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Compelling Dreams 2 Ice Cream


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by Kerry Keller, National Dream Hotline® Coordinator

Today, I met Steve.

Having just moved from Bloomington, Indiana, Steve was looking for a new job as a chef.  That was his reason for attending the entrepreneur networking event in Indianapolis.

Steve’s brilliance and influence unfolded before me as he described how he prefers making ‘health conscious’ meals because of his extensive use of raw herbs.

He also loves to speak to groups about healthy life changes his chef recipes offer.

Then Steve said something that made my mouth water.

For the last seven years, Steve has owned his own healthy ‘Hand Made Ice Cream Shop’ where everything is made with herbs and no sugar!  What a concept!

My weakness is ‘ICE CREAM’, so I asked him, “Do you dream about ice cream too?”

Steve had a ready reply.  “My dream last night had me providing the first of three workshops to corporate executives. I was teaching the emotional value of eating Healthy Ice Cream to CEO’s.”

Being unaware of the dream’s significance, Steve thought it was a funny dream.  As a Dream Interpretation Coach, I knew his dream’s message revolved around seeing the good in all kinds of knowledge.

In the dream, the second speaker after him was a negative person. “I decided to make a friendly gesture and offered him some ice cream before he started speaking,” Steve said.  “Then I promptly spilled it all over his shirt. He had to remove his shirt and began to speak to the audience naked from his trousers up! To my surprise, people were not alarmed and paid more attention to him. He was very positive and received a standing ovation.”

As a universal symbol, the appearance of food in a dream symbolizes knowledge.  Typically, ice cream would tend to indicate knowledge that is not very healthy or productive knowledge. Steve’s ice cream is different because healthy ingredient ice cream is his business.  This is a perfect example of how context in dreams is essential to the dream’s interpretation.

I told Steve that the day before this dream, he had been influencing others through sharing what he knows.   Clothes in a dream indicate how others see us.  The negative dream character’s wardrobe dilemma was Steve’s subconscious mind’s way of letting him know that being open and honest pays!  Steve was smiling and curious!

“The dream makes so much sense,” he said.  “I had just applied for a corporate chef’s position the previous day, thinking most restaurants would only accept a meat and potatoes type Chef. Owners are usually into herbs only as flavor enhancements, and not as health or healing properties. I decided to state what was important to me, my beliefs in herbs as health oriented.”

Steve shared what he knew honestly and his subconscious mind was validating him through his dream’s message. Minutes after our conversation Steve was hired in a phone call. Seems the corporate CEO liked the idea of teaching his employees how to be healthy eaters.

Steve learned something significant about himself.  His dream afforded an opportunity for increased self-respect in this experience. It reflected the value of standing up for what he knows especially when others are unaware.  Being a leader means thinking and acting beyond the norm.  This is why Steve landed a “dream come true” career opp.

Steve’s dream experience is a classic example of the Dream Consciousness Circuit.  We’ll explore this concept more in the weeks to come.  For now, start recording your dreams and submitting them here at  Your dream may be chosen for interpretation by the experts at our online Dream Catchers gatherings every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm EASTERN time.•

What is real? Paying attention to dreams awakens us to fundamental questions like, “What do I consider to be real? What gives meaning to an experience?” Because the dreamer is the authority of his or her own dream life, learning to interpret dreams opens one to the guide within. founder Barbara O’Guinn Condron interviews the President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams President Dr. Laurel Clark in a thirteen-part series based upon research developed through the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)3 not for profit educational organization. Her book Intuitive Dreaming is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered directly from SOM.

Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.

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World of Dreams Part 4

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World of Dreams Part 3

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World of Dreams Part 2

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World of Dreams Part 1

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Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world

Me and my youngest son was getting ready for the day and I heard a knock at the door. It was my cousin and her husband who I rarely talk to. They had just got evicted from their home and was about to get their car repo as well. They asks me if they could stay in my garage. Just when I was about to say something in walks in my deceased uncle(who never said a thing). My brother was in my kitchen making dish water and he was holding a baby about 8m old(It felt as if this was my baby). He handed the baby boy to me because he couldn’t do dishes and hold him any longer. Then my brother turned around and asks my cousin “why me” meaning why would they asks me. They never gave me an answer. EOD

38 Year old Female


Home:            Indicates the natural condition of mind
Door:              Access to place in mind
Brother:          Subconscious aspect familiar to you
Car:                The physical body
Garage:          A condition of the body; usually rest or healing
Kitchen:          Condition of mind where knowledge is available
Water:            Conscious life experiences
Baby:              New idea (male indicates Subconscious)



There are two rules within dreams: Every dream is about the dreamer and every person place and thing will symbolize a different part of yourself. Since you are a female any male in your dream will symbolize an aspect of your subconscious mind and any female will symbolize an aspect of your conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is more reflective and rooted in the direct grasp of truth.  Whereas the conscious mind is seeking to understand and apply truth. A family member will symbolize a part of yourself that is a familiar way of experiencing yourself and your outer environment. 

With this in mind your cousin and her husband symbolize how you were being forced the day before you had this dream to see the need for more value in being disciplined and responsible and its probable effects upon your physical body.  Your uncle will represent how you recognized the need to respond rather than react quickly, which is where the scenes shift to your brother and your baby.  Your baby is revealing a new idea, a motivating factor to correct the unproductive parts of yourself.  Connecting these two causes you to ask yourself why?



We all think and express ourselves in many ways.  For instance, when you are at work you may be responsible, while at the park with your kids you may be imaginative, and playing tennis you may be competitive. Any person that appears in your dream will be symbolizing a part of yourself.  Therefore, asking yourself: How would I describe my son in one word, or how would I describe my uncle, will reveal the way you were experiencing yourself the day before.  Family members symbolize familiar aspects, so your dream is telling you that the day before this dream you were perceiving and thinking in familiar ways to you.

The central message and heartbeat of this dream is discovering who your uncle symbolizes within you.  For in your day it is this part of yourself that is calm, still, and peaceful, drawing you inward to truly respond to what it is you desire.  What you truly desire will be the fountain from which your new idea springs forth.  When you answer the question why there will be no guess work in the need to be responsible.

This dream could appear in your life because you have been avoiding something from the past and are now having to move through it.  It could even be a misperception of what responsibility is.  Most people see freedom as separate from responsibility and therefore neglect certain opportunities when in reality the more responsible you are the greater freedom you have.  This could be your new idea.  In any case, whatever new ideas you have, shine your love and light upon them therefore impacting every area of your life.

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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

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Mom!! Stop You’re Scaring Me!


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world


I keep dreaming of my dead mother and we are communicating telepathically and I am scared in my dream. Everyone she appeared I feel a wave of heat and I can’t move in my dream very scary and I wake up hot and sweaty  EOD

female, 41, USA (CT) 

There are many types of dreams we can experience: precognitive, visitation, lucid. This appears to be a visitation dream because your mother is no longer alive in the physical world. 

It is possible for loved ones who have died come to us in our dreams because they have a message to communicate to those “left behind”.  Most often the purpose for this is to assure their loved ones that they are happy and at peace.  When the message is received by those still alive, there is an opportunity for them to release attachments, fears, worries, or sadness.  When we are able to make this shift and release them, it frees the soul of the deceased as well as allowing them to freely review the life they lived and everything they had learned.

When it comes to not being able to move, know that this is not an unusual experience.  It is called sleep paralysis and has been studied throughout the ages.  Sleep paralysis is a function the body does naturally when anyone is dreaming.  It describes a state of complete relaxation of the entire body which keeps the dreamer from acting out the dream. It is a natural protective instinct between mind and body.

When someone feels like they can’t move in a dream, they are in-between the stages of sleep and wakefulness.  The effects can be experienced in the dreamstate as if the dreamer cannot move.  This may be what you are experiencing, that is unless the “not moving” is connected to your fear and only you can answer that question.


To understand why this is recurring, ask yourself these questions.  What is the subject matter between you and your mother?  Is it the same conversation every time?  Is there something she says that causes you to be scared?  If not, what is making you scared?  Answering these questions is the first step in relieving the anxiety you are feeling.  The next step is to truly listen to what she is communicating to you.  When you are able to receive her message, the fear will likely stop. – interpreted by JRagan

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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Being Swept Off My Feet


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world


The first night I dreamt I was standing in a very big room with a wall in front of me & a large window behind me. Outside the window was a sort of raised platform. Not sure if it was a waiting room for a station. On the other side of the wall was the sea. On my left was my deceased Father & grandmother (his mother). In front of them was my mother who is still living. She seemed to be separated from them. Behind me was my deceased husband. He seemed to be protecting me. On the left hand side of this building out of the window I remember seeing a tidal wave. The whites of the waves were tinged red. We knew that the next wave was coming through the wall. We just stood & waited. There was nowhere to go. I remember feeling apprehensive but not afraid. When the wave came through the wall it washed us all through the window & up onto the platform. It was also red. When it rolled away, we were all standing with our arms in the air praising God for saving us. That is what I remember.

All I can remember about the second dream is being with a few people. I was sitting on a chair at a large table. I cant remember if I knew anyone. My right foot was itchy and it had a sort of scabby thing on the bridge of the foot. I remember lifting it up & looking down at it. When I saw it again it was open & had pus or something running in it. I remember someone saying I must see a dr or someone & I woke up.  EOD  Female, 57, South Africa


1st Dream

Big room: Unfamiliar place in mind.
Wall: Limit of thinking.
Window: Awareness.
Sea/water: Conscious life experiences.
Deceased Father: Changed superconscious aspect of self.
Deceased Grandmother: Changed superconscious aspect of self.
Mother: Superconscious aspect of self.
Deceased husband: Subconscious aspect that has changed in commitment. 
Platform: Place of mind that is raised or spot lighted. 

First dream: Letting life sweep you off your feet. 

First dream’s interpretation:
There is a way you’re holding onto old aspects for your authority and for creating in life. Your Father and his mother are aspects of authority that have changed and are no longer needed. Your mother represents your leading authoritative aspect, for she is still alive and in front of the other two in the dream. Your deceased husband is a commitment you have with your inner self; that too has changed, yet you are holding onto this part of yourself for protection. All of this happened the day before the dream in a place of mind where you were aware something outside of yourself was about to affect you. You chose to wait for it to sweep you off your feet and in this you stayed calm and apprehensive. After the experience happened you were in some way lifted higher. 

If this dream were mine it may look like: 
There is a situation I am grieving over, and someone else comes into my life with similar grievances. Because of my time in this manner I am able to help them along with it, and that in turn helps me move through the situation.

Endeavor to stay in a neutral place in life. That is the balance of the yin and yang. Whatever life gives you listen to your inner voice and strive for your purpose. Living this will aid you in grounding your ideas and affirming your wisdom. 

2nd DREAM  “Looking at My Feet”

Unknown people: Unknown aspects of self. 
Chair: Tool for mental relaxation.
Large table: Means for support. 
Foot: Spiritual foundation.
Scab/ disease/ illness: Unproductive attitudes.

Second dream’s theme: 
Seeing the need to heal your spiritual foundation. 

Second Dream’s interpretation:
You are looking over your spiritual foundation and seeing that there is something you need to do in order to heal this part of you. 

In real life this dream may look like:
I heard someone gossiping and from this I am mulling over what has been said. What I heard is going against my principles, and is having a negative effect on my thoughts, doubting my self and spiritual foundation.  

Come to understand the thoughts that are causing the unhealthy effect in your spiritual foundation. For ten minutes write down everything that comes to mind relating to your religious or spiritual beliefs and principles. Let every word that pops into your head go onto the piece of paper. Then look over what is on the paper and evaluate everything from more then one perspective. From this you will understand your thoughts as to why you have them, where they came from, and if they will lead you to a more healthy attitude. –DMays, interpreter

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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Purpose for Change


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world



ough I never hear any ‘spoken’ words. I have always started hesitating & suddenly wake up.   EOD



  • Car: The physical body
  • Family: Aspects of the self
  • Dad: Superconscious aspect of self
  • Gas Station: Place in mind to re-energize the physical body
  • Woods: Place in mind of subconscious existing
  • Truck: Physical body
  • Unknown people. Unknown aspect of self.
  • Fence: Limitation in thinking
  • Knife: Tool for change
  • Hand: Purpose
  • Uterus: Potential for creating
  • House: Place in mind
  • Towel: Tool for cleaning


INTERPRETATION in the Universal Language of Mind
The theme is fighting with yourself.  What leads to the conflict is the dependency upon the superconscious mind to direct your physical body which results in carelessness. There are subconscious symbols such as the men and the woods. This tells me the day before you were lost in your thoughts. These thoughts evolved being threatened by forced change. Your struggle against this focuses you on your purpose. This gives you the willpower you need to take matters into your own hands. A subconscious understanding results from your repeated effort to realize the potential for life.  

You, the dreamer, may be getting lost in negative self talk and forcing yourself to get out of that and onto a direction that is more stable. It will aid you to create a purpose for everything you do. This will ground you in your creative endeavors. Ask yourself before and during any experience, “Why I am doing this,” and then move with this in mind.• –DMays


Get the book. 
Learn the language. 
Record your dreams. 
Decode the messages. 
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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Homeless Grandfather


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world



Last night I had a dream that I was at a really big gathering near/on the beach.  I was walking along the beach alone and I walked pass my step-grandfather (he’s been in my life from birth), he passed away more than 12 years ago now.  In the dream he was homeless, he looked rough and he had put on weight.  As I walked past him I looked at him and said “Hi”.  He then looked back and said quite loudly “Is that all you can say?”  I carried on walking and then went to tell my mother.  When she saw him she gave him a hug and she started looking for my nan who was also at the gathering.  (My nan is still alive)  I can’t really remember the rest of the dream only that he never died, he just ran away and the funeral was staged all those years ago.

I’m 31 now and he died when I was a teenager.  It was strange because when I woke up that dream was the first thing I thought about.  It was so clear.  EOD


Beach:  area of action between the conscious and subconscious parts of mind
Grandfather: Superconscious Mind/your Inner Authority
Mother:  Superconscious Mind/your Inner Authority

INTERPRETATION in the Universal Language of Mind
There are three divisions of Mind that exist within each individual: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious.  Each fulfills a specific function.  The Conscious Mind’s duty is to reason with life experiences for the purpose of producing permanent understandings.  The Subconscious Mind’s duty is to fulfill the Conscious Mind’s desires, and its purpose is to store permanent understandings.  The Superconscious Mind’s duty is to provide energy to the rest of Mind and its purpose is to hold your blueprint/plan for existence.  Your Superconscious Mind is the highest part of yourself that is directly connected to the Creator, your Divinity.  The fact that your grandfather doesn’t have a home in the dream is revealing your need to take a look at your relationship with your Superconscious Mind. 

A home in a dream will represent a familiar and natural frame of mind characterized by peace.  Peace is a natural experience for you, me, or anyone when we are aware of and actively engaging a relationship with our Superconscious Mind and Creator. The dream is showing you how this frame of mind was being reawakened in you the day before and how there was a sense of peace knowing it still existed.


Look back over the day before this dream for any experiences that stimulated this sense of peace.  It will likely be connected to a new direction with life or possibly even a reminder of something you once felt passionate about and disengaged for whatever reason.  Once you determine this then you can act upon this new direction in alignment with your Divinity.• JRagan


Get the book. 
Learn the language. 
Record your dreams. 
Decode the messages. 
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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Cop or Killer?


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world

I was chatting with police officers and they casually convinced me to join them. A gunner attacked us and I killed him with a paintball gun while covering behind a car. I developed ptsd and drove far away; first on a mountain with a wide road in the snow. Eventually I met my younger brother. He was mute and distraught. We communicated via text. Then we and my even younger brother (too young to drive) drove to a gas station where we broke off to avoid a police officer. He caught me and turned out to be a serial murderer.

There was a swimming pool with several dead bodies and I had a vision of playing dead in the pool and being stuck beneath the water from a glass covering. I obeyed the vision and stayed perfectly still, holding my breath. When the murderer turned his head, I would take a small breath and I realized the glass covering was in certain areas as to throw me off and make me stay under for longer periods of time. He lifted me halfway out of the pool and looked into my eyes. I kept them perfectly still, feeling a sense of fear and intrusion. My oldest brother (different from the others) was the murderer’s helper and pulled me out of the pool. I had to continue holding my breath and felt suffocated.

Later, I found an escape route and my brother casually let me go. He also gave me a red t shirt. I escaped through a short duct that tapered off into a hole about 1x1 feet. It sucked me in and took several tries before making it through. I was instantly transported to a run down retail stand by a road where I met a small group of poor people, one being a beautiful young woman who I felt emotionally drawn to. I sketched detailed art of each face. The dream ended with a sense of escape and purpose. The mountain from earlier was in the background. EOD   Male, 25, USA


Significant Symbols in this dream include:

  • Police – Discipline
  • People – an aspect of Self. Opposite sex represents an inner Subconscious aspect of Self and the same sex will represent a Conscious aspect.
  • Gun – a means to cause change.
  • Death – change.
  • Car – your physical body.
  • Mountain – a challenge or obstacle in the dreamer’s life.
  • Road – the dreamer’s direction in life.
  • Snow – unchanging life experiences.
  • Brothers – a familiar aspect of Self.
  • Phone – a means for communication.
  • Gas station – A place to receive energy for the body.
  • Murder – change with disregard to effects of intention.
  • Swimming Pool – conscious life experiences.
  • Water – Conscious life experiences.
  • Window/glass – a means for awareness.
  • Fear – what is unidentified and unknown to the dreamer
  • T-shirt – how the dreamer is expressing Self
  • Duct – a means of transporting something from one place to another
  • Retail Stand – a place in mind exchange energy that aren’t seen as having value
  • Art – Creativity
  • Face – identity

INTERPRETATION in the Universal Language of Mind
This dream is all about changes you are facing and how you are dealing with them. There is a way in which change has occurred, bringing with it a lot of anxiety and confusion. You are unaware of how exactly it happened, so you physically remove yourself from the experience to calm down and gain some perspective. By doing so, you are met with another challenge and your need to cause continual change with discipline. This awareness causes more fear, anxiety, and a resistance to what can be. So much so, that you act as if you have changed in order to escape without making a change. This then brings you into a state of mind where you can begin looking at your Self-value in a new way and image who you truly desire to be. You end your experience with a quality of purpose knowing that the challenge will present itself again.

With this dream, there are a couple main points that will aid you in going deeper, this will give you a starting point. First, look back over the day before having this dream and see where you experienced a change that you felt was forced to make. This is what stimulated anxiety.

Note what was happening in your waking life when this occurred. Who were you with? Where were you? What was said or done that seemed to provoke YOUR emotional reaction. Whatever this was you felt overwhelmed by it. Once you discover where the anxiety began you can imagine who it is you truly desire to be, for this is what was occurring in the last part of your dream and will give you the motivation to become your ideal Self.

