Tips for Parents Working With Children's Dreams

from Lucid Dreaming

Lucid D- Vivi Freedom-2

Parents who learn how to interpret dreams open an expanded world for themselves and their children.  They can help them solve problems.  They can know when their child is troubled and what that trouble is related to.  They can know what their child is thinking that the child might not be aware of himself or not want to talk about with the parents.  They can know how their child responds to the world — do they roll with the punches or are they more sensitive to what is going on around them?  How easy is it for them to change or adapt to the changing factors of their environment?  Understanding children’s dreams gives parents a more well-rounded view of their children.  What they observe on the outside is complemented with what they learn about on the inside through their dreams.

When a soul enters the physical body it is immersed into thoughts, words, and actions. The outer conscious mind is like a sponge that absorbs this stimuli into the brain.  The individual is still very much aware of itself as soul and the freedom the soul has outside the body.  During the early years there may be dreams of flying or meeting angels and other heavenly beings.  Four year old Iris talks about meeting her guardian angel in her dreams.  She says she and her guardian angel fly together and sometimes she talks to Iris.  This indicates Iris’s awareness of herself as a soul and not just a physical being.  Since our soul is closer to our true nature than our physical bodies, it is important to aid the child to keep this connection open and alive.  Talking about dreams and learning about them is one way to do this, since the dream is coming from the soul or subconscious mind.

It is the child’s urge to explore and gather information of a physical nature so the conscious mind and brain can function and reason.  With each experience, links are made in the brain and stored to be used for the development of reasoning.  When Hezekiah was four years old he had dreams related to what he was linking together in his life.