Discovering the Real Self

from Lucid Dreaming

Lucid D- WindowAbout three months after moving once again I asked for feedback in the form of a dream from my subconscious mind. I’d made the move from Chicago to Champaign, Illinois. There were many thoughts and emotions still present in my experience. Even though I had separated physically from the people I’d interacted with for years, I still had many thoughts and emotions that I was experiencing and I decided it was time for an intentional dream once again. This was the dream that I had.

I was standing in a trench laying cement on some concrete blocks that were to be the foundation for a house I was building. All around me there were people who were carrying pieces of lumber, bricks, and lots of other activity related to building a house. There were dozens of people involved in this construction.

I was building a new foundation for a totally new mind construct. The time and space of separation was productive for me. It allowed me to become different, to change me. I had found it difficult to transform when in the midst of people who kept stimulating thoughts and attitudes that were detrimental in my mind.

Ego constructs are what form identity. How we see ourselves is often based on what we do which evolves to the thoughts we produce which evolves to the qualities we express which evolves to the state of mind. The core that makes us who we are can transform and in fact needs to.

More recently I have identified a core thought that has been with me throughout my life. The identity of being helpful, which in the present time period no longer serves me. In order to feel whole and complete I needed more. I needed to become the originator of Creations. The helpful me would always be linked to another person. Under these conditions I could only imagine dependency on someone else for direction, for confidence and for security.

As I explored this core identity I admitted that the helpfulness identity really came from my own lack of self-direction. There was always someone in my life to give me a place to be helpful. This was only available because of my own lack of self-direction. I’d had few goals that I was focused upon, consequently it was easier to respond to the visions of others.

The difficulty with this was that it meant I was neglecting my inner urge to know myself as a Creator. And so another movement needed to occur. This time it wouldn’t have to involve a physical move. The move would be in consciousness.

When our identity is immersed in seeing ourselves a certain way and that way is no longer fulfilling it is time for the identity to change. Identity is built around belief systems that because