Profound Dreams Stay With Us Throughout Life

from Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dream - RoadDreams are mystical and magical, mysterious and compelling. In the Bible, Joseph won the favor of a king by interpreting his dream. Shakespeare wrote of dreams so powerful they changed the course of his protagonists’ lives. Inspiration, illumination, and inventions come from dreams. In our dreams we are poetic, musical, lyrical, and graceful. Dreams can also introduce us to the psychic realm. People have been known to dream the same dream simultaneously or to know what’s happening on the other side of the world through a dream. Dreams can foretell the future. Past lifetimes can surface in dreams. Nightmares haunt us. Some dreams are so profound we remember them for our whole lives. These nighttime phenomena fascinate us because they link us with the supernatural, invisible world of the spirit.

I walked over to the flower bed with Hezekiah (a four-year-old boy). I was amazed to see that the bulbs I’d planted just the other day had grown huge sprouts already. They were about 6” tall. I reached into the dirt, feeling its richness in my hands, and said to Hezekiah, “Watering them every day really does make them grow, like your Daddy says.”

I awakened from this dream with a deep sense of peace, exhilarated, and filled with well-being. It was as if I was centered in the awareness that all is right with the world. I used to experience this kind of well-being from remembering dreams even before I knew how to interpret them. Some dreams seem to radiate a supernatural quality and bring joy with them. Knowing that we exist beyond the physical world, that we have a connection with a higher reality is, in itself, a nourishing experience. We can taste the thrill of contact with the divine through our dreams.

Now, knowing how to interpret dreams, I am able to glean greater insight from these ethereal happenings. This dream came during a period in my life when I was struggling with sadness and grief. My husband, whom I love very much, has diabetes and associated complications — blindness, kidney failure, extremely high blood pressure. Often the stress of his illness weighs heavily on my mind as I try to be loving, nurturing, and healing without fostering dependency and weakness. Much of my own learning in this experience revolves around understanding what love is, how to be creative and loving without attachment. Sometimes I make choices that come from my own fear of loss rather than from true love; other times I am more centered in the clear awareness of what is in John’s best interest as a soul. I pray daily for understanding; i.e., for both of us to use this experience for our own soul growth.

When I got married, the “seed idea” for my marriage was that I wanted to learn to love as God loves. The dream was a kind of “pat on the back,” telling me that this seed was growing and flourishing, watered by my life experiences. The child, a new idea or new way of life, was four years old, showing that this idea is not brand new but one that I have been cultivating for a little while. Hands symbolize purpose, and soil is the substance of the subconscious mind. When I felt the rich soil in my hands this shows that I am using these experiences for the purpose of producing soul growth. Furthermore, Hezekiah’s Daddy is an aspect of my superconscious mind, my own Divine Self. Following the direction of the High Self brings peace because the superconscious mind holds our plan for existence.

We may think that a peaceful existence means one without conflict, but in fact, peace comes from understanding. Life is motion, change, growth, creation, and learning. When we attune ourselves to the rhythm of life and embrace learning and change, we are fulfilled. Dreaming is a continual way to be in contact with this inner reality. From our dreams we can learn to view our waking lives from a different perspective. What seems pleasant or unpleasant, easy or hard, good or bad to the conscious mind, is simply an experience to learn from the subconscious mind’s perspective. We may not always like what we experience, but it is always perfect for what we need and want to learn. As we align our conscious mind with this subconscious objectivity, we become joyful. We appreciate every experience in life for the learning it offers; as it says in Psalm 118:24 , “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”