This dream relates to a discipline in the dreamer’s life that is unexpectedly affecting many areas of his daytime experiences. It is letting him know that he is wanting to escape from the effects of changes he has been trying to implement for a while. Identifying what that discipline is – could be an exercise program, practicing patience, or meditating every day – and linking it to the changes he has felt forced to make can be most freeing.• JRagan, interpeter


Get the book. 
Learn the language. 
Record your dreams. 
Decode the messages. 
Shift your consciousness

Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Nude Messages


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world



The Symbols in your Dream include:

  • Rehearsal: place in mind of practice
  • People: aspects of self
  • Friend: conscious aspect of self
  • Crush: Subconscious aspect of self
  • Phone: means for communication message: information
  • nude: honesty and openness


Brilliant! So many people confuse dreams and physical waking life. Dreams come from subconscious mind in service to the whole Self. They are received by the conscious, waking mind telling you the state of your conscious awareness.

When you write….
“This informed me that I was not the only person my crush had been texting, contrary to what he told me. This was when I realised I was dreaming, and I immediately dismissed the thought because I knew it couldn’t be true.”
… are telling yourself and us that you KNOW the difference between the dreamstate and the waking state.

So let us aid you in interpreting the dream. Keep in mind when interpreting dreams that every dream is about the dreamer and every thing, person, and place is an aspect of the dreamer. So the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you are experiencing about the dream are all about yourself. They reflect how you see what is going on at this time in your life.

At Dreamschool we use a model of the Mind taught at the School of Metaphysics which distinguishes the inner and outer self. We call the outer self the conscious mind, and its partner inner self, the subconscious mind. (There is a third division of mind that does not appear in your dream.) These two divisions of mind are intended to work together in creating and fulfilling goals. Your dream is about your relationship with your subconscious mind.

The setting in your dream is the “rehearsal” which is a place in mind for practicing self expression. There are doubts about whether your inner self is being honest in its communication with your conscious mind about what you are doing. The doubts rise from the conscious aspect of yourself (your girlfriend), so identifying which aspect of you this person represents in your dream is the key.


To consciously identify the aspect of yourself your girlfriend represents, simply look for the dominant trait you see her expressing. Is she strong? Is she well-mannered? Maybe ditzy? Or inconsiderate? You must determine how you see your friend. Then take a look at your self, and see which of these traits YOU exhibit.

This is where you can really become the scientist of your life through experimenting with your thoughts and actions to see how life forms around your choices. Everyone can do this but you must build the trust in yourself to get clear with what is going on inside of yourself and outside. You can practice trusting yourself by continuing to separate your dreams from your waking life; your fantasies from your reality.• DMays, interpreter

Get the book. 
Learn the language. 
Record your dreams. 
Decode the messages. 
Shift your consciousness

Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

FEET Like Water


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world


I dreamed I was in a racing field, I think it’s an oval, I am running, and there are people running with me, we are racing but I feel that there is something wrong with my feet. I know I can run fast because I used to race tracks, but this time, my feet is not moving the way I want it to be. It was like my feet are in slow motion even if I am really trying hard to run fast in my mind, it wont seem to follow. I keep on trying to catch up and win the race but my feet feels like water, it felt numb and it was like watching a movie in slow motion. I did not even finished the race and then I woke up.  EOD

24 year old male, Philippines

The outstanding symbol in your dream is “feet”.  Dreams use people, places, and things from our waking lives as communication symbols.  The people and things that appear in our dreams have meaning to us personally, and they also have a more universal meaning across all of humankind.  Our feet support our bodies.  They enable us to move in any direction, thus aiding us to act on fulfilling desires and getting “from here to there”.

In your dream, you are in race and your dream-feet are not functioning as you expect.

Feet in a dream represent your spiritual foundation.  What does this mean?  A foundation is a base upon which something is built.  For you, as an individual, your foundation is your understanding of how to move.  Your dream says you have previously been confident about your capacity to move where you want, when you want, and to succeed in whatever you set out to do.  Yet, this is not happening in your present circumstances.  Since all dreams point to the state of our awareness, this dream is addressing a way you are out of sync with where you have come from as a spiritual being.  You are taking something for granted; do you know what it is?


Have you recently found yourself losing your sense of purpose in life?  Numb feet that feel like water is an image of insensitivity to the Source.  This could be a spiritual crises of feeling like you have not been keeping up with your own potential.  Or it could signify an unexpected indifference arising from feeling overwhelmed by situations in your life.

The key to this dream is the slow motion.  This indicates that you are struggling to align your thoughts and actions, to get all of you moving toward your goals.  Perhaps you found yourself distracted the day or so before the dream.  The message is intended to make you aware that this is a temporary condition, of your own making, and so can be readily changed by your awareness.  The best part is that your imagination produced the misstep and it will be your imagination that will return you to a single-minded purpose so you can move forward with ease and confidence once again.

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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Saving my Teeth


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world


I was talking amongst other pirates, suddenly I crunched on something hard, where I felt with my tongue pieces of my tooth had broken off. I slyly spit the pieces onto my hand, once realizing it was a tooth, I had a flashback of my dentist saying if i saved my teeth when they fall out, she’d be able to fix it and put it back in my mouth. In that same instance of spitting the broken tooth onto my hand to analyze it was a tooth, another person asked me what I had in my hand. I responded Nothing and shoved the broken pieces in my pocket.  EOD


Wow!  Great dream to share with us from your inner mind!   As you reflect on the meaning here, thank you for allowing others to learn with you.   There are three significant symbols in this dream that will help you reflect on who you were being the previous day.   1. Pirate, 2. Broken tooth, 3. Hand

We know the mind well enough to understand the purpose of dreams is to awaken the outer mind to practice more productive thinking, to create a better life.  Dreams are always about the dreamer and the attitudes the dreamer was engaging the previous day.  Since your outer thoughts and attitudes produce your future daily experiences, we as dreamologists have come to recognize the inner mind’s desire is to communicate and guide to cause your desires .

You start your dream by sharing you were communicating with other pirates.  Curious?  People in our dreams represent an aspect of ourselves, a way of thinking.  This part of the dream indicates that at sometime the day prior to your dream, you were pretending, maybe daydreaming or fantasizing that you are something you are not.   What does that look like to you?  Most of us know the function of a pirate in daily life or storytelling is to steal or take from; a pirate is a sometimes glorified thief.  From your dream, what might this tell you about your thoughts or feelings from the day before?  Dreams are always about the dreamer.  You want to explore how your thoughts from the previous day are not serving your purpose or intentions. It’s not likely you are a thief, but did you experience some moments when you were planning this aggressive act in your mind?

The next major dream-action is realizing you broke a tooth, and slyly spitting it into your hand.  A tooth symbolizes a tool used for assimilating knowledge acquired from your daily experiences.   A hand represents your purpose in the moment.  This is what is fascinating and awakening about your dream.  There was an event or moment the day before the dream when you must have come to recognize some unproductive ways of thinking, and when you began  reflecting and assessing yourself you realized you were not giving yourself the best results anymore.

To that point, in the dream, you were protective, guarded in allowing others to know.  What do you think about this?  We all have had experiences and moments when we realize what we are thinking, relying on, or producing is suddenly not what we want at all.  We might get upset or maybe discover some conflicting thoughts in our own head and then realize we can change for the better.  We can be more purposeful instead of worrying that we have to be secretive.  The hand in your dream symbolizes being purposeful.

Being reminded in the dream that “your dentist has advised you, teeth can be saved and put back in your mouth;” the dentist symbolizes your superconscious awareness.  This is the inner authority within you, your becoming alert that you can purposefully make changes to redirect the thoughts and actions that are not serving you.

The lessons your dream is sharing are good for all of us to learn from.  Everyone has a very special gift they receive at birth.  Imagination is the creative source of genius that few people completely understand.  Once you have reflected on what your dream has awakened you to, your brilliant imagining ability can be called forth to change the way you think to produce new attitudes and perspectives, even desires.  We always have a choice to grow, rather than hide or pretend.

This is really important learning for all of us too.  Using the creative mind is often overlooked because of our fears.  Your creative nature is the primary function of the inner mind; to bring that imagined thought to life.  Fear or concern can be expressed as pretense.  When you reflect on the previous day, now you can seek to understand what was distracting to what you want to cause in your day.  It’s actually fear that steals opportunities from us.  To create effectively, the inner mind wants you to focus your attention on what you desire most and let go of what you don’t want or fear.

Kerry Keller / Dreamologist

Get the book.
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Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Beach Ball in the Face


Do you know of anyone who actually experiences physical dreams in their sleep?

For instance, one night I was dreaming someone was throwing a beach ball at my face and I woke up feeling it and shaking…fell asleep again and they kept throwing it at my face…each time I felt it and I woke up scared. I even “heard” it.

What is this type of dreaming called?

What is the purpose of this?

What can I do to get a good night sleep as they experiences wake me up fully and it is very difficult to go back to sleep?

It seems each night it is something else (a huge metal ball hitting my stomach, a letter bomb blowing up in my hand, a car hitting me in my kitchen, being punched in the face). Each time, I hear it (it seems very loud) and I FEEL it. My body jerks or reacts to the dream (punching my husband, kicking, holding my face, etc.) and then I am fully awake. At first when I “wake up” I still am
stinging or hurting where I got hit.

Any advice? Any sources you could direct me to?
I appreciate your time,
M***, female

Dream Rule #1

Every Dream is about the Dreamer

Let me begin by letting you know there is nothing wrong with you. Just because most people do not share your experience does not mean you are wrong, abnormal, in need of medication or exorcism (although the latter two have been tried with some results of covering up or stopping the effects).

What is happening is you are experiencing multidimensional consciousness, awareness in more than the physical plane. All humans have evolved to this point by now, in other words they remember at some time having a dream, most remember a dream at least every once in a while. There are an increasing number of people worldwide who remember dreams nightly or almost nightly. And then there are the forerunners of intuitive man, like you, who experience lucid dreaming, extra-sensory awareness during the dream state.

This answers your first question: What is this type of dreaming called?

Now for your second question: What is the purpose of this?

The purpose is to further evolution, individually and collectively. We are, at this very instant, as individuals and as human beings evolving into a new species. This shows in our consciousness, worldwide, and it is beginning to show in our genetics. This is the purpose of your experience.

You are probably more concerned right now with the reason these dreams are happening to you, right? The reason is you have brought to yourself, to your soul, a heightened sense of awareness. You may feel alone in the experience (the sensory dreams) if the people in your life do not share such experiences, but believe me you are not alone. Many people experience the
reality of subconscious mind and its intuitive abilities. You may not appreciate it now, but what you have is a built-in stimulus for learning.

In other words your subconscious mind, your soul, your inner self (it is called many things by many people, that’s why the School of Metaphysics exists to help educate us all so we can understand each other and our experiences better), is constantly feeding you information about your consciousness. This is beyond the physical world. It is relevant to your waking life (that’s where learning the language of your dreams would be particularly helpful for you) while not being of it. This is exciting territory for the inquisitive mind, and can in time open you to worlds you presently have only an inkling of.

Like so many people I’ve seen, you are ready to explore what is beyond the physical world. The SOM Course in Mastery of Consciousness provides a comprehensive study filled with ancient and global concepts with instruction for the means to develop your full potential as a whole self. It is taught by teachers who want to pass on to others the wisdom they have gained (they are volunteers in this endeavor, like Socrates, none of us accepts payment), and that alone makes study an enriching experience for you find there are many people like you in the world!

That’s part of the answer to your last question: What can I do to get a good night’s sleep as the experiences wake me up fully and it is very difficult to go back to sleep? Other answers are to consider there is a reason why you need to remember this particular dream. Begin recording the dreams, write them down. Write about them. Learn the language and interpret them placing the relevance in your waking life. Become your own teacher, rising out of the collective unconsciousness of “I’m a victim”. Yes, these dreams are happening to you for a reason. Find out what it is by being a scientist about it! It’s great to be in control of your own mind and your own life.

In a very practical sense, we at SOM have learned that when people begin taking this kind of control, responding to their experiences, through disciplining their attention and will power, as a secondary benefit they develop the capacity to function in more levels of consciousness. Rather than a frightening or unwanted experience, this becomes a skill that can be put to use in every area of life, from enhancing relationships with those you love to seeing connections between past choices and present situations to relieving stress and directing your health. The connection between all of these is YOU, the consciousness that makes you who you are.


Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Because these dreams come from dreamers on almost every continent, they reflect back to us who we are and how we can grow as a race into our potential. They tell us that as a planet we are in the midst of constant change, often unconscious of the cause or where the change will lead. They also tell us that we desire harmony with ourselves and with each other, and that we possess the qualities necessary  to create anything we imagine. They tell us that we are experiencing in increasing numbers the limitless dimensions of consciousness beyond the physical world and in that way these dreams give us a preview of what is to come.

Love Letter


I had a dream I was sleeping and my little sister woke me up and gave me an open letter. It was from someone that I fell in love with in September and he moved away in December. He wrote me once. But it was just basic information about what he had been doing. I wrote him and I told him how I felt about him. But he never wrote back. The letter was four or five pages long. It was written in different colors of ink. At the top of one of the pages it said something similar to “I know that you like me”. When you turn the page over at the top it said “We are partners”.
There was more information in the letters but that is the only words I remember. I would like an interpretation. Thank you for your time.
S, female

Dream Rule #1

Every Dream is about the Dreamer

Dreams offer insights into the state of your awareness. When interpreting your own dreams there are two universally true principles to keep in mind:

1. Every dream is about the dreamer.
2. Every person, place and thing in the dream represents the dreamer.
A dream is a message from your inner self.

Sleeping in the dream is a symbol of a loss of awareness and will. You don’t give your physical age, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you are physically young. This dream is addressing the feelings of separation that arise as we age. Since we are not actively taught to keep the connection between the inner and outer, the subconscious and conscious minds, over time the outer ego stimulates the conscious mind toward dominance. This dream message is a commentary on this all too common death of awareness.

The aspect of yourself symbolized by your little sister plays an important part in this dream message. That conscious aspect is the part of you that is establishing the communication between yourself and your subconscious mind (symbolized by the boy). You believe there is separation from your subconscious mind, the part of yourself your sister represents knows better.

If you have a desire to learn more about dream interpretation, check out the classes and lectures here at dreamschool. In addition The Dreamer’s Dictionary (by Dr. Barbara Condron) has a wealth of information about understanding the symbols in the Universal Language of Mind. It is available on Amazon, at all fine bookstores or directly from the School of Metaphysics.

Thank you and sweet dreams!



Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Because these dreams come from dreamers on almost every continent, they reflect back to us who we are and how we can grow as a race into our potential. They tell us that as a planet we are in the midst of constant change, often unconscious of the cause or where the change will lead. They also tell us that we desire harmony with ourselves and with each other, and that we possess the qualities necessary  to create anything we imagine. They tell us that we are experiencing in increasing numbers the limitless dimensions of consciousness beyond the physical world and in that way these dreams give us a preview of what is to come.

Seeking My One True Soul Mate


Each week we interpret a dream from someone in the world



I keep dreaming that I’m in the spiritual realm and am seeking my one true soul mate/ twin flame. Suddenly I will feel a man’s presence, one I am at total peace & calm with then I see a hand being held out to me, but ONLY a hand & wrist, nothing else. Mentally, spiritually & physically I know he is telling me to take his hand & not be afraid, although I never hear any ‘spoken’ words. I have always started hesitating & suddenly wake up.   EOD

I’ve had this dream hundreds of times since roughly age 15/16yrs old.

So many people today are seeking their true soul mate and wondering what this connection would be like in their life.   Ginger has actually been dreaming about finding her soul mate since she was 15years old, almost 30 years.  So why has she not found what she is looking for?

In using the Universal Language of Mind to interpret this dream, we understand dreams are always about the dreamer and the attitudes that directed their attention and awareness during the day, the previous 24 hours.

Look at what her dream is sharing with Ginger.  The major symbol in her dream is the man’s hand and wrist.  She never sees him.  Doesn’t even really hear him speak.  Yet she “senses” that he is communicating something to her.  The evidence of this is in the dream action and so we interpret the symbology of the dream-hand in the Universal Language of Mind.

Hand and wrist are universal symbols for purpose.   Purpose is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as

“the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something. : the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something.”

Could the essence of Ginger’s dream be telling her to place her attention within, rather than seeking a twin flame in her physical life?   Could her soulmate be her own inner Self, not a male she keeps looking for in her waking life and never finding?

The dream is encouraging Ginger that her true soulmate might just be her inner self, the soul that resides within her own mind.    She feels the “male presence” in her dream, in Jungian animus fashion, actually extending himself out to her, but she is reluctant to respond.  The question becomes:  Why?

Ginger reports that she is at “total peace and calm” with the man in her dream, yet dream-action says otherwise.  She is afraid to even take his hand.  In the language of mind, this indicates Ginger is pulling away from the inner mind’s purpose for her life experience.  What does this really mean?

Let’s put this into a possible context.


We know that Ginger is 42 years old.
We know that Ginger states she has recalled this dream “hundreds of times since roughly age 15/16yrs old.”
This tells us that the same message about her purpose has been pertinent since she was a teenager.  Perhaps the key to this dream lies in what happened in her everyday life when she was 15.  If Ginger is willing to recall the significant events of her life at that age, she can see a deeper meaning to her dream and most probably respond to it in a way that will change the message.

For instance, perhaps the dreamer moved when she was 15.  Maybe, changing schools affected her in ways that she began to withdraw.  At her old school she might have been engaged, vivacious, and popular.  The new surroundings – at 15 – could have been a bit daunting.  So she found herself becoming introverted, pulling away from possible interactions.  If, the dreamer continued this and it became a pattern, that would be reason for this type of dream message.  It would also be why the same message keeps coming.

If the dreamer “awakens” to this new way of seeing the self and begins to revive her earlier openness and extroversion, this dream message will no longer be pertinent.  In other words, this dream will STOP.   A new message will take its place.  A message that is relevant to the dreamer’s new state of awareness.

Whether or not this describes the particular situations in Ginger’s life, what she can derive from the Self exploration of remembering her younger years will aid her to align with her inner Self’s purpose.   She will no longer be hesitating or turning away.  She will be facing what before was unknown and it made her afraid.

Each of us has a purpose for our lives.  That purpose rests within the mind.  It does not lie in the dictates of common culture,– in videos, magazines, or social media.  These are illusions that will not feed the hunger within your soul for learning and growth.  Only you can choose to heed the call of the inner urge for spiritual progression.  Only you can face your destiny.

Ginger has made her first step by reaching out for insight into her dream.  An effective next step could be taking the online Intro to Dreams course, or an Intuitive Past Life Profile offered through the School of Metaphysics.  This profile is conducted upon an individual’s request for significant information and wisdom gleaned from the Akashic Records and relevant to his or her soul progression.•

Get the book.
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Shift your consciousness.


Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Message in a Dream


This is the first time I am writing. I heard about you on the radio one day and was very interested. I had a dream about 3 years ago that is still so vivid in my mind.

