Presented by The School of Metaphysics.
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Friday      4/21/23 6 – 8 PM Central Time

Saturday 4/22/23 3 – 5 PM Central Time

Sunday   4/23/23 1 – 3 PM
Central Time

Join these Free Webinars to learn the wonderful journey of your Dreams.
Ever wake up from a Dream and wonder, “What the heck was that”!?!
Your Dreams are a very special message from Your Soul and not meant to be taken literally.
There’s a code or language to Dreams, which the brain can’t understand. (they’re really not weird, the brain just labels them that way)
Your Dreams come from a higher intelligence – from Soul – which is beyond the brain.
One can think, our Dreams are like a letter sent from our Soul.
By having Your Dream interpreted you open this letter and begin to learn the wisdom your Soul desires for you.
– Experts will provide free dream interpretations.
– A simple way to apply the wisdom.
– Change in decision making
– Short Lectures on dreams
– Question & Answer
You will leave with a better understanding of the connection between your night time dreams and your waking life.