made with herbs and no sugar!  What a concept!

My weakness is ‘ICE CREAM’, so I asked him, “Do you dream about ice cream too?”

Steve had a ready reply.  “My dream last night had me providing the first of three workshops to corporate executives. I was teaching the emotional value of eating Healthy Ice Cream to CEO’s.”

Being unaware of the dream’s significance, Steve thought it was a funny dream.  As a Dream Interpretation Coach, I knew his dream’s message revolved around seeing the good in all kinds of knowledge.

In the dream, the second speaker after him was a negative person. “I decided to make a friendly gesture and offered him some ice cream before he started speaking,” Steve said.  “Then I promptly spilled it all over his shirt. He had to remove his shirt and began to speak to the audience naked from his trousers up! To my surprise, people were not alarmed and paid more attention to him. He was very positive and received a standing ovation.”

As a universal symbol, the appearance of food in a dream symbolizes knowledge.  Typically, ice cream would tend to indicate knowledge that is not very healthy or productive knowledge. Steve’s ice cream is different because healthy ingredient ice cream is his business.  This is a perfect example of how context in dreams is essential to the dream’s interpretation.

I told Steve that the day before this dream, he had been influencing others through sharing what he knows.   Clothes in a dream indicate how others see us.  The negative dream character’s wardrobe dilemma was Steve’s subconscious mind’s way of letting him know that being open and honest pays!  Steve was smiling and curious!

“The dream makes so much sense,” he said.  “I had just applied for a corporate chef’s position the previous day, thinking most restaurants would only accept a meat and potatoes type Chef. Owners are usually into herbs only as flavor enhancements, and not as health or healing properties. I decided to state what was important to me, my beliefs in herbs as health oriented.”

Steve shared what he knew honestly and his subconscious mind was validating him through his dream’s message. Minutes after our conversation Steve was hired in a phone call. Seems the corporate CEO liked the idea of teaching his employees how to be healthy eaters.

Steve learned something significant about himself.  His dream afforded an opportunity for increased self-respect in this experience. It reflected the value of standing up for what he knows especially when others are unaware.  Being a leader means thinking and acting beyond the norm.  This is why Steve landed a “dream come true” career opp.

Steve’s dream experience is a classic example of the Dream Consciousness Circuit.  We’ll explore this concept more in the weeks to come.  For now, start recording your dreams and submitting them here at  Your dream may be chosen for interpretation by the experts at our online Dream Catchers gatherings every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm EASTERN time.• –Kerry Keller, Nat’l. Dream Hotline® Coordinator 2017


A student of dream interpretation offered one of her dreams in class the other day. It was a familiar dream that everyone has probably heard.  Jenn dreamed she was:

Walking down a busy sidewalk in downtown Indianapolis. In the dream, she became aware she was only wearing high heels with a purse on her shoulder. Otherwise, she was completely naked.  People were passing her on the busy sidewalk walking the other way. Jen was confused why they were not reacting to the fact that she was naked. As she continued on, her phone rang and she stopped in a doorway to answer it, still observing if she was being noticed.  As her best friend spoke to her,

Jenn woke up from the dream.

As Jenn consciously wrote down her dream, she said, “I knew instantly that being nude in a dream symbolizes the attitude I experienced the day before, that I was being ‘open minded and honest’ in my expression.”  What she was curious about was what part of her day or what experiences she had that this dream was highlighting?

Then she remembered having lunch with another manager of a different division within the company.

“In our conversation,” she said, “we discussed our progress with a project we were working on, each with other employees, each directing a different portion of our progress.”  When they began to compare notes Jenn realized, “My friend was embellishing her accomplishments, kind of inflating her own value.” As she recalled this, Jenn then realized the value of her dream.

She went on to say, “It was tempting for me to respond to my friend and embellish my own efforts as well, just to look good too! But I decided to remain humble, and share what our business division had actually accomplished so far.”

Jenn’s dream was reminding her that her frame of mind and attitude during lunch that day was to take the high road and honor her Self. She was not concerned about boasting to her friend. The shoes she wore in the dream were a symbol of her protecting her spiritual understandings, those virtues she stands for, by being honest with others and her Self. The purse she held onto symbolized her presence of mind to resist temptation and intentionally hold onto what she values most, being honest.

As Jenn shared her dream in class, she had a large smile on her face because she recognized this dream was a self-acknowledgement. It was a reminder that she determines her own sense of self-worth, not others or false circumstances.  This dream re-enforced her knowing that circumstances in life are just a stimulus or opportunities to evaluate what she values about her Self.

Next time you remember being naked in a dream, you will remember Jenn and the lesson she learned in her night school.  –Kerry Keller, Nat’l. Dream Hotline® Coordinator 2017

Why is a 32 Year Old Guy Dreaming of Cookie Monsters

Like many dreamers, Jeramie has become empowered by his dreams bringing life-changing opportunities into his life. Even unrealistic dreams with ‘Cookie Monsters’ inspire him to make choices to flourish each day.

After I recently finished an adult education lecture about the ‘Reality of Dream Interpretations’,  Jeramie stood up in the class and said, “I had a completely non-sensical dream this morning and I know you can’t tell me there is an ounce of value in it.”

“Oh?” I said, “then you better share it for us to examine here with everyone.”

He laughed and began describing; “I was waiting tables on three four-tops when customers at one of my other tables became very loud, demanding my attention. I looked at them to say, “I will be with you in just a minute. Only to be astonished that there were three gorillas and a woman already eating at the table.”

Another table behind him also started calling for his attention, two men dining with a talking parrot. Then unexpectedly his manager came over and told him; “I need you to get busy because we are giving you three more tables to serve tonight.”