In the dream, my sister-in-law told me that she had the
power to communicate with the dead. She told me that
her mother, ( my mother-in-law) had a message for me.
She said to tell me that Everything was going to be o.k.
and not to worry anymore.

I really want to know what this means. I have a son who is developmentally disabled. My mother in law died when my son was four years old. He is now 17 yrs. old. Please help me understand this.

Thanks, from a concerned, loving mom

Dream Rule #1

Every Dream is about the Dreamer

Our dreams use the people, places, and things in our lives to tell us a story about us. The story is symbolic and has personal meaning that can help us live our lives. Although dreams can demonstrate other subconscious capabilities like precognition or visitation, this dream does not indicate that occurring. This dream is a message for you about you from your own inner self. Your sister-in-law represents a familiar aspect of you that holds onto the past. During the day before you had this dream you were thinking in old ways – that you had changed but now were slipping back into. Your connection with superconscious tells you to keep your attention in present rather than the future.



Since was launched in 1998, we at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) have interpreted thousands of dreams from people around the world.  This vast body of research supports the existence of a Universal Language of Mind, a language spoken by a group of intelligent beings known as humans, who SOM has been teaching since 1973.

Because these dreams come from dreamers on almost every continent, they reflect back to us who we are and how we can grow as a race into our potential. They tell us that as a planet we are in the midst of constant change, often unconscious of the cause or where the change will lead. They also tell us that we desire harmony with ourselves and with each other, and that we possess the qualities necessary  to create anything we imagine. They tell us that we are experiencing in increasing numbers the limitless dimensions of consciousness beyond the physical world and in that way these dreams give us a preview of what is to come.

Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

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a weekly blog

Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

by Kerry Keller, National Dream Hotline® Coordinator

Boyfriend Hiding Under the Bed

Sarah starts off her dream sharing, “I was in my room with my radical boyfriend hugging and kissing when we both heard my mother coming down the stairs. My boyfriend freaked out and quickly hid under the bed.”

Sarah decided to divert her mother from knowing Ken was in her bedroom. She knew her mom would disapprove of his spiked hair and face jewelry.

She gave Ken the opportunity to leave by going out to the kitchen to speak with her. “Hi Mom,” she said, “I did not know you were home.”

Suddenly Ken came out to the kitchen to talk to Sarah’s mom, and it was as if he had known her for a long time. Sarah was surprised at how well Ken and her mom got along.  When Ken went to the bathroom, Sarah’s mom said, “he is so nice, but he is too good for you. You will never be good enough to keep him as a boyfriend.” Sarah then lashes back at her mom, “We love each other so much and I am keeping him!” EOD
Speaking with Sarah after she shared this dream, I learned she was concerned; “Is my dream telling me that my higher self is approving of my boyfriend?” I said, “No!  But it seems you have your own conscious doubts!”

Dreams are presented to us in a language to be interpreted symbolically; rarely are they literal. There exists a ‘Universal Language of Mind.’ This is the oldest language known to human existence. Using this language, this dream reveals that Sarah is experiencing some conflict with how she identifies herself, and who she wants to become. The conflict is between two perspectives she is holding in her attention.

One is focused on and attached to her perceived desires. She feels the need to change her identity by harmonizing with Ken, who symbolizes her desire to stand out and be noticed. The other is symbolized by her mother coming down the stairs. This represents Sarah’s own inner authority coming into her conscious attention, a higher perspective, a more expansive identity from which she can create her successes.

Parents in a dream are a symbol for the superconscious mind of the dreamer. I told Sarah, this is the highest portion of her mind. It  holds the seed idea and “identity of who you are and who you are truly becoming in this life.”

Everyone has this inner mind knowing. Yet some are less aware of this expanded identity. They do not yet know there is a greater purpose and a plan for their existence.  Dreams are often messages informing us about this part of Self. Acknowledging this
self-awareness elevates one’s perspective of their gifts and the significant influence they own in this life.

In reflecting on her thoughts of the day before, Sarah’s dream says her attention was not focused on her higher purpose in life.

I asked Sarah why she described her boyfriend as ‘radical’? What did this mean in her dream?

She thought about it and said, “He’s a rebel, kind of making a statement in his world about what’s important to him.”

I shared with Sarah that this dream is a reminder from her soul of how she is holding a false self-value. We are who we think we are. The need to blend with some radical ways of thinking and expression is the focus of her mind because she needs to feel more important and have others see her importance. This causes her to feel separate from her higher self with the desire to hide her need to be radical.

Sarah then said something brilliant! “You are telling me that holding onto this need to rebel is what my mother in the dream meant when she said, ‘You will never be good enough.’ As long as I hold on to the need to be important, I will never be good  enough… I get it!”

Sarah’s dream message opened before her. I did not have to say anything else. Just amazing how valuable our dreams are!

What is real? Paying attention to dreams awakens us to fundamental questions like, “What do I consider to be real? What gives meaning to an experience?” Because the dreamer is the authority of his or her own dream life, learning to interpret dreams opens one to the guide within. founder Barbara O’Guinn Condron interviews the President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams President Dr. Laurel Clark in a thirteen-part series based upon research developed through the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)3 not for profit educational organization. Her book Intuitive Dreaming is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered directly from SOM.

Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.

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Why is a 32 Year Old Guy Dreaming of Cookie Monsters?

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a weekly blog

Why is a 32 Year Old Guy Dreaming of Cookie Monsters?

by Kerry Keller, National Dream Hotline® Coordinator

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Like many dreamers, Jeramie has become empowered by his dreams bringing life-changing opportunities into his life. Even unrealistic dreams with ‘Cookie Monsters’ inspire him to make choices to flourish each day.

After I recently finished an adult education lecture about the ‘Reality of Dream Interpretations’,  Jeramie stood up in the class and said, “I had a completely non-sensical dream this morning and I know you can’t tell me there is an ounce of value in it.”

“Oh?” I said, “then you better share it for us to examine here with everyone.”

He laughed and began describing;

I was waiting tables on three four-tops when customers at one of my other tables became very loud, demanding my attention. I looked at them to say, “I will be with you in just a minute. Only to be astonished that there were three gorillas and a woman already eating at the table.”

Another table behind him also started calling for his attention, two men dining with a talking parrot. Then unexpectedly his manager came over and told him; “I need you to get busy because we are giving you three more tables to serve tonight.”

Jeramie, anxious about efficiently taking care of all six tables, began to serve them water. Seated at each of the three tables were three women and one aggressive cookie monster engaging the other two around them.

Disturbed by this Jeramie began to complain to his manager. “I can’t serve three gorillas eating soup, a woman eating bananas, a talking parrot and three cookie monsters!” His boss was laughing at him and said, “you asked for more money, so go earn it”.  EOD

Jeramie woke up frustrated, yet very relieved the dream was over.

Then with some humor and disbelief he said, “please enlighten me”!  I responded by reminding the audience, the inner mind projects night dreams that reflect the dreamers thoughts and attitudes of the previous day. The characters, places and things in this
dream are describing or symbolizing specific ways of thinking that have been previously unconscious to Jeramie.

The manager symbolizes Jamie’s inner authority that he experiences daily as his inner knowing.  His statement to Jeramie about making money defines Jeramie’s desire to harmonize with Universal Law of Prosperity. Serving customers, (aspects of himself), symbolizes his desire to give or cause experiences that yield new knowledge, (symbolized by the food) within himself.

At first glance, we can only laugh at the dream’s story line, its characters, and Jeramie not wanting to serve animals and the imaginary characters. The significance of his resistance to serving the three gorillas, the talking parrot, and three Cookie Monsters is profound when he pays attention to the benefits of the interpretation.

I shared animals function from instinct or their reactions to pleasure and physical & emotional pain.  These actively restrict the brain’s memory and effective use of the attention. Similarly, when humans rely on instinctive habitual reactions they unconsciously limit perception of the potential successes they desire. Gorillas and the talking parrot symbolize these in Jeramie.

I then told Jeramie, “You needed to reflect on yesterday’s thought processes. You apparently recognized some habitual patterns of thinking that you no longer want to feed!”

The talking Parrot is a symbol for compulsive mind patterns you were actually imitating or learned from others. These might be unproductive attitudes you borrowed from friends or the cultural influences in life that don’t really reflect your true nature.

As much as we all love the ‘Cookie Monster’ character, in this dream it symbolizes your imagined perception of a particular knowledge, (food), that unconsciously consumes you. Now you realize you don’t want to be unconsciously attached to knowledge that restricts your forward progress towards creating prosperity.

Jeramie stood up again and thanked me for interpreting his habitual inner thoughts that he was unconscious to. “I am surprised you interpreted the ‘cookie monsters’ with such accuracy! You have awakened my attention to the scattered sources of much of my anxiety in completing my goals. Thank you again!”

What is real? Paying attention to dreams awakens us to fundamental questions like, “What do I consider to be real? What gives meaning to an experience?” Because the dreamer is the authority of his or her own dream life, learning to interpret dreams opens one to the guide within. founder Barbara O’Guinn Condron interviews the President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams President Dr. Laurel Clark in a thirteen-part series based upon research developed through the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)3 not for profit educational organization. Her book Intuitive Dreaming is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered directly from SOM.

Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.  Contact Kerry for interviews at 317) 251-5285 or Dr. Karen Mosby at SOM National Headquarters 341-345-8411 .                                                                              .

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Written by Kerry Keller, National Dream Hotline® Coordinator

A student of dream interpretation offered one of her dreams in class the other day. It was a familiar dream that everyone has probably heard.  Jenn dreamed she was:

Walking down a busy sidewalk in downtown Indianapolis. In the dream, she became aware she was only wearing high heels with a purse on her shoulder. Otherwise, she was completely naked.  People were passing her on the busy sidewalk walking the other way. Jen was confused why they were not reacting to the fact that she was naked. As she continued on, her phone rang and she stopped in a doorway to answer it, still observing if she was being noticed.  As her best friend spoke to her,

Jenn woke up from the dream.

As Jenn consciously wrote down her dream, she said, “I knew instantly that being nude in a dream symbolizes the attitude I experienced the day before, that I was being ‘open minded and honest’ in my expression.”  What she was curious about was what part of her day or what experiences she had that this dream was highlighting?

Then she remembered having lunch with another manager of a different division within the company.

“In our conversation,” she said, “we discussed our progress with a project we were working on, each with other employees, each directing a different portion of our progress.”  When they began to compare notes Jenn realized, “My friend was embellishing her accomplishments, kind of inflating her own value.” As she recalled this, Jenn then realized the value of her dream.

She went on to say, “It was tempting for me to respond to my friend and embellish my own efforts as well, just to look good too! But I decided to remain humble, and share what our business division had actually accomplished so far.”

Jenn’s dream was reminding her that her frame of mind and attitude during lunch that day was to take the high road and honor her Self. She was not concerned about boasting to her friend. The shoes she wore in the dream were a symbol of her protecting her spiritual understandings, those virtues she stands for, by being honest with others and her Self. The purse she held onto symbolized her presence of mind to resist temptation and intentionally hold onto what she values most, being honest.

As Jenn shared her dream in class, she had a large smile on her face because she recognized this dream was a self-acknowledgement. It was a reminder that she determines her own sense of self-worth, not others or false circumstances.  This dream re-enforced her knowing that circumstances in life are just a stimulus or opportunities to evaluate what she values about her Self.

Next time you remember being naked in a dream, you will remember Jenn and the lesson she learned in her night school.  –Kerry Keller, Nat’l. Dream Hotline® Coordinator 2017

What is real? Paying attention to dreams awakens us to fundamental questions like, “What do I consider to be real? What gives meaning to an experience?” Because the dreamer is the authority of his or her own dream life, learning to interpret dreams opens one to the guide within. founder Barbara O’Guinn Condron interviews the President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams President Dr. Laurel Clark in a thirteen-part series based upon research developed through the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)3 not for profit educational organization. Her book Intuitive Dreaming is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or can be ordered directly from SOM.

Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.

National Dream Hotline®

Teeth falling out.  Flying.  Talking to the Dead.  Gather your dream questions and talk to our dream experts when the NATIONAL DREAM HOTLINE® boots up.  The last weekend in April each year.  Click here to learn more.

April 28-30, 2017   Talk to us about your dreams!

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Compelling Dreams

a weekly blog



A few days ago a 17-year-old male, a junior in high school, visited our school branch to express his personal concerns. He was skipping classes and hanging out with his girlfriend looking forever for something worth while to do.

I asked him, “How may I help you?”

He very calmly said, “I would like to awaken each morning, just looking forward to the day.”

When I asked him if he remembers his dreams, he said, “Yes, most of the time I am running in a race with friends, but I am always slowed down by quicksand.”

As a Dream Interpretation Coach I then explained his dreams were repeatedly telling him that he too often places his self-value on what others expect and he becomes caught up in the competitive circumstances in his life. We spoke about his need to reflect on what is important to him and to focus his attention on causing his own desires. I

told him, “You can give your life the excitement and direction you desire just by deciding what you want to experience or accomplish in life.” I urged the young man to spend the next couple of days composing a list of 10 things he wants most in the next few years. Suddenly his eyes lit up, as he asked for a piece of paper and pen. I could tell he just saw his future and in a totally different light.

His mother called me the next day asking, “What did you tell him? My son, the distant stranger of the past few months, actually smiled at me on his way to school, and he left on time! Then I went up into his room to put clothes in his drawers and I saw two lists lying on his bed with big red titles, WHAT I WANT”. I too, then smiled from ear to ear, fulfilled by her happiness and thrilled with the genius of dream interpretation that redirected her son setting a new path of freedom in creating his life.•

Kerry Keller discusses the impact of dreams as a young man comes of age.  Every Wednesday at 7:30 Eastern Time, founder and author of The Dreamer’s Dictionary Barbara O’Guinn Condron invites the world’s foremost dreamworkers to meet dreamers in an open forum online.  The dreams submitted for the week are considered for interpretation as are dreams from attendees.  Submit your dream now!  Register for the webinar.

Kerry Keller holds a Doctorate of Divinity and is currently completing practicum for Psi Counselor certification.  In addition to teaching and directing at the Indianapolis branch of the School of Metaphysics, Kerry is the coordinator for the National Dream Hotline® for 2017.

Dream 1- DP GLiDE#: 3f070Y

I was sitting with B*male (Trees of Life) at dining room table in Moon Valley Ranch House.  He was talking and I was listening.  The next image was me in a motorized vehicle (car) that took off flying very quickly through the air.

Today I enjoyed being with leaders who came together from unique lifestyles with unique missions and experiencing their joy at being together.  Each of them has love and passion for a single area in their life that continues to grow inside them and outside of them.  The joy of being with them brought me to a sense of peace.  I continued to receive throughout the day as I was in their presence.  I experienced the calm vibrancy of many of the attendees as I filmed the audience.  I enjoyed seeing the silve and hearing the laughter of the audience with Will Bowen.  I loved seeing Sam and his sash and he was remarkably peaceful as well.  I’m getting that my peace is largely connected with other people in expanded arenas.  Coming to the Peace Dome this evening, being by the fire, being with the camera, having people to work with all stimulated more peace within me.  How do I cause peace within.  It really comes from being centered, through giving and receiving and having a quiet mind.  My sense of humor seemed pronounced today.  I enjoyed making people laugh and this brought forth a sense of peace as well.  I have not thought of humor and its relationship to peace before.

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Dream 2- DP GLiDE#: 3f060y

In a large outdoor park walking with N*male and a young child who is a boy.  He (N*male) is pushing the stroller.  I notice orange flowers blooming and birds flying low overhead.  I hear children laughing in the distance.

Within moments of arising this morning, I found myself singing “Peace is the Breath of our spirit.”  It had come from beyond my brain, and seemed to be in the air.  I came back to this song, and this thought many times throughout the day.  It seemed easy to hold a peaceful state and remain relaxed.  I found myself tensing up during a few stressful moments of setup, but was able to quickly remind myself to remain peaceful and calm during the creation process.  Others commented that I seemed still and peaceful.  The vibration on campus during the Living Peaceably event certainly resonated with peace.  There was a certain level of serenity that was present.  I watched others arriving move easier into a state of peace within themselves, just by being present to the environment.  I realized I often use agitation or frustration as a motivation point to move, act, or create.  Today was different.  I was able to hold the state of mind of peace, and being peace through the creation process quite easily.  Part of this is due to a greater ease I have been experiencing with receptivity.  Being pregnant, and therefore being receptive to the creation occurring within me, has allowed me to have greater ease and grace with other experiences in my life.  Peace in the Self is one of the highest achievements possible.  I believe I am closer to making this a permanent part of my Self.

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Dream 3- DP GLiDE#: 3m028y

I was at the College of Metaphysics surrounded by lots of people.  It was very sunny outside.  It was teacher’s meeting.

When I woke up this morning and wrote down my dream, I found myself eager and able to wake righ up and get moving.  I am not normally a morning person.  Everyone I met seemed to be anxious and excited about the day.  I felt a calm and stillness that I haven’t for quite a while.  I wasn’t nervous or apprehensive about the day.  I had a clear image of wht I was to do and what the expectation was I had for myself and what others had for me.  Everything almost was like a deja vou, it was as if everyone and everything was where it needed to be.  When things need adjusting people and I were quick with a response or idea.  I was mostly with the parliament banner that people were signing, so I think I met almost all or a majority of the people there.  Conversations, small talk and instruction came easily as I helped people find what they were looking for.  As the day went on I found that I kept my mind on my ideals for the day when I would get tired, it was a great help to recall why I was there.  When I go for a long time without eating or drinking I tend to get a headache.  This time I was headache free!!  So all in all everything was amazing.  I was in a situation where I was with 100+ of my closest friends.  Some I know, some I didn’t but now do.  I laughed and had fun, all because of how clear my thoughts were.  I feel like I was of service

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Dream 4- DP GLiDE#: 3f071y

I dreamt I lived in a nice, comfortable mansion.  There were many people in the dream, not all at once though.  I was counseling or tutoring the people that would visit.  I recall D*male was there and may have lived with me in the house with a couple other people.  K*female and V*female were in the dream at some point.  There was more to the dream, I just don’t remember.

One of the first experiences that comes to mind is waking up at 4:15am to get fully dressed and ready to go sit in the peace dome at 5:30am to read the Universal Peace Covenant and then meditate.  My meditation was not very deep or profound because I felt like I was picking up on some anxious energy within others (maybe me too but not much).  Anyway, my meditation time in the peace dome wasn’t so much a meditation as it was a paring out to God about my experiences with gratitude, generosity, and truth.  This was a peaceful assimilation process.  Another peaceful moment was in talking to T*female after breakfast.  T*female is one of my dearest, closest friends.  I am watching her grow and expand in amazing ways and we often aid one another in recognizing and pointing out our Starry nights, beauty and wisdom…and learning.  She was so lovely as she spoke openly and honestly with me about leadership, her own ability to do so as well as what she could see I was learning.  I had so much gratitude for my friendship with her and I see now how this was a peaceful experience.  In fact, much of the friendship and camaraderie that I observed and enjoyed brought me peace.  I love the people in my life.  I had moments of peace with G*, D*female, D*male, D*, R*, J*, JH*, Br*, A*, CS*., K*, W*, A*, wow!  I could really keep giving.  Two moments really stand out are hugging Balbir when he arrived.  It was my first time to meet him.  He hugged 3-4 times and he had so much joy and peace in his heart that it saturated me and felt really beautiful.  Another time I was sitting at the front gate with B*.  The air was cool and moist, the sky was beautifully overcast and complimented the green pastured.  Sitting there with him in silence, enjoying the peacefulness of the moment held both a quality of uniqueness as well as common.  The simplicity of it was joyful and relaxing.

