Personal Consultations

Psi Counselors are available to assist you in private session

Dreams have been the source of fascination since throughout time. Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans all valued dream interpretation, holding their exploration in consecrated spaces.  The Chinese have honored dreams for over 5000 years.  Their extensive study of dreams includes details analysis for physical health and well-being.  In modern times, Western thinkers including Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell pioneered mental and emotional value of symbolic dream interpretation for insight into the Self, personal knowledge, and guidance.

The School of Metaphysics appreciates these nightly messages arising from the soul as a reliable source that reveals deeper truths about us individually and as a group.  Dreams have been a foundational pillar in Self study at the School of Metaphysics since its inception (1973).  They are freely discussed and meanings taught during each class period.  Psi Counselors have completed the third tier of study at the School of Metaphysics.  In addition to dream studies and application in the waking life, psi counselors have an extensive understanding of what causes wholistic healing on mental, emotional and physical levels.  The many tools at their disposal enable them to  assist their clients in a variety of ways.  Whether you want a teacher, a coach, a counselor, or a mentor, you will find what you are looking for among our graduates.

Each Dream Interpreter has a passion and compelling story that describes their love of dreams and what led them on this unique and lively journey.  Psi Counselors serve as consultants and mentors guiding clients to understand how to gain the most from remembering their dreams. We invite you to call the school nearest you or contact one of our graduates for an appointment today.