Jeramie, anxious about efficiently taking care of all six tables, began to serve them water. Seated at each of the three tables were three women and one aggressive cookie monster engaging the other two around them.

Disturbed by this Jeramie began to complain to his manager. “I can’t serve three gorillas eating soup, a woman eating bananas, a talking parrot and three cookie monsters!” His boss was laughing at him and said, “you asked for more money, so go earn it”. Jeramie woke up frustrated, yet very relieved the dream was over.

Then with some humor and disbelief he said, “please enlighten me”!  I responded by reminding the audience, the inner mind projects night dreams that reflect the dreamers thoughts and attitudes of the previous day. The characters, places and things in this
dream are describing or symbolizing specific ways of thinking that have been previously unconscious to Jeramie.

The manager symbolizes Jamie’s inner authority that he experiences daily as his inner knowing.  His statement to Jeramie about making money defines Jeramie’s desire to harmonize with Universal Law of Prosperity. Serving customers, (aspects of himself), symbolizes his desire to give or cause experiences that yield new knowledge, (symbolized by the food) within himself.

At first glance, we can only laugh at the dream’s story line, its characters, and Jeramie not wanting to serve animals and the imaginary characters. The significance of his resistance to serving the three gorillas, the talking parrot, and three Cookie Monsters is profound when he pays attention to the benefits of the interpretation.

I shared animals function from instinct or their reactions to pleasure and physical & emotional pain.  These actively restrict the brain’s memory and effective use of the attention. Similarly, when humans rely on instinctive habitual reactions they unconsciously limit perception of the potential successes they desire. Gorillas and the talking parrot symbolize these in Jeramie.

I then told Jeramie, “You needed to reflect on yesterday’s thought processes. You apparently recognized some habitual patterns of thinking that you no longer want to feed!”

The talking Parrot is a symbol for compulsive mind patterns you were actually imitating or learned from others. These might be unproductive attitudes you borrowed from friends or the cultural influences in life that don’t really reflect your true nature.

As much as we all love the ‘Cookie Monster’ character, in this dream it symbolizes your imagined perception of a particular knowledge, (food), that unconsciously consumes you. Now you realize you don’t want to be unconsciously attached to knowledge that restricts your forward progress towards creating prosperity.

Jeramie stood up again and thanked me for interpreting his habitual inner thoughts that he was unconscious to. “I am surprised you interpreted the ‘cookie monsters’ with such accuracy! You have awakened my attention to the scattered sources of much of my anxiety in completing my goals. Thank you again!”

Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

Sarah starts off her dream sharing, “I was in my room with my radical boyfriend hugging and kissing when we both heard my mother coming down the stairs. My boyfriend freaked out and quickly hid under the bed.”

Sarah decided to divert her mother from knowing Ken was in her bedroom. She knew her mom would disapprove of his spiked hair and face jewelry.

She gave Ken the opportunity to leave by going out to the kitchen to speak with her. “Hi Mom,” she said, “I did not know you were home.”

Suddenly Ken came out to the kitchen to talk to Sarah’s mom, and it was as if he had known her for a long time. Sarah was surprised at how well Ken and her mom got along.  When Ken went to the bathroom, Sarah’s mom said, “he is so nice, but he is too good for you. You will never be good enough to keep him as a boyfriend.” Sarah then lashes back at her mom, “We love each other so much and I am keeping him!” EOD
Speaking with Sarah after she shared this dream, I learned she was concerned; “Is my dream telling me that my higher self is approving of my boyfriend?” I said, “No!  But it seems you have your own conscious doubts!”

Dreams are presented to us in a language to be interpreted symbolically; rarely are they literal. There exists a ‘Universal Language of Mind.’ This is the oldest language known to human existence. Using this language, this dream reveals that Sarah is experiencing some conflict with how she identifies herself, and who she wants to become. The conflict is between two perspectives she is holding in her attention.

One is focused on and attached to her perceived desires. She feels the need to change her identity by harmonizing with Ken, who symbolizes her desire to stand out and be noticed. The other is symbolized by her mother coming down the stairs. This represents Sarah’s own inner authority coming into her conscious attention, a higher perspective, a more expansive identity from which she can create her successes.

Parents in a dream are a symbol for the superconscious mind of the dreamer. I told Sarah, this is the highest portion of her mind. It  holds the seed idea and “identity of who you are and who you are truly becoming in this life.”

Everyone has this inner mind knowing. Yet some are less aware of this expanded identity. They do not yet know there is a greater purpose and a plan for their existence.  Dreams are often messages informing us about this part of Self. Acknowledging this
self-awareness elevates one’s perspective of their gifts and the significant influence they own in this life.

In reflecting on her thoughts of the day before, Sarah’s dream says her attention was not focused on her higher purpose in life.

I asked Sarah why she described her boyfriend as ‘radical’? What did this mean in her dream?

She thought about it and said, “He’s a rebel, kind of making a statement in his world about what’s important to him.”

I shared with Sarah that this dream is a reminder from her soul of how she is holding a false self-value. We are who we think we are. The need to blend with some radical ways of thinking and expression is the focus of her mind because she needs to feel more important and have others see her importance. This causes her to feel separate from her higher self with the desire to hide her need to be radical.

Sarah then said something brilliant! “You are telling me that holding onto this need to rebel is what my mother in the dream meant when she said, ‘You will never be good enough.’ As long as I hold on to the need to be important, I will never be good  enough… I get it!”

Sarah’s dream message opened before her. I did not have to say anything else. Just amazing how valuable our dreams are!

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