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Dream 5- DP GLiDE#: 3f099y

I am disappointed to have no dream memory to report

I thought (personally) about how I use violence and an armed when I move outside of myself with the struggle – The struggle must be nonviolent which is quiet, and doing the work with self to create the wholeness that is peace – I thought about peace with the speaker Balbir and experienced him as one of the most peaceful people I have been around – I perceived him to have very little attachment to an identity of self and enormous humility which is pleasing to me as my purpose is to understand humility and I found him to be a wonderful example of that.  I also thought about peace in relationship to myself being Betty (Williams), Nobel Peace Prize- while my effort was less than perfect I knew i had practiced enough for the time I had so I did and do not feel guilty (that is very un-peaceful) about lack of preparedness on my part.  I made a concerted effort to hold thought forms other than my old habitual fear of knowing I will go blank when I do something like this and I realized that I could keep moving even if it meant moving to the next “frame”.  I am in believing at this point and by choosing to direct my mind in this way I can create peace in self about who I am as a speaker.  Peace was felt today by myself and I believe many people here evidenced by what they said – how they moved and the smiles and happiness I saw on their faces – the day was complete from a seed idea formed by Dr. C*female and we all experienced her creation in our consciousness today – I see peace as wholeness/unity of self which eventually leads to enlightenment – I know I can create a more peaceful environment wherever I am – In self and in others around me.  I see that thought form is a vibration that can permeate self and or the environment.  So our thoughts are too important to not pay attention to – we can live and co-exist with all those different people on this day or on any day – and we can have that brotherly love that Martin Luther King spoke of.  Peace is far reaching – I think as humanity we just need to explore who we will be in the state of peace.

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Dream 6- DP GLiDE#: 3f098y

I didn’t remember a dream this morning.

I started off my day with reading the Universal Peace Covenant and then following a guided meditation on Peace-well as our topic at least.  Then I went and infused a tile for the mandala with the thought “outer peace is reflective of inner peace”  I was participating in several areas for the living peacefully event.  I started with setting out a sign.  As I staked the sign into the ground by the highway I thought of peace.  Every person I hugged I thought of peace for them and gave it freely.  When there was a need that I could fill, I let my mind have peace while my body fulfilled the task.  I believe I was peaceful in thought and action as I went through the day.  I was able to share this inner peace with others by reflecting it in out and I know there are those that felt it and responded to it.

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Dream 7- DP GLiDE#: 3f098y

I was in a store like a Wal-Mart.  I was walking down the pet food aisle and there was a rancid smell.  I looked in a trash can at the end of the aisle and there was murky water in it.  (It was near the fish tanks).  I alerted someone who worked there.  I continued to shop and not very long after that I walked back and the can was clean and I turned down another aisle there was a dead squirrel on the floor.  It had been dead a long time and was stiff. I thought “What is a dead squirrel doing in here?  I was dreading having to tell them of another problem.  When I turned the corner, a man was sweeping under stuff getting a lot of hidden dirt out in the open.  I realized that was how the squirrel became exposed into the open.

Today I experienced peace from the first point of my day when I woke up before my alarm went off.  This gave me the opportunity to have gratitude for the dryness of my tent and reflect on the being of my body before having to go to my meditation session and reading of the Peace Covenant at 5:30am.  After the meditation I did my Life Force exercise which allowed me to peacefully connect with the energy of all things around me.  While there was a bustle of activity around me with people preparing for the day’s Peace Event I tried to move in a relaxed and peaceful manner delaying my preparations for a time when the bathrooms were more peaceful!  My station a the event allowed me to connect with almost everyone as it was the crossroads between the venues.  I met many new people and connected with old friends with the goal of a welcoming presence for all.  My location allowed me to hear portions of several talks by speakers at the event.  When the event was complete, I had the opportunity to thank many people for coming and felt I was connecting with people on a much deeper level than words.  When the play, The Invitation, was going on and many participants were inside, I had the opportunity to reflect on the stillness in the sounds of nature around us.  Now that the day is nearly complete I feel a sense of peace throughout my mind and body – my blood pressure seems really relaxed, my body feels better than it has in a long time and my breath seems very fulfilling.

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Dream 8- DP GLiDE#: 4m061y

I was walking down a path in the woods, a wide path, almost  a road.  I head a multiple lead leash as I was holding on to 15 friends who had the other end of the leash around their necks.  4 of the 15 people I recognized from this life.  L*male (discipline), A*male (visionary), T*female (Healing) A*female (Rhythm, balance)

My thoughts of peace for today review my experiencing the development of friendship.  This was expressed today through my giving and receiving attention and love in expanding friendships.  I renewed two friendships today, experiencing their essence on levels untouched before.  A deeper level of trust, sharing and desire to support each other.  I made new friends today and I was reassured of my perceived value in developing friendships as I experienced a new acquaintance with Balbir.  His views and practices with others at his company, Trees for Life, is reassurance to me that the process of developing friendships is priceless to myself and contribute to the betterment of the whole.  Peace is experienced in building friendships, seeing through the others eyes, to recognize each others value, what you have to give and what you can create.  Peace of mind and fulfillment is the result of developing friendship.

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Dream 9- DP GLiDE#: 4f031y

I was in and at the College of Metaphysics.  Tents went up and down.  The song of “One Voice” was playing in background.  The violin part was stronger than rest.  It was like a movie playing of the peace event.  I noticed in the dream that the music of the violin was dominant like it was a different song.  I even thought it was a different song then realized it was a part of the “One Voice”. 

My thoughts are in the moment.  I cherish the moments I had throughout my day from the opening plenary beginning with chantful sounds to Will Bowen mesmerizing the crowd with laughter.  My day has been perfect.  I feel so peaceful and happy satisfied that ideals have been met.  On voice choir came together as planned “of course” because we visualized it.  I think this was the best creation I have ever had.  I love creating it with other people.  We were great in present and in form.  My heart is open, my mind is clear.  I desire to hold to continue to create like this.  I said it one time in a rehearsal, ” the moment will come and go” yet it will linger.  I believe this is what it is to live meditatively.  I knew this day was special.  I saw it in my dreams.  Connected vision.  My day was filled with great people and minds.  I long to know this more often.  This morning we breathed and it played all day.  The inspiration gives the love that was received.  Peace is build through communication.  I found myself with the Universal Peace Covenant running through my head as I write this.  Then echoes of Once Voice comes weaving in and out.  I love everyone, everything, every creature.  I am honored to have played a part.  Will Bowen’s smile and charm was great and I can truly say I haven’t a complaint.

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Dream 10- DP GLiDE#: 2m086y

I was in a building, a SOM facility with some people, D*male was a part of the event and organization.  His father, Mi*male came to get him, upset that he was there.  M*male took D*male with him.  E*female, A*female and I were in a kitchen or in some room and I was talking with A*female about using her car.  Ariadne was upset that we were using her car again.  E*female was upset and I was asking her, “I thought we had covered this, how are you upset again.”  I felt pretty good and little confused.

Today I experienced Peace, A*male said “I love you, I just had to tell you that you look so peaceful.”  We started today with meditation.  I experienced some peace in meditation.  Because my morning began with some peace.  It was close by all day when I set my mind to finding it.  My day was filled with purposeful activity.  This allowed much opportunity for a directed mind.  I was also with a fire for most of the day.  Very purifying helpful stimulator of peace.

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Dream 11- DP GLiDE#: 3m100y

I did not remember a dream.

I looked forward to the day.  I went to the peace dome and set the tone for the day by filling my mind with thoughts of peace covenant and then entering meditation.  Mentally, I spent most of the day receiving others with my mind.  Asking questions and listening, and observing some of our presenters.  The level of openness between everyone was remarkable.  I did notice how simple an expectation peace is.  Personally I noticed that when I have a place or a form for myself, that peace is achieved.  “Self-direction promotes inner peace and therefore leads to outer peace.”  This I did not have today.  Because I have not clarified who I am or what I want to be and therefore have no form through which to direct myself.  A very awkward place to be indeed.  I don’t know what else to say.

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Dream 12- DP GLiDE#: 3m051y

Last night I dreamt I woke up in my tent and water was dripping down in a steady stream onto the middle of my blanket.  I looked up to find a hole torn in the top of my tent and it was raining.  When I looked for the cause of the tear, I noticed a dark shape stuck in on the top of the tent, so I kicked it off (from inside the tent).  I looked out the tent flap to see a vultures/eagle like bird dead on the ground.  I knew it’s talons had caused the tears in the canvas.

I woke up anxious – maybe because of the weather or because of my rushed morning – but I also felt tired.  My morning meditation and a few disciplines helped.  When setting up for the event I began to realize what thoughts were running through my head.  I began to focus on the theme of “Peace” and all the people who would gather to celebrate it.  So as the day went on I felt better.  As a greeter, I was given the opportunity to speak to people right when they arrived.  Every person was happy and excited to be there.  When I got the chance to mix and mingle, I experienced our guest enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and I realized how great I felt because I was part of this.  I was calm, still, and peaceful much of the day – sometimes even to the point of feeling a sort of light-headed “high.”  I felt connected to everybody I spoke to and tried to keep in mind my connectedness with everybody else present.  My thought when I placed my tile in the mandala was “we are one in the spirit.”  At one point I sat by J*male at the fire, right before Allan walked up.  He asked how were were doing, to which I replied “peaceful.”  Jesse laughed and agreed.  So I sat by he fire and just allowed myself to “be,” I was overcome by gratitude and peace – I felt content and fulfilled.  I thought of yesterday when A*male., G*female, Yv*female, R*male and I walked through the orchard and repeated the peace prayer at every tree.  This helped me reconnect with the open heart feeling I had while in the orchard.

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Dream 14- DP GLiDE#: 3f036y

H*male was in my dream.  We were sitting in a car and he asks me to tell him my thoughts about a situation.  I told him I didn’t want to because my experience of him is that he usually gets angry/really aggressive and that I didn’t want that.  Then he does get angry and I get out of the car, regretting why I even did that. 

2nd Dream:  I dreamt that I was sitting at a traffic light.  The light turned green but I didn not go.  I stayed where I was at.  I wondered why this was.  Then, a large UPS truck crossed the street in front of me, running the red light.  If I had gone when the light turned green, I would have been hit by that truck.

Wow!  What a wonderful day!!  This is how I imagine the world being and people in it when everyone is thinking peacefully and living peacefully.  Today I was continually able to expand and open my heart to all around me.  This certainly helped for a better photo taking/receiving and being able to connect with them on many levels.  This is good for me to do and it’s something that I have definately learned by being an SOM student – how to intentionally connect with others.  This morning when I woke, I had several early experiences that I could have allowed me to move out of/from a state of peace.  I could clearly see exactly how “Living Peaceably comes from Thinking Peacefully.”  I could see how many times throughout my life PEACE has been externally based on outside forces.  I have learned in my studies that peace —along with love, compassion, contentment – comes from within.  It is a thought.  It is a choice.  It is a necessity for the evolvement of consciousness.

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Dream 15- DP GLiDE#: 3f038y

#1   ** J*female and some other people are at a gathering.  They are walking to an area that is for group dreaming.  People in a circle.   (This seems lucid.)  **    (At this point, I was interrupted by people making noise in the bathroom next door and couldn’t get this middle part of the dream back.) **      It is confusing because it is not clear how.  One man says that you just put .org with the name.  (K*male?) **  ** Other fragments:  (dream thoughts)  **

#2  **    People need to get together to dream.  Intentional dreaming. **  **

#3  Keep people focused on the dream.  The inner mind is more important. **  **

#4 ** I am in a room.  (it is my room, but it looks different.)  I am wanting to write my dream down but keep getting awakened by people in the bathroom next door.  K*female and C*female come in.  I say, “Shhh!” to K*female — she keeps talking to me.  I say, “K*female please, I want to write my dream down.”  She says, “Oh, yeah, I need to do that.”  I am sitting at a desk.  There are notebooks and papers on a shelf in front of me.  She keeps talking about how she needs to write her dream down.  I say, “K*female, please!  stop talking.”  She says, “I don’t know what you mean.”  I say, “You’re talking.  Please stop!”  She says more about how she needs to write her dream down.  I am getting frustrated, angry, and anxious because the dream keeps slipping away.  I get a pad of paper out from the shelves about the desk, hand it to her, with a pen, and say, “Here!  Write your dream down.”  She rummaging around for a yellow legal pad.  I say, “that’s what I gave you that paper for.”  (I had given her a white pad, smaller than 8 1/2 x 11.  I am wondering if it will be okay even though it’s that size.)  She says, “Okay,” and is still talking.  I say, “K*, please!  Stop talking!”  She says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  I say, “I need to be alone with my dream.” **       I feel like I have finally gotten it. **  **

#5  ** Before this, I am walking on a street.  I walk by a doorway.  T*male is inside — he reaches his hand out with a piece of single-wrapped seaweed.  All I see is his hand and the seaweed but I know he’s inside; apparently he has given me that seaweed before. **      I thank him and eat it.  He is chewing and I realize he is eating some too.  I tell him he could probably find a Chinese store in Springfield where he can buy seaweed.  He starts to ask me questions.  I say, “Please let me write my dream down before I talk about it.”  He starts to ask more questions, then stops. **   **

Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully.  I was aware of the synergy that occurred – people knowing other people- for example, G*female knows Balbir – he said he sees her once a week or so, as she comes into his office.  Grandmother Silverstar learned metaphysics from D*female who was a friend and fellow SOM teacher with Dr. D*male 30 years ago in Columbia.  P*male who played digideroo is someone B*male studied with- J*male knows him well – They didn’t know that they were both coming to the event.  Many more connections – I see this as peace related because it shows that we are all connected in our invisible web of relationships, inner level connections that manifest outwardly.  Sometimes (too often) people don’t notice the connections because they think physically about themselves or other people.  Then they relate on the surface, noticing the differences or “diversity” as it is called.  H.H. The Dalai Lama says that the differences of skin color, language, clothing, etc., are really on the surface – that we can relate to each other because we are all human beings.  I agree.  I would say that we are all souls.  We are all related as siblings of the same mental parent.  We are all divine.  This day was divine.  There was a palpable air of gratitude, appreciation and love.  Many people thanked me (us) for the college, for the event, for being invited, for having a place like this.  It was as if we are shining a light, giving people hope.  Yes, people can live together and create together.  Yes, people can join minds and hands and hearts and make something greater than what any one person can do alone.  Yes, you can be a part of this, too.  I have great gratitude and appreciation for those of us who are making this happen nw.  I used to get irritated or disappointed when people who had been students decided to discontinues, because then they wer (are) no longer a part of the active creation.  I have a little more equanimity about that now.  Hearing Rick Menendez talk about the pennies for the college and having never seen the land, I could appreciate having been where he was at one time and being where I am now, having chosen to hold the creation in mind and bring it into being – also having the perspective that there is more to come.  I am fulfilling my destiny, my calling, my purpose.  This brings me peace and enables me to be a peaceful presence for others.

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Dream 16- DP GLiDE#: 4f050y

I was observing this occur.  My husband R*, answered the phone at our house.  It was our daughter K* calling.  She seemed to be about 18 in the dream.  She was having some trouble with her car and was asking her dad what to do about it.  He told her but was somewhat irritated in the explanation, like she wasn’t understanding it all.  Then she asked if she could go with a female friend and stay overnight.  R* said he was ok with that.  Then K* had come into the house (she’d been calling on her cell phone).  R* didn’t notice and kept talking on the phone.  I entered the room, got his attention by touching his shoulder/arm and said she’s here.  Then he hung up.  I was happy to see Kira there.  The dream ended here.

I had many opportunities to think about peace.  I learned that I would be answering phones a part of Sat., that I would be inside much of the day.  I agreed to do that, even though I thought I’d miss a large part of the day.  As we phone answerers made our schedule of coverage, I saw I’d be inside only 3.5 hours.  I did make a special effort to harmonize with being indoors and looked and looked for what it provided, how I could benefit.  I can see that when I heard people calling on the phone and identifying that I could guide them to be here with directions, the action became connected to the whole and purposeful.  I also recognized that when I was inside, it was peaceful and quiet, and that enhanced my peaceful state of mind.  One of the best ways I identified with peace was meeting almost all the speakers and getting to know them personally.  My ideal for today was to use my healing quality, concern, to connect with others and within mySelf.  And my purpose was to cause clarity in my mind.  As I met each one of them, I did get to create peace of mind, giving them my full care and concentration.  And I benefitted by having clarity with what concern is and what wholeness is.  I experienced peace as I spoke with J*male, Da*male’s father.  He was little skeptical about metaphysics.  As we spoke, I knew the peace of accepting a person for the beauty of who they are, sincerely wanting to know them.  I went beyond thoughts that I’d been successful if he’d have agreed with me or believed in metaphysics.  Our peace was joyful and free and caring as we came to know each other.  He was the one I asked the most metaphysical type questions even though he had the least experience in spiritual studies.  Today for me was peaceful because I made new friends, which was so unifying within me.

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Dream 17- DP GLiDE#: 3m059y

I was stuck in the middle of a roll of chain link fencing.  I was eventually freed by other people using the fencing to build structures.  I’m on a street corner with some girl.  She decides to go into a library and I follow.  Once inside we start looking at rocks.  M*male is studying a collection of rocks that are off limits to me.  I have a similar rock to his and I hand it to him to study.  I ask why I am not allowed to look at his rocks. 

  • structures – path of life;
  • girl – subconsious aspect;
  • library – universal mind related to receiving knowlege of all forms;
  • rocks – forms of will;
  • M*male – conscious aspect – highly energetic- desire to learn about will. 

Find that the “highly energetic” expression of will is off limits to me and wanting to learn about how to access it.; chain-link fencing – unformed beliefs, limitation in thoughts.  Other people – aspects of self; structures – beliefs that can be used for learning.  I experienced limitation and produced freedom by creating more expansive structure with the rules I had been given.

