The greatest love story of your life
is being told every time you go to sleep.
Your soul echoes the wisdom of the ages connecting
your body and mind in the twilight time called emotion.

Are you listening?



Where does your dream body go when you awake?

The power the Americans Indians call Orenda, the Hindu know as Prana.  In China, it is Chi or Qi; in Japan Ki.  The Polynesians call it Mana, and in ancient times the Germans called it Od.  This cosmic energy is always within us, waiting to be called forth by mental powers of discernment.  These powers make themselves known through subtle energy, sometimes called ‘woo’, hence the concept of courting a lover’s favor and our eternal longing for a soul mate.

The energy is constantly moving through what Western modern science calls Dark Matter, the akasha from which our dreams arise. Dreaming is intuition in motion.  Honing perception is a function of honesty that opens each of us to the authentic Self.  Innate intelligence forms dream images from the substance of the universe, the Yogis say the mother power, Kundalini, is awakened, a creative cycle begins.  A dream is remembered.  A dream is imagined.

Join Barbara Condron, author of Kundalini Rising and The Dreamer’s Dictionary, as she illuminates

  • WHY … dreams come in the cloak of nighttime sleep and reverie bardo states

  • HOW … each dream is an intuitive report on the how the dreamer is learning life’s lessons

  • WHAT … spiritual initiations arise only through exercising the faculty of dreaming.

Dreaming is our power to move between the unconscious and the conscious, to make the universal, personal. Acknowledging night time dreams enables us to peer past preconceived barriers between past and future.  Time takes on new dimensions as the soul, the inner and outer self, are united in bliss. 

Interpreting your dreams brings clarity to the situations in our daily, waking lives.  These soul messages integrate mind, body, and spirit through the conversion of personal energy transformers called chakras.   In the master interpreter’s hands, each dream becomes a light in the spiritual and physical realms of creation, illuminating the twilight cycles Barbara calls the New Bardo. 


How Your Chakras
Play a Major Role in
Dream States, Content, and Context

During this webinar you will learn:

WHY is an ‘inside job’.  When we dream from the inside, out we harmonize with our soul’s purpose for this life.

HOW is a the journey from the collective experience to the individual understanding that feeds your inner hunger and enriches every relationship in your daily life.

WHAT are dream scripts?  Most people sleep through life letting others write their life stories.  Learn the steps that will make you the author of your life.

Dream Interpretation is an art and science, practiced for thousands of years by shamans and priests and sages.  Start moving yourself in that direction as you learn the inner secrets of shape-shifting, time traveling, and walking between the worlds.


As author of The Dreamer’s Dictionary and founder of, Barbara O’Guinn Condron has interpreted over 10,000 dreams for people in 42 countries identifying the stages of lucid dreaming passed down for generations. With over 40 years of experience in education and consulting, she is adept in mindfulness training speaking on concentration, meditation, creativity and kundalini at international conferences, on US college campuses, and to businesses and organizations both online and offline.  Barbara is a certified quantum biofeedback specialist who specializes in evaluating Emotional Intelligence and developing Master Living Strategies for individuals, businesses, and communities of all sizes.

Barbara has chronicled the Dream Consciousness Circuit through life stages in How to Raise an Indigo Child, a book published in five languages, Master Living, and her new ebook Dreaming through Dad’s Dementia sheds light on how a lifetime of dream work freed her to walk with her dad between the worlds as he struggled to let go of the life he had known.  This book gives you courage to have the difficult conversations with those you love about end of life care, and the infinite possibilities for soul growth when you do.

Sunday, April 28, 2019  at  3pm EASTERN time

only online during the NATIONAL DREAM HOTLINE®ONLINE Weekend