Dreamschool Scholars Program

the course you do in your sleep!
What is the Dreamschool Scholar Program?

The Dreamschool Scholar Program is an online study of the art and science of dream interpretation based upon a core teaching at the School of Metaphysics.  The School of Metaphysics is a 501(c)3 educational institute founded in 1973 in the USA.  Its mission is to develop consciousness beyond the confines of normal, physical thinking through cultivating the Whole Self.  One part of this endeavor is the study of dreams.

What's in the Program?

The Dream Scholar Program consists of six levels of proficiency in dreamwork.  These are:

Level I:  Course 140: Dream Theory and Experience

Level II:  Course 210: Mind Linguistics and Understanding

Level III:  Course 260: Dream Themes and Interaction

Level IV:  Course 320: Dream Consciousness Circuit ©

Level V:  Course 350: Dream Holography

Level VI:  Course 380:  Intuitive Dreaming


The six levels are meant to be studied sequentially and uninterrupted for the greatest mastery impact.  Each course builds in the presentation of theory and practice.  Whatever your degree of previous dream knowledge, you will be enriched through this program.

Our courses have a dual purpose:  optimal Self awareness combines with an expanded empathy toward others.  As you progress, you will be able to interpret others’ dreams as well as your own.

Who studies?

Anyone who dreams!

Dreaming is the mind’s means of intrapersonal communication.  Dreams that come when the waking mind sleeps are from the inner Self.  Heeding these messages, establishes a strong relationship with the individual’s Inner Teacher, connecting that one with soul understandings.  The Dreamschool Scholar Program teaches the language mind uses for communication.  It has been called the language of the soul, the language of the Gods.  We describe it as the Universal Language of Mind©.

Why study?

Personal ….enrich your life, answer questions, receive what dreaming offers

A mother in South Africa seeks to help her young child.  A man in India seeks divine guidance.  A student in the Middle East wants to put an end to nightmares.  A man in his early 50s experiences recurring dreams of a house that is continually changing.  A 12-year-old dreams that everyone in her life died.  A newly wed man dreams he switches places with his wife.

People are curious about their dreams.  They want to know what they mean.

Professional …. enrich others’ lives through dreamwork.

A woman in Finland wants to add to her healing work.  A minister sees Psi Counseling as an asset for his congregation.  An Australian chiropractor seeks an avenue to better understand his patients’ capacity for recovery.  An undergraduate counselor wants to offer better guidance to the students.

Your goal is to become proficient in the oldest and most enduring language known to our species – the Universal Language of Mind©.  The your journey there will be many dreams.  You will record, hear, and interpret 100s of dreams before you are complete and this will give you the skill and inner confidence needed for interpreting dreams.  As in any endeavor, experience and understanding will make you an adept in this field.

What's included in one of the courses?

Here’s an in-depth look at the first course in our program.

Level I: Course 140: Dream Theory and Experience

Dream Theory and Experience is the initial level for your dreamwork. This course consists of ten lessons.  Each lesson includes:

•    an overview of the focus for that lesson

•    printable lesson material

•    a movie on one of the 10 Powers of Dreaming

•    a review of key points

•    an evaluation quiz


You will progress at your own rate of speed, according to your desire and will.  There are many resources at dreamschool.org to supplement your lesson materials.  As long as you are active in the Dreamschool Scholarship Program, all membership privileges are yours.  Get to know them and you will find your progress accelerated.

Are there other practice materials included in the coursework?

“The Art and Science of Capturing Your Dreams”, a downloadable workbook with practice dreams from dreamers around the world.  Each level of the dreamschool program is supplemented in this Dream Catcher Series.

•    Dream Catcher I teaches how to “Decode a Dream” in three steps.  Dream Decoding exercises your powers of reason, establishing the brain pathways between mind and body which will bring accuracy and eventually ease in interpreting dreams.  This series follows Course 140.

•    Dream Catcher II introduces the classical elements of story as they apply to dreams.  By learning how to “Discern Dream Themes”, students cultivate the perception  that allows them to identify the message in any dream.  This course follows Course 210.

•    Dream Catcher III, “Illustrating a Dream”, focuses on a dream’s core image.  Illustrating dreams strengthens the dreamer’s recall which, with repeated practice, will lead to lucid dreaming.  This course follows Course 260.

What does each course offer?

Level I begins your practice in remembering and logging dreams. The theory we teach is Mind Linguistics, how and why Mind communicates. This is a practical study you will use every day the rest of your life.

Level II delves into the people, places, and things that appear in your dreams – what they mean and why.

Level III presents steps for dream study practiced by Native American tribes, Tibetan Buddhists, and shamans for centuries.  The student gains experience and understanding in introducing others to the inner world of truth and guidance.

Level IV explores the story elements of dreams thus evolving your capacity to understand dream messages – whether your own or someone else’s.

Level V merges dreaming the divine with the modern technology of connecting the Dream Consciousness Circuit©.  The student learns the power of active listening, a key to dream awareness and literacy.

Level VI explores the variety of experiences that come during our dreams.  From visitations with those who have passed on to dream telepathy, this course focuses on a variety of altered states of consciousness arising in our dream states.

Those who are just now “awakening” to the mysteries of the dreamworld, who are new to dreamwork, have the good fortune of studying dreams with masters of consciousness. At Dreamschool, dreams are part of a much bigger picture of Mind, consciousness, and the nature of reality. In keeping with the purpose of the School of Metaphysics to accelerate the evolution of humanity, one individual at a time, your choice to learn at Dreamschool contributes to your soul progression.

Where do you study?

Sleeping through class is a requirement in this course! This is an independent study.

When do you study?

At your own pace.  The six levels are meant to be studied sequentially and uninterrupted for the greatest mastery impact.  Whatever your degree of previous dream knowledge, you will be enriched through this program.

Webinars and Virtual Classrooms

Dream Catchers Online every Wednesday at 7:30 pm Eastern Time.

Interact with our dream experts and fellow students, becoming comfortable with talking with others about dreams.

Virtual Classrooms

Is a symbol stumping you?  The Dreamschool Virtual Classrooms are a great way to learn from dream mentors and questions from fellow students.

Dream Scholar Advisors

Support and guidance from those who have years of experience in studying dreams for health, wellness, longevity, and prosperity.

Everything sounds great! How do I sign up?

Get started by visiting our registration page!