My ideal for this weekend is Sacred Service.  My purpose is humility.  I have experienced my ideal and purpose come to life this weekend in blissful and exciting ways.  I have had so many opportunities to serve this weekend and in all of them I found the opportunity to fulfill a desire.  Today I learned a great deal about running audio for a professional audio technician, I met extraordinary individuals, attended elevated talks, and spent time with good friends all while fulfilling a need for those around me.  Humility came into play as I interacted closely with people who have experiences I value, wisdom I treasure and who value themselves.  I also experienced humility in the fact that at no point was I “in charge” but rather “assisting.”  It was refreshing to my mind and relieving to my brain to take instruction as I responded to the situations before me.  Being in the presence of so many who were willing to practice peace elevated my consciousness and make it very easy to stay positive all day.  Almost every interaction was one of open hearted giving and receiving, without complaint or negativity of any kind.  This campus became a living, breathing, peace town when people of all ages were interacting in harmony and adding their own unique perspectives to the whole.  Although this weekend and this day were not without reactions in me, I found that the few reactions that did arise were short lived and easily worked through.  I am forming a brighter, clearer picture now of what our world can look like when we finally accomplish peace and how my life is going to transform as I move closer and closer to a state of peace in my own Self.  Though I have never been physically violent, I have often been mentally and emotionally violent and most often toward myself.  Thinking peacefully is different than how I have thought in the past and may very well be the next quantum leap in my consciousness stimulated by this weekend.  I have run out of things to say but I think i’m supposed to keep writing.

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Dream 18- DP GLiDE#: 3m045y

I forgot.

Well I had a great day.  I learned and experienced closer to the level of my best, in attitude and energy level and quality of interactions.  My peace thought in my little tile was “lighthearted commitment” and I envisioned those two words and images.  I held in my mind what I intended and I stayed more relaxed and open.  I had a series of deep, fulfilling, real, honest conversations that boosted up everyone involved.  I hugged great hugs.  I received back so much from everyone I interacted with and gave in a satisfying way.

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Dream 19- DP GLiDE#: 3m097y

Had a dream in which I went to an art museum and called Libby to see if she wanted to come.  She had things to do and I didn’t feel like being there anymore.  So, I returned to “dream home” and found her cooking pork, shrimp and some sort of vegetable dish.  I remember feeling a bit sad that it seemed like we never really spent any time together.

Today was well suited to think and act peaceably through out the day.  At the Pre-Parliament event “Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully” my attention was focused on peace through out the day.  Particularly toward capturing the sounds of peace.  With a Zoom 122 digital recorder, I walked around, interviewed people about their motivations and aspirations peace and coming to the peace event and attended several of the presentations upon peace from the different guest speakers.  Content wise peace was very rich in the experience.  State-wise peace was very present as the focus on capturing peace was strong.  There were times when peace was absent, when my mind drifted to things I recognized as being unresolved in my experiences.  However, self-examination will eventually lead to the peace I desire in the long run.  I felt peace the most when I recording in a group of interviews; one woman came from Austin, TX to be at the event, invited by an SOM alumni.  She explained how the event was fitting, in the sense that she desired peace in many aspects of her life and this was affording her an opportunity to learn.  Another man came because he was friends with Will Bowen, the keynote speaker, and had a home made CD recording of music he desired to share about peace.  He mentioned the desire to so something with his music and films.  I introduced him to Dr. T*female  He ended up giving the SOM permission to listen to it and potentially use it in some film and youtube footage of the event.  Fulfilling one man’s desire to give and a projects group desire to receive music – something they had been looking for right then and there.  Peace is providing avenues for people to both give and receive, to learn and to teach.  Peace is flowing with and existing within the normal energy flow; life force that normally flows when the mind set can hold it and move within it.  The peace thought I chose to focus on and infuse into the tile I laid this morning in the peace mandala was that of “Universal Perspective”.  I was able to experience the many expressions of peace.

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Dream 20- DP GLiDE#: 2f076y

All I remember this morning was an image of the path leading to the Healing Wall.

My day started with reading the Peace Covenant and meditation.  I was really centered and calm.  I noticed as I went about getting ready that everyone was calm and purposeful.  Everyone was excited but they were calm, cooperative and attentive.  It was wonderful.  I thought of this being created (this attitude and consciousness) because of the meditation and disciplines we do in our studies.  I sat by the Healing Wall area and all day people were drawn to the area around the dome, talking and quiet.  There was a sense of tranquility in everyone.  The singer at the Dome during the afternoon sang many songs about the goodness in the world and about things in her life.  Then she told us, her two sons in their early 20’s were being shipped to Afghanistan.  I, at the time worried that Drew would join the army and shipped over seas.  I thought about what Will Bowen said about honest communication and how necessary it is to bring about peace and understanding in our lives.  I talked with many people, J*male and others like S*female.  We talked about the times we had lived together and what we had learned from each other and how grateful we were for the growth we had experienced.  Because the disciplines and what I have learned I am able to use all situations in my life to learn and grow instead of passing time complaining.  It allows me to have real conversations with others, to find truths and to release resentments and judgmentation.  This is the kind of world I want to live in.  A world of learning, growth, understanding and peace within myself.  Many people I talked with commented on how peaceful things were.  Everyone was open and receptive to each other.  It was refreshing.  This was peace to me.  I loved the openness with which people shared who they were with each other.  People came to me -presents- and thanked us for the opportunity to be part of our event.  There was a very peaceful quality to the day.  It was living what is in the Peace Covenant.  This whole day exemplifies the Peace Covenant.

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Dream 21- DP GLiDE#: 3f041y

I believe that I am at the College of Metaphysics.  I am at least in the woods where there are tents.  I am standing outside of my tent with a group of unknown people and Dr. B*female.  I am supposed to teach this small crowd.  I feel apprehensive about this.  I declined teaching or some how it was understood that our meeting in this forest was because I felt inadequate as a teacher and was not feeling confident I could teach these people.  I was frustrated by my perceived inability.  I had a sense that I couldn’t push for it.  Soon though I began to see through my discussion with Dr. B*female that it was necessary for me to teach regardless of my own gaps.  It was necessary because through teaching I would learn.  It would, in fact, be the teaching that produced wholeness rather than waiting for perfection or complete wisdom to arrive prior to teaching.  As Dr. B*female and I talked I looked around and understood that all these people wanted to be taught by me and they didn’t care if I messed up.  They still wanted to learn from me and could feel empowered when they aided me in filling in the gaps so that all could learn.  I felt relieved that were all on the same page about how to create wholeness.  I didn’t need to have all the answers for these people to follow me.  I grabbed my books and violin. Dr. B*female stayed behind while we, these unknown people and I walked together for class.  The crowd was relieved I was teaching,Dr. B*female was peaceful and I was grateful that we all understood a sense of completion and a path to wholeness comprised in this unity.  Each aiding the other to fill in the gaps.  There was a sense of wholeness, completion and being in alignment with universal order.  I also had a flash of a dream about a restaurant and another flash about a big family was working with some discord.

Today was consumed by peace, love and connectedness.  From the very start I was plugged into that which was greater than myself, which was exciting, as that was a part of my ideal for this weekend.  I experienced mental endurance in a way previously unexplored.  In meditation at 5:30 in the morning I had my first clear experience, and I mean something beyond a belief, which is easy for me to have, as seeing myself as separate from my thoughts.  I could see the thoughts before me and had an instant realization that this was the ego speaking.   With this knowledge I was free to still my mind.  I was free because I was no longer under the illusion that I am my thoughts.  If I believe that I am my thoughts then, of course I would not desire to cease the speaking for then I would cease.  With the true separation of thought, the true knowing myself as soul, I could stop thinking to know emptiness because I exist beyond thought.  In the emptiness I felt such energetic power and supreme peace.  I was floating in stillness and persevered on the quest for peace.  This is how the day began.  This knowing quality aided me so much I realized my inner beauty and inner value because I am a soul.  When I am independent from my thoughts I can just be and love unconditionally.  On my unconditional love I was basking in my peaceful service.  I naturally wanted to connect with others and give them peace and love.  And in so doing I received a great lesson in Self-respect.  I saw my value, in the glow that came about in love showed and felt joy in being of service.  My Ideal for the weekend was committed service with the purpose of connecting to the divine.  This has guided me toward so much peace, directing my attention and showing me that when I am committed to serving my highest self peace ensues.  I felt connected to everyone in my environment through the divine.  Truly today was an exceptional day of service, God and the abundant, joyful peace of knowing.

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Dream 22- DP GLiDE#: 3f001Y

No dream recall

Today was definitely a day filled with peace.  From arising before dawn to say the Peace Covenant, meditation, laying a peace tile, helping with breakfast, practicing with the choir…. The day was filled with activity.  Many people were depending on me.  Except for one time I felt relaxed, flowing, appreciative, and focused.  The peak, aha, moment I had was when Dr. D*male was talking about the Still mind, present moment, open heart.  I had a glimpse of fully relishing the present moment as precious and giving my heart and mind to it/in it.  I had a deep sense of what it would be like to live that way all the time.  The portal through which I can approach it is fully appreciating what is in the moment, giving myself to it fully and receiving from it.   I also felt peaceful when I directed and invited people to come to listen to the musician and storyteller.  I enjoyed fully being there and giving them my support.  And I didn’t scatter my attention by worrying or wanting to be at one of the breakout sessions or somewhere else on campus.  Wherever I was I was there.  And being in the present moment state of mind was key for the peace I felt through out the day.

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Dream 23- DP GLiDE#: 3m063y

I did not remember a dream.

Today I began with reading the Universal Peace Covenant w/ about 40 other Metaphysicians.  I then meditated for about an hour in the upper chamber of the Dome where I read the UPC.  I was blissful.  Then I laid a tile in the mandala and organized the Dome and my thoughts/goals to accomplish or direct others to accomplish.  I sang in rehearsal “One Voice” and it was going long so I emoted sharp emotion to get it moving.  Then I got all in order for the day and everything flowed so well.  It was beautiful to spend it with N*female and J*female and A*female and A*male and B*male.  I loved singing “One Voice”.  It was a perfect day.  I appreciate N*female and J*female’s love, A*male’s calm, A*female’s faithfulness.  Getting to see and connect with JF*male, MS*male and Li*female and J*female and others was a blessing.  I spent it in peace in the Peace Dome all day – no complaining and lots of loving.  It flowed so well and so harmonious.  The people I was with were so cooperative.  I loved talking about the 50 states giving Peace Proclamations and than approaching congress.  I loved getting to know Will Bowen and his family more as well as talking to D*male about a whole functioning school.  N*female, Dr. S*female and I realized I was the responsible adult or wisdom phase in the Dome all day teaching and sharing.  I love the SOM.  I didn’t eat dessert – I didn’t even want to after dark.  Singing with everyone was such an incredible experience – connected, aligned and harmonious.  I wanted to be where all the people were in the invitation.  I gave clear direction to the peace ambassador ushers – and they made it happen.  I felt such love.  I experienced some fatigue yet it was smooth and easy and worked without me always having to do everything.  I don’t know what else to say but it was open hearted.

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Dream 24- DP GLiDE#: 3f030y

I dreamt I was in a foreign country.  One like in Africa or India that was under developed.  I was there to teach the children.  The children were between 8-15 and I was teaching them about different cultures and belief systems.

My thoughts about peace surrounded my relationships with people.  It started with spending time with Vi* young female  I knew that both of her parents were needed elsewhere.  My thought of peace in the moment was being helpful and of service.  I was also able to help L*female with a distressing situation and take her to the valley so that she could take care of some device that she had.  When we came back to the campus we got to walk down the lane with Balbir.  What a gift.  The man vibrates peace.  I could see it in his eyes.  I could hear it in his voice as he talked with L*female and Vi*young female  The strongest thought that I heard as I went around talking with others was that peace was already present we only need to wake ourselves to realize this.  Grandmother Silverstar was the one who stated it so clearly.  She said that peace was a choice.  That it is always present we only need to choose to be lead by our hearts.  Little did I know that this thought of peace being within would be the theme for all other responses.  I was especially moved A*female young let me tape her.  She said the same thing about peace being in what you thought about.  I was filled with love and gratitude when I listened, watched and experienced the students sing One Voice at the end of the opening session.  It was great to see so many former students and I thought about the changing of hearts within so many.  I thought about how great it was to have so many teenagers and younger children present.  I thought about the variety of different kinds of people that were present.

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Dream 25- DP GLiDE#: 3m039y

People were going to the Peace Dome.  D*male was present.  I decided that instead that I should go walk.  It’s the cause while everyone was reciting/reading the UPC.

Peace is recognizing the Divine in myself and others.  Peace is giving to others, consistently, lovingly, truthfully.  I have found this to be true.  Today I gave my peace, my presence through the essential quality of attention.  I greeted new friends and old, asked questions when I desired to understand their communication deeper or better.  My old friends were mostly the ones I gave consistently to.  M*male, LB*female and El*female.  With Mi*male I shared an important story of mine to show him how/what I have realized about inner authority.  I saw in his eyes a searching for a sense of deflecting or a protective shield as if my love for him was dependent upon his choices, as if it was influenced by his choices.  I love him just because he is.  I consistently reflected that quality back to him.  Truthfully I have given space.  I have given truth.  I seek and so I find.  The young Numa child (4 years old) showed me her empty sack around her neck.  I told her that was great.  I told her that it is space in a house that makes it useful.  I then played a telepathic rock game with her, teaching her the truth of connectedness.

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Dream 26- DP GLiDE#: 3m065y

I pulled into a place to go fishing.  The water was in 3 sections.  The middle section, which I normally fish, was too low.  The third section was deeper, very clear with nice rock structure.  My boots were not the height I needed for the water I anticipated.  As I pulled in I saw a trailer with fishing gear in lots of stack like components.  I knew my boots wouldn’t work because of the water level, so I was looking for some I could use.  I found a black folding knife that would come in handy.  I had been looking at some boots of the man.  He wondered what I was doing and so I explained.  His boots would not work for me.  He asked about the knife, it wasn’t his.  I think he was drunk.  A policeman or correction agent came and the man was in trouble.  I continued to gather supplies and organized myself.  I was not concerned, I knew I was legal.

Today was a magical day.  I woke up and remembered eight dreams.  I was very grateful for all the wisdom from my inner self.  We read the Peace Covenant and then I had an amazing meditation that was deep and healing.  I had plans to finish the sign out in front of the Peace Dome and I was the second to last person in line to lay a peace tile.  I thought about not laying a tile and getting right to work.  Then I decided to lay a tile and to be at peace with being at the end of the line.  That was healing as well.  I accomplished a variety of goals before the event and everything went smoothly.  My assignment was to answer the phone inside and I made peace with that.  It helped me to be purposeful with the time I was able to spend with my parents and people I knew from Springfield.  I am building gentleness and receptivity in myself and my ideal for the weekend was giving and receiving peace through a still mind.  I experienced deep and connected moments with a variety of people.  Some I barely know stopped me and thanked me for my “clear vision”.  I know it was my still mind that created that.  Another person complimented me on my gentleness, which has never happened before in my life.  My heart opened and I was deeply moved by the day as a whole.  It was a wonderful mix of people from diverse organizations, religions and cultures that all came together to promote peace.  I am grateful to have attended and hosted such and meaningful and historic event.  I know that the world is a more peaceful place and I will carry that peace with me forever.

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Dream 28- DP GLiDE#: 3f091y

I did not remember my dream.

Peace is felt in experience it seems and that’s how I remember the moments through out the day.  It is intangible and can be difficult to describe.  While serving at Moon Valley, being in infancy threw me into an insecure space that I had difficulty processing.  I recall pouring water for the presenters and trying to do so without being disruptive while they were at the breakfast table.  It turned out that I was probably more disruptive because of all the thought I had regarding whether or not I should pour.  Ivy pointed out that it is important to my health and well being that I follow through to completion – I recognize completion-causing peace.  Dr. B*female mentioned during the media meeting that the creation process is the best when you edit as you go.  This contains a certain level of completion.  It is completing the thought in every moment.  Today I noticed myself with a sense of urgency that I must complete my thoughts for peace.  Ivy also pointed out that giving more communication the whole picture causes peace.  I noticed a couple of times through out the day that I was compelled to give the whole picture in the name of peace.

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Dream 28- DP GLiDE#: 3f044y

My friend E*female, who is a lesbian told me at night she goes sailing with him.  However, no one knows.  Then I saw the sea and it was very big and blue.

Peace is a state of mind.  In order to gain or teach peace one must rid thyself of insecurities, doubt, hate, self-pity, jealousy, attachment, physical attachment.  Once one has cleared his or her consciousness of this, at this point then one can allow peace into them.  Once peace has become a mainstay of their thinking and action, this will reflect out into their environment, create a vortex and energy field of peace.  This will in turn affect the other energy fields in this ones environment.  In turn filling the planet with peace.  Our challenge now in this time period is that humanity as a whole is not fully aware of their spiritual existence.  Many of the people on this planet are bound by the physical realms.  Physical equals separation.  Separation equals violence.  What we as students and teachers of metaphysics have a duty to do is to work with a disciplined mind on the inner self.  A constant effort towards unraveling the real self.  Therefore ridding ourselves of our negative conditioned beliefs.  As we do this we will elevate our consciousness after that through us teaching others their consciousness will be elevated.  Then our students will teach other students.  The path to peace is evident.  Step one – Be committed to creating peace within self.  Step two – Be committed to aiding another to creating peace within self.  Step three- be aware and awake in the present moment.  The reason for that is peace is here and now.  It is within the space between the thoughts in this gap peace exists.  Truth brings peace.  In stillness truth reveals itself.  Peace is within each one of us.  Commitment, stillness, loves.  This is the ingredient for peace.

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Dream 29- DP GLiDE#: 3m087y

no dream rememberence

Today it felt easy to hold peace in mind through out the day.  It was a product of group consciousness I think.  It was easy to smile and laugh and connect with people because everyone was together for the same reason.  I was unsure how the day would turn out.  On one hand I was just glad it was finally here.  I really appreciate seeing such a variety of people doing good work in the world.

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Dream 30- DP GLiDE#: 4f082y

I was a part of a group of highly trained people that were there to aid the planet.  I was going through a complete transformation of myself and even my body was changing.  I was neither male nor female.  I was on the bed and looking at this new body, it was both mature and healthy.  I was a bit unsure of it but I liked it.  I had just gotten back from a mission and began to notice the changes.  I could feel my thoughts being different, like a whole new space had opened up in my mind.  I was looking at my hands to really notice the changes and Dr. B*female was sitting in the wood paneled room helping me with the change and there for any questions I might have.

Peace:  My first thought of peace was in the Peace Dome.  I checked to make sure all of my students had made it there to recite the Universal Peace Covenant.  I was first at peace in knowing that they were starting the day off in one of the most elevated ways possible and that my duty for the moment was done.  That experience filtered into most of day in taking care of students and possible future students, leading them toward their own inner peace and experiencing the peace of knowing I was being my duty in the world.  As the day progressed the illumination of alignment and entrainment began to be infused in me.  At the time I could not put words to it.  However, the rolling bliss and calm mind and heart were the first signs that something was different.  It became clear to me that peace is not an action, a calm body or quiet voice.  It is a state of being where I and the father are one.  The plan is in active manifestation and all are involved and welcome.  Peace is a gift we give to all the world every time we come awake to the idea or knowing that we have a duty and purpose in the world and performing it is the most fulfilling thing.

