10 Most Common Dream Symbols


Everyone on the planet dreams, but what are they dreaming about?  Dream research through www.dreamschool.org provides insight into the 10 Most Common Dream Symbols.  Presented by Dr. Barbara Condron, author of the Dreamer’s Dictionary.

The History of National Dream Hotline®


Join Dr. Barbara Condron and explore the development of the National Dream Hotline®, sponsored by the School of Metaphysics. Hear the sounds of Paul Harvey who first coined the term dreamologist during his radio show. Listen as Dr. Daniel Condron describes the Universal Language of Mind and Dr. Barbara Condron shares common dream symbols and their meanings.

Visitation Dreams


Dr. Laurel Clark shares both experience and understanding of visitation dreams. She discusses telepathy in dreams as an identifying experience of when someone is experiencing a visitation dream or when they are simply experiencing an informative dream.