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Dream 31- DP GLiDE#: 3f054y

I was teaching my “people” I worked for.  They were mentally retarded, and I was caring for them.  I worked with the female until she realized she could think.  She became aware and intelligent.  I was at work and we were not sure when my shift was over.  It was in the kitchen at COM and I ran a register for the food.  Dr. B*female told me I did not need the register and that the teachers will hand me their money in my hand.  Amy went through the line and got a regular plate of food, though she paid me with a huge stack of money.  Then Dr. D*male came through and got a big salad.  He gave me an even bigger wad of money.  J*male went through with H*male who was holding V* young girl.  They all carried their own food and individually paid me, including V* young girl – my hands were full of money so I went out to report to my boss, who was C*male.  I gave it to him.  People singing “One Voice” at the Unity Church in downtown Louisville.  The choir director wore a tux.  A*female played the violin.  I taught J*male how to sing and reach the high note.  He did it really well.  Litle girls were dancing in a circle like ring-around-the-rosey.

There were many moments throughout the day when  I felt the present moment freeze into an eternal bliss, and my heart open.  I would feel energy dance within my body.  I felt connected to an idea, a persona or a thing and I experienced peace.  Jonathan described to me how amazing and peaceful trees are because they have no ego, yet thy continually strive to grow taller and taller.  This was the first moment where I was so centered in truth that I was moved and knew I was experiencing peace, as I stood among the trees.  I then felt humbled as Dr. B* described to me the area in journalism where I need to stretch.  I realized I must be in the present moment, not lost in it.  I fell in love with the possibilities of the greatness that I can produce eternally through this.  Then I stood in front of the people and the world today and sang “One Voice”. I had been praying and visualizing the hearts of the people open, their minds inward, and their whole selves connected to the image and meaning of “One Voice”.  This occurred, and I know it did.  My heart was up there singing.  I gave love and truth and sincerity to the people, and they received it.  It was blissful peace as everyone stood in stillness and silence when I became silent.  I stood there in stillness on the path leading out of the dome continually energized by the powerful message of peace that everyone embraced and received in them from the music.  I love them, and this heart connection is peace.

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Dream 32- DP GLiDE#: 3m027y

 Many minds connected

library- Unconscious mind, learning/information, Knowledge

rocks- will

woods, forest, park- SC existence

birds-  subconscious mind

My ideal beginning the day was to keep in mind thoughts of peace, connectedness and love.  The One Voice song at the conclusion of the opening ceremony created a full mind experience for me.  Near the end of the song just before the singers began to leave the stage area I realized that tears were beginning to roll down my face.  As I thought what the cause of such a strong feelings was I began to realize that gratitude for having this structure in my life was the first thought.  When pressed deeper it was the synergy, the connection that I felt with all present and repeated connecting moments I saw the presenter having w/ each other and the presenters having with the participants and the over all feeling of love.  I’m not sure what a “still mind experience” is but I think I may have experienced one along with many others.  With tears rolling down my face at the end of the song, other people were also wiping tears.  There was no one getting up from where I saw.  There was several seconds of no movement except to wipe tears and certainly no one was standing up as if to leave.  Gratitude, connectedness and love for the purpose of knowing them more completely in myself was/is my purpose.  I had a very special day in pursuit of this purpose.

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Dream 33- DP GLiDE#: 3m088y

B*male, L*female and I were walking in a large building to an elevator for an appointment with a psychiatrist.  As we approached the elevator, we saw a lady on a large green bouncy ball with a handle on it.  We stopped and she invited us to play with her.  We all said yes.  We bounced around and laughed and laughed.  We were bouncing in a large (20′ x 20′) square arena that had dark linoleum as the floor covering.  We went back toward the elevator and started looking at the director and said the doctor’s name.  The lady said, “That’s me” She was interacting with us to get an idea of how we were.  Then I dreamt L*female had leaned over and kissed me.  A big lingering kiss.  This woke me and it was time to wake L*female for breakfast.

I made peace with the weather.  The pace that came to me most vividly, while it was misting at about 11:30am.  I was in the parking area directing the traffic into rows and it began misting.  I was contemplating whether or not the mist was the beginning of another round of rain, but I was not attached to it either way.  If it was a sign of more rain, it was time for more rain.  If the rain didn’t come that was OK too.  The thoughts of move or not to move passed through quickly and naturally.  I was with peace.  The thoughts came but they didn’t stay.  Five minutes after I felt warmth on my head and turned to see the sun peeking through the clouds.  I was at peace.  My ideal was to radiate joy and light for this weekend.  So I stayed with my activities for my ideal.  Peace was in me then too.  The invitation always affects me deeply because each person in it chose peace in times when it wasn’t the easy choice.  That always humbles and inspires me.  Today I understood why they each made that choice.  It is because peace is the natural response we get when we choose to listen.  It is in us all.  Peace is there all we need to do is choose it.

To participate in the next experiment…


Dream 34- DP GLiDE#: 3f075y

Last night I dreamed that I was walking into a bedroom.  There was an over whelming fast food smell. L*female was in the bedroom talking about how bad it was that they were all eating fast food.  Next I was in a town trying to find direction.  I ended up in a park on a bench.  I was conducting a second round interview for Lululemon.  I asked “why Lululemon?” K*female began to answer.  Her bosses were in the interview also.  C*female and S*female were there.  I felt odd because they answered the same as the first round.

Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully.  Today will take some time to assimilate.  I felt love, joy, connectedness and fulfillment.  I found that placing my attention in the present moment allows a peaceful mind.  I allowed myself to be still and use the 5 senses to experience peace.  In the present moment there is nothing to fear or regret, there just is.  I was able to receive others with my full attention and with my heart open.  In that, I felt tremendous oneness.  I met a woman and her handicapped son.  He had severe brain damage and was learning to speak and use his motor functions.  I was directed to assist people to their cars, so I approached them.  Within a few moments the boy and I were laughing, testing the grip strength and hugging.  A year ago I would have been to ego centered to receive them.  I felt a deep love for the boy and his mother.  I was comfortable in our connection and at peace in the present moment.  I notice people all around me were having this experience.  My awareness was heightened and I soaked up the love.  Nothing could have gone wrong.  Peace is in the present moment.  Peace is receptivity.  Peace is undivided attention.  Peace begins in my thoughts.

To participate in the next experiment…


Dream 35- DP GLiDE#: 3f062y

I did not remember a dream

How did I feel about peace today?  Well today I had stillness as a goal and was very aware of how stillness fosters peace.  However to be honest I was fighting for stillness and peace.  I continually centered and recentered my self in quieting myself.  I felt quite emotional however.  I don’t know if it was 2 days with about 7 hours of sleep or the astounding number of blistering chigger bites.  I just know that while I had great awareness and desire for stillness, I was “hanging on” today.  I talked with another student (my class mate), I didn’t discuss myself at first, I just asked her how her day went and she start to talk and surprisingly, she also had a similar experience.  We wondered if it may be in our lessons as we are progressing, we are at a level of infancy which is causing unusual feelings of uncertainty and second guessing.  I did reflect on the peace covenant at least two lines of it and I put it in my introduction.  The lives were about enlightened service for our fellow man and bring peace to the one serving and the one receiving.  Also the lines about peace and tranquility are obstructed by those situations where the individuals work clearly toward a common goal for the good of the whole.  The gentleman I was introducing seemed to embody those principles.  Stillness in the present moment requires great discipline when one’s emotions kick in.  Yes the thoughts are first in but still I need to go from the emotion to the causal thought.  I think there are some core identity things occurring.  I’m discerning that I am not necessarily the way I have viewed myself.  I am trying to bring this all into the light.  So I am working to be peaceful in the process.  Looking at everyone today seemed very happy and full of love.  In fact, I thought my fellow classmate was having that type of experience and disconnected it was not a consistent still, but a goal/intention.

To participate in the next experiment…


Dream 36- DP GLiDE#: 3f034y

Dream 1 – I’ve just arrived home from National teacher’s meeting/Living Peacefully event at the College of Metaphysics.  There is a great desire to spend time with J*male son.  I’ve missed him so much and want to bond with him.  He’s growing up so much, so fast.  I go outside and everything is white, bright white.  He’s behind the house in a large field swinging on a swing.  Many of his friends are scattered around the large playground.  While J*male son is reluctant, he comes with me to the house.  He’s pretty annoyed and slightly put out that I am making him spend time with me.  We end up in his room.  He tries to lie down on his top bunk.  “Jake, come on.” We go to my room and lay down on my bed and I start reading kids stories to him.  At one point I am not sure I am wearing my shirt or not.  I look down I am not. 

Dream -2 College.  We’ve ended the peace event and I ‘m needing the help of the college students and they just don’t care to direct their energies to me as they are on a mission to go to the woods.  Upon awakening, I’m singing a few lyrics about “psychedelic psycho”?

The ways in which I thought about peace today were primarily in regards to the group of students that were an active part of the “concessions” area.  Each one of the 8 (plus my daughter C* was very attentive and caring.  We focused on ideal and purpose and goals on a personal level and I held in mind the ideal and purpose and activity of the SOM, with an extra bit of love and acceptance added in.  Inner peace being an ingredient in the mix was automatic.  Being attentive to various people that perhaps needed a gentle reminder of why the experiences of the day was occurring helped to keep me centered in maintaining and elevating my personal vision of peace.  Sharing my light, honoring connectedness and living as an example helped many stay in alignment w/ the true self and God.  Perhaps one of the most influential moments was when Dr. Barbara came out to our area and taught us an even more connected way to help everyone.  Adding prana in assisting with strong desire for sun was fun, mindful, expansive and way our group stayed strong- a beautiful thread in the tapestry of the “Living Peaceably by thinking peacefully” Pre-parliament event.  I also loved the singing of One Voice.  It is such an honor to be a part of such a harmonious whole.  Thank you.

To participate in the next experiment…


Dream 37- DP GLiDE#: 3f057y

no dream rememberence

My thought for peace was connectedness.  This was my purpose.  My goal was to make 5 new connections with others.  I did that with the speakers sharing what I knew about indigo children with L*female, the sheer joy of connecting with Melanie Rudolph of laughter yoga.  Connecting with Grandmother Silverstar on peace within us.  The desire for connectedness brought about a connection with Babek and Judy and Rich from Kirkwood.  It was also connecting with old friends like J* and A*.  I know that connectedness starts within.  The day was great!  Will Bowen was dynamic as a speaker, his story about Oprah and his analogy of GRIPE really registered.  I loved the blessing that Grandmother Silver star did and the connecting with the earth.  The One Voice song was very touching.  The healing wall with the children touching the continents and releasing, as they were ready was also very touching.  I enjoyed watching the children paint.  The energy under the trees was so amazing.  The invitation was very powerful.  It was a great day!

To participate in the next experiment…


Dream 38- DP GLiDE#: 2m072y

I was placing a metal disk on a rock

I was immersed in peace all day.  I noticed that the experience of peace is different for different people.  I noticed it in some people talking, some people listening, some people spending time connecting with people, some people spending time with themselves and nature.  I saw peace in laughter.  I saw peace in silence.  I observed every person who walked the labyrinth come out in a calm and peaceful state, regardless of the fact that they all went in at different speeds and with different intentions.  I observed a great deal of gratitude in others which I think added to the level of peace throughout the college campus.  Everything I was observing in others, I was in reality observing in myself.  There was a strong connection and friendship amongst all the SOM teachers and with all the guests.  The feeling and ideal of peace everyone effortlessly flowed throughout the day.  It was a beautiful experience seeing all the students and teachers unified in a cooperative effort to provide support and fulfill whatever needs arose.  Peace is alive, still, changing, growing, complete.

To participate in the next experiment…


Hole Through The Cosmos…

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]HOLE THROUGH THE COSMOS…MANIFESTING EVANESCENT ENLIGHTENMENTDS  2422

Dream Date: 6/21/2011Female, 28, California UNITED STATES

I’m back in the bedroom-classroom from my previous dream. I see the papers from my notebook on the floor and I am trying to read the paper so I remember what it said. It said, “I have love issues.” I was flipping through the papers, but what was on them kept changing. At some point it’s a page from Curious George and I can see the picture of the monkey. Then it’s these kindergarten/first grade dittos. I kept trying to find the paper again so I wouldn’t forget the phrase, but I can’t so I just repeat it to myself over and over again. I want to remember when I wake up. Then I abruptly stop myself b/c I don’t want to manifest this “love issue” idea and I realize that in a dream my words/intentions are more powerful. Also, I know that these are old writings/thoughts and I don’t want it to become a part of my subconscious again. I scoop up all the papers.

I walk out the French Doors and I recognize again that I am dreaming. There’s no one outside. It’s a bright, beautiful day.  I am in front of the school on the street. There is a park across the street. I decide to try to manifest something in my dream. I think about a pile of money, but then that gets me thinking about manifesting money in real life. So I say out loud to the world, “I am 110% financially free!” (One of my daily affirmations.)  Then I think now what? I decide to try and experience enlightenment. I look up at the sky and think about it. The sky is blue and bright. Suddenly a black dot appears and it gets bigger. The sky is opening up and I can see the universe. It looks like the pictures the space telescopes send back to earth. It’s amazing and beautiful. I hear a choir singing. It’s so beautiful, but so intense. I know that if I keep letting the hole get bigger I will reach enlightenment. But I get scared and the hole quickly closes up and the music stops. I am flabbergasted.

I see a car parked now on the street and T* (female) and K* (female) are in the car. I run up to them excited and see A* (female) walking across the street. I call out to her as I get to the car. I excitedly tell them how I just saw/experienced enlightenment and how amazing it was. T* seems uninterested, but K* asks me about it. I tell her it was scary, and she’s like “I would’ve kept going.” I’m like “yeah that’s what you say until you experience it.”

Then I tell them I’m gonna see if I can do it again. I go back to the middle of the street, but I start waking up. To bring myself back I look at my hand and the skin on my hand is golden, sun-kissed color. I think how nice my hand looks.  I’m back in the dream fully again.  I say another of my affirmations then think about enlightenment. I look at the sky and the hole starts opening again. A* is right next to me. I can hear the choir singing again and I ask her can you see it?!  I don’t know if she answers, but I know she can see it. Then I freaked out again and the hole closed up again and the music stopped. I woke up.

Female, 28, California UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Room: indicates a particular part or activity of mind (bedroom-assimilation, classroom-place of learning)

Papers/notebook:  means of communication

Curious George: compulsive use of imagination

Monkey:  habit

Doors: symbolizes access to places in mind

School:  place of learning

Street:  path in dreamer’s life

Park: subconscious existence

Sky: superconscious existence

Black: need for awareness

Choir: aspects of self in harmony

Car:  physical body

Female friends:  familiar conscious aspects of the dreamer

Hand:  purpose

Fear: indicates what is unidentified and unknown

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Dreams are valuable because they always show the dreamer exactly where he or she is in consciousness. Receiving the message of any dream is an art, based in the science of interpreting images accurately.  Herein lies a clue to the dream voted for interpretation this week.

Upon first read this dream is indeed fascinating, even dramatic.  Studying the dream, however, reveals that there is more thinking than actual images here.  On one level this indicates that our dreamer has a lot of thoughtsabout love, money and enlightenment.  She even says she practices affirmations—the repetition of a positive statement that the thinker wishes to achieve.  Affirming what you want mentally, emotionally or physically does work, owing to the power of Universal Law.  Consider, however, that there is reason that our thoughts do not manifest instantly.  The time that passes between a thought when it is generated and when it actually comes into being exists according to the individual’s need for learning.  In other words, you have to be ready to receive what you think you want in order to receive it.  Note our dreamer’s reaction in the dream when enlightenment looms up before her—she is fearful or in her own words at the end, “Then I freaked out…”.  Fear presides when something is unknown.  This dreamer has obviously given thought to her beliefs regarding enlightenment.  The dream is telling her that she is not ready for it yet, which is probably not a new thought for her.  The question then ariseswhat needs to occur in order for her to receive what she wants? This includes the financial freedom she mentions as well.

Let’s look at the first message this dream conveys.  Our dreamer is realizing that things are not what they seem to be and this causes confusion initially (I was flipping through the papers, but what was on them kept changing).  There is a dawning awareness that she is really in beginning stages, perhaps even naïve (then it’s these kindergarten/first grade dittos), about her learning regarding love.  The one paper in the dream that is easily identifiable has Curious George on it—symbolizing her imagination as well as compulsions regarding love. Again, note how many thoughts she has in this part of the dream.  She has thoughts about the papers, the message, repeating it to herself, and then questioning the impact of thinking these things in a dream.  She is even fearful of this attitude slipping into her unconscious mind again. **  This line of thinking is likely what she follows in her waking life.  Once again, we reiterate that the dream shows more conscious, brain activity than whole mind experience.

The women at the end of the dream symbolize conscious aspects of our dreamer.  She can identify the aspects by describing each friend in one or two words as if she was talking to someone who did not know them.  Once this is done she will be more aware of the part of her that is uninterested T*, the part that wants to keep going K*and the part that she draws on for support A*.

** Note for clarification.  At we differentiate between subconscious and unconscious. Subconscious is the inner partner to the conscious mind the where the soul resides.  Unconscious is the state of being unaware.  Inattentiveness promotes unconsciousness in the waking life.  Attitudes that are unconscious affect thought-energy as it manifests.  This is why things don’t always turn out the way you might want them too!   

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Enlightenment is a big ideal to hold and we commend our dreamer for striving for greater awareness and freedom in her life.  Financial freedom is a good step to take toward full awareness.  In general humanity it still very young when it comes to understanding Mind.  People are often taken with the results of things like affirmations, imaging and positive thinking because it shows that the Mind does work.  However, how Mind works remains lacking for most people.  This is the great teaching that has been available only to initiates in the past.  Today a great deal of information is readily available through books or the Internet.  It remains true now, as has always been, that a teacher is needed to guide one through the steps of Self Awareness.  Bringing light into all levels of consciousness requires discipline, devotion and instruction.  There is no fear when these steps are understood.

Our dreamer says that she meditates daily.  We encourage her to add a concentration exercise to her practice and recommend the booklet Concentration as an excellent source for specific guidelines.  Her next step is to discern the difference between Mind and conscious brain oriented thinking.

We also highly recommend the one-year Correspondence studyoffered by the School of Metaphysics.  The 12 lessons offered in this course lay a foundation for anyone who wants to understand Mind and Self more completely.  It is worthy to note that the School of Metaphysics teaches lucid dreaming (waking up in a dream like our dreamer does) in the advanced lessons after a student has some command of the Universal Language of Mind™.  Realize that when you consciously change a dream you are setting things into motion that will affect your waking life.  It is far more important to receive a dream, because it is a message from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind about the dreamer’s state of conscious awareness.  Changing a dream, or playing around just because you can, actually becomes a distraction from the soul communication that occurs in these nightly sojourns.  Note that the fear in this dream came after the dreamer began to change what was happening in her dream.  This is a healthy fear that is worth heeding—she has more to learn before changing things in the dreamstate.

One last thought.  Studying the dreams that followed this one will be helpful to our dreamer.  The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron is the best source for interpreting dream images in the Universal Language of Mind™ and it has an easy reference section for basic understanding of any dream.

Dreams of the SoulThe book we recommend is Dreams of the Soul by Dr. Daniel Condron

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Lakewood – East Dallas Advocate


The folks at the Dallas School of Metaphysics talk with us about their series that aims to help participants interpret their dreams in order to get a grip on their waking life. April 2010.

Radio Friends with Paul Pepper

Today’s guest is WALTER HRYCAJ with the School of Metaphysics. Walter is the director, but also a teacher and a student of the school.

An Amazing Benefit to Dream Incubation

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]An Amazing Benefit to Dream Incubation

by Dr. Barbara Condron

Recently, while preparing for the IASD conference, two important realities every student of metaphysics should know came to light and I want to share them with you.  The first comes from the research that went into “EMOTIONS in DREAMS”, an exploration of the power of fear to transform a dreamer’s consciousness.
When was launched in 1998, the door was open to dreamers worldwide.  Since then, thousands of dreamers, from 39 countries, have emailed records of their dreams for study.  In 2007, a team of researchers at the College of Metaphysics – a branch of SOM – began cataloging the information received into a body of scientific knowledge that will enhance dream awareness around the world.
These GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENTs hold great promise in taking anthropology and sociology to new levels.  Like a freeze frame in a movie, these experiments are capturing the consciousness of many at a particular moment in time while, with its daily dream submissions, functions as the movie.
In 2008, researchers noted a significant rise in the number of nightmares reported to  This coincided with the rise of daily media headlines broadcasting fear of economic collapse in the U.S. and abroad.  Mass media, functioning as our planet’s nervous system, told people they had reason to fear, many believed this and it was reflected in the number of nightmares reported.

  • Of 1000 dreams reported to from February 2008 to June 2009, 52% were nightmares.  This represents an unprecedented shift in the 11-year history of the website.
  • Of the dreamers reporting in, 81% were female, and of their dreams 52% were nightmares.
  • 47%  of the dreams reported by males were nightmares.

Women may share their dreams more often, yet when it comes to nightmares, the numbers balance significantly.
When you read 1000 dreams, universal truths begin to surface.  When 500 of those dreams are nightmares, patterns emerge.  These patterns come to light in the content of the dreams.
The nightmares in the 1000 Dream Study fell into four significant categories:
The unknown …. dreams of being chased, or of being in a place the dreamer has never been, with people she does not recognize.  Nightmares remembered from childhood can be attributed to the waking mind’s inability to identify the people and places in the dream   (childhood nightmares) (face dream)
•Death  …. dreams involving a threat to life, torture, killing (airline crash)

•Infidelity    dreams of betrayal between friends and loved ones

•Stealing …..dreams of being taken from or losing something valuable, kidnapping, being out of control, losing freedom, or simply disappearing altogether.

Based upon this means of interpretation, the four common nightmare themes can serve to awaken the consciousness of the dreamer.  Dreams of being chased by unknown forces symbolize the dreamer’s need to face what motivates him.  Death in a dream symbolizes change.  Infidelity represents a need to align thoughts and actions, following through on commitments made.  Losing something in a dream indicates a need for the dreamer to master the mind’s attention.
When the language of the dream is understood, communication can take place.  Where communication exists, fear subsides.  What was unknown becomes known.
Now comes the second point.  In researching the April 2009 GLiDE dreams incubating opportunities in the current economy, an outstanding reality came to light.  Out of the almost 500 dreams reported by 212 dreamers over the three-trial study, NO NIGHTMARES were reported.  This is in striking contrast to the 52% nightmare statistic from the 1000 dreams over the previous 16 months.
Since 43% of those participating in the April GLiDE were enrolled SOM students, a reasonable connection can be made to and for the benefits of mental discipline which frees the mind from fear of the unknown and opens the door to the joy of Self discovery.•


Does Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully?

admin-ajax (36) The Universal Peace Covenant, a document of great importance, states that “Living Peaceably begin by Thinking Peacefully”.  This brings the idea of lucid dreaming – being consciously aware of what you are thinking in the day and in the night – alive.  What came to be called the “Peace GLiDE” revealed the impact that walking the walk and talking the talk has.  Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, GliDE director, reports: On September 6, 2009, I witnessed a unique opportunity to explore the human potential for dreaming peace – in the day and the night. This 3-step experiment included 100 people from four countries and fourteen states in the United States.


  • STEP ONE: The experiment began when participants awoke on Saturday,September 5th. They were instructed to concentrate on the thought of PEACE throughout the day. Each participant defined his or her own perimeters. No limitations were set by researchers. At the end of the day, participants journaled their thoughts and experiences from the day.

  • STEP TWO: Instructions for dream incubation focused on meditation andvisualization. Dreamers prepared for sleep in their usual fashion. Then, participants incubated the following thought: “Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully” by handwriting the words 100 times. Following this, participants were asked to draw a picture of this thought. Then, participants were instructed to go to sleep.

  • STEP THREE: Recording/submission of dreams 09.06.2009 along with dreamer’s comments and/or interpretation of their dream experience.

    While a quarter of the 100 dreamers participated from their homes, most were attending a National Teachers Conference at the College of Metaphysics in Missouri. This added the element of group experience to the experiment. To examine how thinking about peace during the day impacts the following night’s dreams, we extracted data collected from 38% of the participants. These dreamers completed all three required steps. The following dreams, images, and stream of consciousness journal entries were part of the documentation from this group of dreamers who followed all protocols for this experiment.  These 38 were students and teachers from the School of Metaphysics. School of Metaphysics study includes a graduated and ever-deepening series of Tesla-like “mental operations” for developing concentration, meditation, and visualization skill. These are practiced daily by each student for the development and realization of the Self. SOM students log, study, interpret, and respond to their dreams daily. On September 6th, 29 of the 38 remembered a dream. That’s a 76% recall compared with 15% recall for the nonstudent participants. Of the remaining 62 dreamers who fulfilled partial experiment requirements, 9 remembered dreams. Dreaming Peace image These and other findings are included in a paper called “The Peace Freq:  How Lucid Dreaming may be a Key to a More Peaceful World” that Barbara is presenting at the International Association of Dreams 2016 Psiberdreaming Conference.  The paper, which includes the complete findings, will be posted here November 1st.



[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

First Report: GLiDE #1 04.29.07
Type: Lucid
Subject: Universal Mind
Objective for this Study:  to establish a baseline for lucid dreaming realities amongst a widespread and diverse group of dreamers.

The premise of this experiment is that lucid dreaming is a universal experience for homo sapiens. The experiment enables a forum to prove that lucid dreaming occurs around the world across cultures, religions, races, ages, and nationalities.

Who: People of all ages

When: Sunday, April 29, 2007 6-9 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time

Where: Across the globe

What: Lucid Dreaming

How: Entering the sleep state and awakening into a dream during the designated three-hour period.

Why: To further humanity’s awareness of common Mind experiences and stimulate dialogue and further research and development into humankind’s super-normal potential

Researchers at the College of Metaphysics in Missouri include Project Coordinator Barbara Condron, Teresa Martin, Daniel Condron, Christine Madar, Kimberlee Otto, Karen Mosby, Tad Messenger, Laurie Biswell, Megan Lytle, Natalie Axberg, Aisha Causey and members of the staff. This project is sponsored by the School of Metaphysics, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 educational institute of higher learning with branches in the United States and a worldwide membership. The experiment is open to all people on the planet. There is no cost for participation.

Level Four Lucid Dreamers

Our dreaming participants are divided into four levels according to the frequency and lucidity of their dreams. Participants who identified themselves at Level 4 are those who frequency experience awareness that they are in the dreamstate.

For the purposes of this experiment:

Lucid dreaming is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming.

Four Dream Levels  were identified for participants: Infrequent, Occasional, Frequent, Lucid. Dreamers rated themselves going into the experiment. Results: 5% Level I, 18% Level 2, 57% Level 3, 17% Level 4, indicating that most people participating are sincere dreamers who seek to remember their dreams, and do!

These participants were emailed special instructions on Saturday, April 28, the day before the experiment time. These instructions were designed to aid dreamers in cataloguing their experiences through synesthesia. Synesthesia is a term describing the heightened ability to draw upon the senses for extra-sensory perception. It is a function of undivided attention. The results in some cases were remarkable (see below INTENTIONAL DREAMING: COMING TOGETHER IN DREAM SPACE

In our first experiment Level Four dreamers were asked to identify elements of their dream experience. Of the two dozen Level Four participants, 100% recalled one or more dreams with half of these reporting lucid dreams.

Of those experiencing lucid dreams, 70% recognized these as dream experiences and 30% reported inner level experiences in the dreamstate. Dream experiences are induced by subconscious mind and observed by the conscious mind. Inner level experiences occur in subconscious mind under the direction of the conscious mind. The distinction is similar to the difference between watching a movie and creating one. Watching a movie is similar to “having” a dream that is consciously remembered. Creating a movie is similar to writing, filming, editing, and producing what you consciously imagine. Those reporting inner level experiences in the dreamstate revolved around an intentional dreaming suggestion in the special instructions.


How space was created for Level 4 Dreamers to Congregate

The Peace Dome was lovingly prepared several hours before the experiment began at 5 am local time. The dome resides on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in the countryside bordering on the Ozark Mountains. To the east is an orchard of over 100 trees. To the north and west hills fall into ravines that then rise again to wooded hillsides. To the south is pasture and the main campus building.

The Peace Dome consists of two levels. The lower level contains a main circular room whose focal point is the eight-foot in diameter tile mosaic, which has been in the making since dedication day October 11, 2003. The mosaic is opened for the experiment. Dozens of framed peace proclamations from mayors, governors and heads of state line the surrounding walls. A potted holy basil plant is placed in the foyer and its pungent aroma fills the air. The Lucid Dreaming CD produced by SOM plays softly in the background.

In the upper chamber of the Peace Dome, small 5′ x 4″ flags of all the nations on the planet are arranged in two concentric circles surrounding a globe of Earth which is placed in the exact center of the dome. Two rows of eight-foot-long, red cushions lie on the ecru carpet. They mark the four elemental points of east, south, west, north. The day is bright and sunny, allowing the chamber to be flooded with light.

During the duration of the experiment, College of Metaphysics Director Daniel R. Condron is present in the Peace Dome where he often leads group meditations and teaches his innovative classes on the Still Mind. He is the only active influence physically present in the dome the morning of April 29, 2007.

This describes the scene visited by those subconsciously projecting to the Peace Dome during the first Global Lucid Dreaming Experiment.

One Level 4 Dreamer’s Experience
DREAMER: Male 59, teacher/geologist, single

Level 4


I awoke in the dream at 6:00 A.M. (EST). There were loud voices, like a conflict. There was water cascading upward. From the water emerged a distinct shape, like the Chevrolet symbol with four protruding sharp forms from the center. It was light blue and white, hard and smooth. I arose from this lucid dream, wrote it down, went to the bathroom and went back to bed and the Experiment, focusing on the symbol. 

Then, in the dream state again, I cooked and ate some delicious pork steak. I could hear it sizzle as I was turning it over in the skillet and I could taste it.

Later, about 7:30 A.M. (EST), I received another dream of the upper chamber of the Peace Dome. I saw trees that were on a white paper or card board. They were green and were symmetrical all around a central object of the world. There were two rows of the trees forming two circles around the world. Every tree was the same shape. As I observed it in the dream state, it reminded me of a picture of people holding hands around the world. Then I awoke from the dream state.


This was a lucid dream. I was awake, noting each thing that occurred, observing it, having thoughts about it, and noting the details. I was able to move my attention as desired to different parts of the dream. For example: at one point I placed extra attention on the taste of the steak, noting the amount of salt and pepper that I tasted, and the aroma of the steak in my mouth.

What I realized later, in my waking hours was that in the first part of the dream, I experienced the emotions of anxiety and excitement of all the people who were making their way to the Peace Dome in their dream state. The image of the Chevrolet symbol emerging from the cascading waters was the energy of the mandala, which was exposed in the lower level of the dome. The trees in the second level represent subconscious existence in Universal Language of Mind. The world represents the whole Self. When I looked with my physical eyes the configuration in the upper part of the Peace Dome was actually flags from different countries all over the world, laid out in two circles around a central globe of the world. Food represents knowledge in the Universal Language of Mind. So, the part of the dream with the steak represented my preparation and receiving of knowledge.


Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

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Lunar Eclipse Dreams Focus on Familiar People and Food

First Report: GLiDE #2 01.09-03.08
Moon’s Effect
Objective of Study: What effect do Moon phases have on the dreams of the Homo sapiens?

First published March 2008

Lunar Eclipse Dreams focus on Familiar People and Food

One of the first ways we look at our moon dreams is for general content and state as we reported on the Solar eclipse dreams last month. At first glance, the Lunar eclipse dreams demonstrate no sizable increase or decrease in lucidity, however there is a marked increase in content. At least half the remembered dreams involved some thing: FOOD! Restaurants, kitchens, or eating found its way into our dreams.

From a “first a hypnogogic image of shrimp & rice, then a dream of drinking rum with a Puerto Rican friend in Old San Juan” to what to do with left over food, in the Universal Language of Mind our dreams reflected learning. Just look at this list:

A dinner party featuring two long tables with a feast.
A cafeteria at work
Broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole
Preparing recipes
Health food vendors
A dream in a grocery store
Wedding reception

Dream kitchens appeared in several dreams including this one:

This house had some unusual characteristics. For example, the kitchen counters appeared to be “home made” with layers of plywood on top of one another with a fanned out design and a cut out for some (ugly) grey / white / peach marble inset….with some sort of seal to adhere it together. I was feeling it and touching it and thinking how unusual and “cheap” it was. I also thought that one should never use marble in a kitchen….one should use real stone, like granite.

Then there was the dream about three refrigerators that sounds like a vaudeville joke. The dreamer opens all of them and asked her mom why there are 7 sets of bananas, all rotting! This dreamer is recognizing that knowledge, at one time helpful to her in knowing her purpose in life, has outlived its usefulness. Perhaps it is time for this dreamer to explore new sources of knowledge for spiritual sustenance and growth.

PT’s (Female) dream reflects many of the symbols found in this experiment’s dreams. Perhaps decoding her dream will give you insight into yours.

Here are my dreams from February 20th. I kept replaying them over so I could remember when I woke up.

I am in a kitchen making cupcakes. I am wanting to be very clear and remember everything. The colors are very bright and vivid.

I am in a classroom with some friends from high school. It is our senior year and we have some classes to finish up. I am collecting money for something… I am waiting for people to pay me. I tell a younger girl that if she doesn’t pay me I won’t be able to eat the next day. The boy sitting next to me – someone I know but can’t recall his name- pulls a big wad of bills out of his pocket and puts them on the table. He owes me $30 but I am counting out a lot more. He says to keep it. I am surprised and grateful. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him.

I am in a different kitchen cleaning up. It has an old fashioned sink and drain board. Some of my small green hand towels are there – wet and wadded up. I am going to take them home. I am putting old flowers in the trash. I am thinking about the money and thanking the Universe while congratulating myself for staying in trust.

Replaying a dream is an effective way to enhance dream recall. It pulls the dream action out of subconscious mind into conscious mind short-term memory. Many dreams are lost because the attention is divided or weakened and details slip away. Strengthening conscious will increases the ability for conscious-subconscious communication and rapport.

This dreamer’s intention to learn makes itself evident as the dream action occurs in the kitchen and involves food, appealing if not nutritive. Why the knowledge she has been investing in is pleasing to the senses more than to the mind becomes clear as the dream progresses. The dreamer is seeing self-value through hindsight. Some past experiences are now seen as worth more than they did at the time, like a child who, in time, grows to appreciate the parents or teachers who insisted he learn how to read when he’d rather play. This dreamer has a newfound appreciation for previous experiences, which enables her to receive present knowledge in a new light.

Kitchens were not the only rooms appearing in our dreams, bathrooms, showers, and bathing repeatedly appeared during the Lunar eclipse dreams.

Next I looked at a bathroom, and the shower was standing independently in the center of the room, with yellow gold, curved or rounded glass walls. I thought it looked fairly ornate, and very eclectic.

These dreams indicate a way to release what is no longer needed or wanted. For instance, as we forgive, forget, move on in our daily lives we are letting go of thoughts, emotions, even physical possessions that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

Music, headphones, and the dream that ended with a rendition of “Blinded by the Light”! One dream featured a play which signified the end of a marriage, a kind of ”Divorce: The Musical”. TJ reports the following:

When I awake I remember a little song was going in my head. Not any kind of familiar song though. My sister had called the night before and was upset about a school situation that she was having with her children. She asked me to meditate on this for her, which I did. I also set and intention that I would get some information in my dream. When I woke a little ditty was going in my head that when I asked for direction with knowing what the song was I got. “Winterberry’s time’s at an end” Winterberry is the name of the school that he attends. I will try to get to a keyboard and figure out the notes and timing, if that is of interest to you. But that was it, just the song that was going in my head when I woke up.

Absolutely we are interested in your dream-song! Dreams have long served the purpose of stimulating creativity. The entire poem Kublai Khan came to Coleridge in a dream and would have been many stanzas longer had he not answered a salesman’s knock at the door!

As a symbol, music in a dream indicates harmony – the presence of balance in thought or action, conscious or subconscious, created or enjoyed, depending upon who or what is producing the music in the dream.

Lunar eclipse dreams occurred mostly in houses indicating they were centered in the dreamer’s mind. This would be in keeping with the knowledge themes this go round. Isolated locales included a hotel, a theater, a prom, a party, a department store, a mall, NYC, and a couple forests.

Outstanding in these dreams were the people. We dreamt about those familiar to us: friends and family members by 4-1. This once again supports the nature of these dreams as self-reflective. Another dimension to this is added by the knew-them-then factor which appeared in many dreams. Old friends, classmates, spouses, appeared in our dreams, even to the old family photos. One woman dreamed of the mother of her brother’s childhood friend!

High school attractions from 10th grade, a teacher from 2nd grade, and twin stepsisters and a girlfriend (who are all Geminis, the dreamer notes) appeared in Lunar eclipse dreams. As the Sun, Moon and Earth came into alignment, so did our consciousness!

Increasing dream clarity

Researchers at the School of Metaphysics have long recognized the affects on consciousness of drugs – whether recreational or allopathic. Due to the chemical affects on the body, brain, nervous system, and endocrine systems, drugs alter the function of conscious attention, recall, and image skills. They also disturb electrical balances and chakra systems. This is why study at the SOM requires one to be drug-free.

One of the most enduring research areas has been the affect of drugs upon dreaming. Repeatedly, in test after test, drugs have proven to be a major disrupter of both dream and sleep cycles. The lists of side affects attached to any drug can, in almost every instance, include interference in conscious reasoning and intuitive function.

The effect of drugs is being reported in these experiments as well. One male dreamer (marc) writes: “I did dream that night and the dreams were quite vivid….. I have recently stopped a medication that was potentially blocking my ability to remember the night’s dreams so this may have contributed to my sense of dream clarity.”

Clarity does not always lead to lucidity, but it can. The following dreamer’s account describes how.

I had a dream and it was a very vivid dream with sounds, smells, taste, and feelings.

I was in a state of bliss and I woke up feeling as though I had been in heaven. I was in a king size bed, with soft down comforters and fluffy pillows. Off to the side of the bedroom was a small veranda with lawn chairs where you could look at the sky or just gaze off in the morning. I smelled flowers lilacs and bacon cooking.

There was a bathroom I walked in and the aroma of lavender was present, there was a huge tub of bubbly bath drawn. It was so warm and relaxing as I stepped in, there were huge bathrobes soft fluffy and so pretty. There was a shower as well.

After my bath I went to the closet and there was this walk in closet with all new clothes and when I tried them on they fit perfectly as if they were tailored made just for me. I kept thinking this is a dream and someone needs to pinch me to wake me up.

As I stepped out into the hall, I saw built in bookcases in the wall. I passed the living room and there was a fireplace, and two large recliners and a couch. It was decorated with family pictures and was very warm homey like. I entered the kitchen with an island with stools in the middle a small veranda with dinette set and a patio off to the side. It was so relaxing and inviting, Breakfast was served to me but I woke up before I could see who served me.

When one pursues this type of detail in memory, the attention and will power are strengthened. At first this leads to better recall. In time, it produces the ability to sustain concentration enabling the dreamer to gain lucidity during the dream. The dreamer holds his/her conscious mind’s attention steady while the dream action, under the direction of the dreamer’s subconscious mind, proceeds unimpeded. The steadiness of attention is the key element in disciplining the consciousness for dream lucidity and total recall.

Unconscious Choices in the Dreamstate

Dreams offer many experiences foreign to our waking state. Helen Keller wrote eloquently about her dream experiences. Although her physical eyes were useless, her mental perception – her dream-eyes saw many things. In similar fashion, many have experienced lifting off the ground, taking flight, something they have never experienced in their waking life. Yet, in our dream worlds the deaf can hear, the ugly become beautiful, princes become paupers. Experiences like these point to the limitless possibilities open to us in the inner levels of consciousness.

Sometimes we do not easily embrace these nighttime scenarios. Far from our conscious way of thinking, we can resist even remembering our dreamtime stories. A peace activist finds himself a military officer in the throes of battle; a man gives birth to a baby while a woman’s husband turns into a little girl mourning the loss of a puppy. Things that we would not allow consciously enter our dreams, sometimes without our permission.

During phase two of these experiments, one woman dreamed of stealing her daughter’s cocaine. This dreamer reports that neither she nor her daughter take drugs, yet they entered into her dreamstate. Another dreamer, dreams of moving from London to New Jersey. She reports she has recently moved to New Jersey – from California, not London where, she adds, she has never even been. Another dreamer talks with her grandfather who has been dead for years, while another fishes with a grandfather he never knew in waking life. Sometimes we have experiences in dreamstates that we would never have in our waking states.


One of our participants writes:

Dear Dream School

I did dream that night and the dreams were quite vivid, however I did not write them down. The reason for this is that the dreams (more than one) involved my voluntary infidelity to my girlfriend. She likes to read my dream journal and this would not go down well. I was on a trip at the time and in a different country from her, and although being unfaithful is not a conscious choice, nor would be, it would have been an option if I were so inclined.

I am not this type of person and was actually almost ashamed or embarrassed of my dream actions… good thing they were not lucid…!

If you can provide any feed back about unconscious decision making in dreams that does not mirror the person’s conscious decision-making or morals, I would be interested.

Thank you. I hope that is of some help.


What is operating can also be seen in the other dreams cited here.  Several factors will help put these dreams into perspective.

First, realize that for most people dreaming is a passive activity.  They are unconscious to the point of not even remembering dream experiences and when they are recalled it is solely from memory.  This indicates the dream activity is not conscious. In M’s case, he did not make a conscious choice to partner with someone other than his girlfriend.

Often when describing what is at work here, I use the old (and faulty, by the way) example of the reported psychoanalytical approach to interpreting dreams of wanting to kill your mother as a deep-seated unconscious desire to do so. It is this kind of thinking that promotes M’s shame and embarrassment. Although dream sexuality can result from someone’s daytime fantasies, since the subconscious mind uses the images of our daily life to convey its messages, this is not always the case. M is the definitive authority on his own thoughts, waking or asleep.

Second, realize that dream messages are symbolic rather than literal.  Dreams of sexual activity between a man and woman indicate conscious and subconscious action upon a desire.  This dreamer’s subconscious mind chooses “another” woman because she represents what the inner mind wants to convey.  The dreamer’s girlfriend signifies a different aspect of himself. Were she to appear in his dream, the message would be changed.

These types of dreams offer us opportunities to clarify our beliefs, as it is stimulating this dreamer to do. When he becomes secure in his choices, he will be freer to record his dreams because he will separate his waking thought from his subconscious, dream thought.

Then there are dreamers like Steve, who writes

“Neither dream was lucid, just sum strange dreams with trains and disasters in them. Can’t think of any reason in my conscious world that would make me dream of train crashes and nazis and dogs. ? Lol”

Here’s his full dream account with our possible answer to his question.

Had 2 dreams one before I woke up at 4am then another before I woke up at 9am .

The first one it was sunny daytime maybe summer and I was in the countryside with people and dogs and there was a guy with an off-road motorbike and we were all on a path away from the towns or cities and we were all heading in the same direction all heading home or to sum kind of safety then we got to a train and we all boarded the train then I was at the back of the train with the door open leaning against the railing in the sun as we traveled and other people were just relaxing and the dogs were running about and then there was men with guns in the train point at us all and they wanted me to come back inside then there was a flood and the train was turned on its side I grabbed on the side of the train as it turned an climbed onto the roof and all the country was flooded and I was the only one left. I walked about for days an then I found another survivor an older guy in a dark dirty trench coat sitting on a log by a make shift camp in a field with a fire an he had a dog and I was a little afraid of him and we played cards and talked an he won an then before I went on my way he gave me a little tin an I opened it and inside was sum Nazi things made out of metal an a picture of a Nazi girlfriend an I was amazed that he had something of the girl cause she was high up in the Nazis. Then I went on my way and I woke up.

The second dream I watched like a movie style dream from outside the dream as two boys at a railway side by a bridge put there bmx bike on the track standing up then lay in the grass as the train came to see it destroy the bike but instead the bike was crushed under the train and derailed the train and it was beside a bridge and the train crashed into the bridge and was wrecked and the driver was out on the ground screaming in agony and the 2 boys ran away in fright. Later the police were there and sum people had witnessed it from the bridge a little.

A first step that aids in receiving the import of dream activity is to separate the dream from waking, rational thinking. The inner, subconscious thinking is distinctly different from outer, conscious thinking. Inner thinking is characterized by intuition. Outer thinking is the home for reasoning. Inner thinking is recreative. Outer thinking is procreative. Inner thinking is closer to the Source/spirit/divinity. Outer thinking is closer to the material/sensual/physical. Each has their function to perform and a duty and purpose to fulfill.

When this is considered, we realize there is often no sense or reason why disjointed and foreign people, places, and things appear in our dreams. Hitler appeared in one person’s Lunar eclipse dream while Barack Obama was in another, Arnold Schwarzenegger in another, and Brittany Spears in still another. The “why” of our dreams rests not with our waking mind, rather with our subconscious mind. In this light, the dreamer is accurate to note there is no reason in his conscious world that this dream should occur. There is, however, subconscious reason. That reason becomes clearer when the dream is decoded – translated into the Universal Language of Mind.

This dream, as is true of most dreams, is relevant to what occurred with the dreamer in his waking life the day or two before he remembers the dream. The dreamer is becoming overwhelmed by expectations of some kind of organization he belongs to. This could be his job but is more likely to be a voluntary affiliation such as a club, church, or other group. His association with these people has caused much change in how he sees himself. He is beginning to realize how he approaches life is regimented and outdated at best.

At first he blames the organization for his faults. In his thinking, he fantasizes leaving the organization, even sabotaging it, before realizing he’ll not get where he wants to go until he is willing to discipline himself. Hope this helps shed light on the possibly connection of these dreams to your waking life.

Sometimes dreams can lead to new behaviors as well as new ways of thinking. One dreamer reports awaking from a dream and writing it down with his right hand. Doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, until you consider this is a first-time occurrence for this LEFT-handed person.

Then there is an Italian dreamer from Australia who writes:

I found my self driving on THE HIGHWAY

I and I noticed that one car was coming towards me from the opposite side
of the road , which it means ,he was DRIVING on the wrong way, I kept driving hoping that the driver would realise that he was coming from wrong way but I felt nothing would happen.cheers



We have found mind may well be the final frontier, and given that it is mind, which determines our mental and emotional state as well as physical health, any exploration and development of our potential is a worthwhile endeavor. As French novelist Victor Hugo observed,

The spirit of God, like the sun, always gives all its light at once. The spirit of man resembles the pale moon, which has its phases, its absences and its returns, its lucidity and its spots, its fullness and its disappearance, which borrows all its light from the rays of the sun, and which still dares to intercept them on occasion.”

We like to think the time we invest in dream research is intercepting a greater light. We are thankful for your participation.

©2008, School of Metaphysics,

We encourage you to share this paper in its complete form with everyone and we welcome your contributions that may further humanity’s knowledge and understanding of consciousness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

One World, One Dream

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One World, One Dream

First Report: GLiDE #3 -08.08
State of Awareness
The Olympics
Objective for this Study:  To examine the impact of media-directed attention toward a global event on the content and state of dreams

During the recent Olympic games held in Beijing, researchers at the College of Metaphysics in the United States have been tracking dreams.
This week we begin our look at global consciousness by examining one dream, its interpretation, and a glimpse of world headlines that day.  In honor of the XXIX Olympiad, we carry on its slogan:
One World, One Dream

Date: 08-08-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

I had the same exact dream 2 nights in a row.  There was a rattlesnake on the ground and one wrapped around my neck.  I pulled the one off of my neck and was holding it in its center.  It whipped around and bit me on the arm. I immediately woke up.   female/OH, United States

Everything in a dream is symbolic.  Each dream is about the dreamer’s thoughts and attitudes the day before the dream.  Your dream recurs because the message is important and needs to be heeded.  The main symbol in the dream is a rattlesnake.  The Dreamer’s Dictionary, by Dr. Barbara Condron gives a very clear picture of what a rattlesnake represents in a dream.  Its symbol definitely relates to the message of your dream.  It states that a “snake symbolizes compulsive use of life force or creative energy…If it’s biting you, you need to become attentive to how you are using your creative energy, moving from habit to reasoning with awareness.  If it is poisonous, your compulsive use of life force is breeding negativity which drains your life force.”
Look at what you are creating in your life and then most importantly look to your thoughts.  A simple thought of “I probably won’t get it anyway,” or “that’s too hard” can drain the life out of any project.  Sometimes we have these thoughts over and over, habitually.  They are thoughts that we heard and “bought” as a child.  They need to be changed by creating something simple and easy at first.  Write down what you want to achieve, how you will benefit from having it and then do the physical steps necessary to have what you want.  As you continue to achieve small goals, you will develop strength of will and a belief that you can have anything you desire.  One suggestion that would benefit you greatly is to read the book Purpose of Life, by Dr. Daniel Condron. It helps to understand that when our activities and our aspirations have meaning for us, it is easy to be motivated and determined to achieve what we want.

A Global Glimpse

World Happenings
on 8-8-2008:

  • Opening Ceremony ins Beijing, China for the Olympic Games – an example of purposeful creation with reasoning, artistic and technological skills advance to the limits of human imagination. 
  • 8-8-2008 represents one’s value, world value, integrity and worth.
  • Russian tanks enter Georgia’s South Ossetia region.
  • Tibetans protest in Nepal
  • Clashes near Afghanistan’s border
  • $2.3 billion plunges into the Red in Housing Market for Fannie May Realtor

Date: 08-09-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

The dream started out by myself and my female cousin going to my ex-boyfriends house to help his father make a meal.  Once we were done he invited us to stay so that we could catch up once he got done taking a shower.  While he was in the shower my cousin and I waited on the couch, and my ex’s current girlfriend came into the house and sat down with us, clearly unhappy that I was there.  My ex also returned home, and though unsure as to my reason for being there did not ask me to leave. A heated discussion about my presence insued between my ex and his girlfriend. During the argument I decided to leave, I made it out the door before I started to cry and my cousin put her arms around me.  Half way down the driveway I turned back to the house because I heard a noise and discovered that my ex came out into the garage, he saw me crying and chased after us out to my car.  He accused me of messing things up, but he was sorry that I was crying and said that he was actually glad to see me. I was angry that he still didn’t understand how I felt, but I responded that it was a pleasure helping his dad out, and that I hoped that everything turned out ok.  Then I got in the car to leave, and I woke up.

For the most part I consider this a very lucid dream, I understand that I am dreaming about my ex because I still love him and I still want to be with him, but I do not understand why I am dreaming about his father.  In the time that I was with my ex his father and I got along but were not close.  So any insight you can give would be greatly appriciated.
female/CA, United States
Dreams are amazing tools when de-coded, understood, and consciously used for self-discovery, self-reflection, and seeing where change needs to occur within the self.  Although you still love your ex-boyfriend and desire to be with him, this dream does not reflect your relationship with him, his girlfriend, or his father.  Instead, what the dream does reflect is your state of mind prior to this dream.  More simply stated, every person, place, and thing in your dream symbolizes and mirrors a part of yourself.
So, when you dream of helping your ex-boyfriend’s father make a meal, what this mirrors when interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind, is how you find pleasure in preparing knowledge or information that is familiar to you and that you have a certain level of experience or wisdom with.  The disharmony within your self occurs when you become passive about how you’ll go about fulfilling the desires that you have.  An example of how this may play out in your waking life is through relying on others to make things happen, or just simply allowing fate to work everything out for you.  However well intended this may be, the fact is that you are not happy with yourself when you pursue this way of thinking. Instead of feeling good about your ideas and what it is you want to create, you develop resentment within yourself thus allowing all the gratification, delight, and enjoyment that you once had be replaced with blame and resentment.  Not only is this way of thinking expressing itself through your emotions, it is also beginning to effect your health.
In order for you to cause something different to occur, we would suggest being honest with how you are feeling in all situations.  Journaling your thoughts and learning how to interpret your dreams would allow for you create the desired space in your thinking and allow you to begin to understand how you truly feel. Through practice you will come to know yourself as someone who can initiate action on your desires.

A Global Glimpse

World Happenings on 08-09-2008:

  • August 9, 2008 is the first major day of the 2008 Olympic games
  • Bomb Threat Forces Jet to Return to Japan
  • Homeland Security Threat Level: YELLOW (ELEVATED)
  • Comedian Bernie Mac dead at age 50
  •  1,500 killed in South Ossetia, Russia

Date: 08-10-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

I dreamed i was walking through a locker room, but for some reason this locker room was “co-ed” so there were guys and girls, they were changing, showering, etc. as if they didn’t care that there were guys and girls in the same room, and they were nude. Me and my friend(if i remember correctly)  were the only two people that were clothed. but all we were wearing was a t-shirt and boxers. i was walking through the room astonished at how they acted so normal (undressing/changing in front of everyone). i was walking through the locker room, but i wasnt sure what i was walking towards (i think the exit door) as i kept walking i saw two guys standing behind some kind of wall, talking. but it was a small wall, and you could see over it. as i got closer i saw that one of the guys was brad pitt. as soon as i realized this i was excited (brad pitt is my favorite actor), i walked up to him and casually said “hey! how are you? as if i  had known him forever, because i didnt want to walk away and think that i just wanted his autograph. he said “i’m good” and then we were both quiet. then he realized that it was only polite to ask me the same, so he said “how about you?” and i said “fine” i started telling him how he probably hears this all time but i’m his #1 fan. but then i stopped mid-sentence because i realized that i guess i wasnt because i wasnt THAT into him. so then i just said “nevermind” and so even though i didnt want to ask him for his autograph i did. and so he said sure but then i realized that i didnt have a pen or paper or anything, and i started looking around and i saw there was a notepad on the small wall in front of us and i looked at the note pad, but someone had already written on all the pages, then i turned to my friend and i asked him if he had any paper? and he didn’t, so i tore off a piece of one of the sheets of notepad paper that had nothing on it, and he signed on it. then he l eft, and i realized he left, so i started running in the direction that he went, I realized that i had left my friend behind, but that didn’t matter to me because i knew he’d probably catch up. after running for a few minutes and going left and right, i found myself at the entrance of a pool. as i walked through the entrance, there was a man in a tux, standing in front of a microphone right next to the pool. he was facing me as i walked in, and there were a lot of people sitting around the pool. it seemed that the man in the tux had just finished introducing brad pitt or something, because as soon as i walked in, there was some clapping and then the man in the tux sad down. i walked toards the microfone, and the pool was on my left side. i saw brad pitt sitting on a leather chair, and i asked him if he minded if i sat next to him and he said “no” so i took a seat on the leather chair next to him. i noticed that me and brad had the only two leather chairs at the pool, everyon e else was laying down on those plastic chairs that you usually see at outdoor pools. then i took the piece of paper out and look at it, it was really taterd now, and all crumpled up but it still had his autograph on it. Then i woke up.
male/OK, United States
Your dreams reflect to you your waking consciousness the day before you had the dream, therefore what you did when you were awake before this dream is being described here in the Universal Language of Mind for your personal growth and evolution.  You are in a state of mind where there is a lot of honesty, and this honesty is somewhat new and different for you.  Parts of yourself are expressing honestly outwardly and inwardly.  There can still be progress in this regard as you identify the quality of your friend (who was clothed) and begin to intentionally be honest with the experiences you receive through your 5 senses.  For instance, if the waitress asks you how your food was and you found the food to be bland and lukewarm then share your honest experience with her. The honesty that you express in this situation will set you into a realm of freedom that is uncommon in this day and age and it will benefit even the people who at first don’t like what comes out your mouth.
As for Brad Pitt, what outstanding quality does he exhibit to you?  This will show a way you imagine yourself to be.  If you see Brad as being confident then in the dream he represents the way you imagine yourself as being confident.  Whatever he represents, it is important for you to realize that this is the next place in your unfolding honesty.  Perhaps you have realized that whatever he represents to you isn’t worth as much as you originally thought because you aren’t his number 1 fan.
Become honest in this regard and stop pretending or going along with the flow of what you set into motion.  Instead, be yourself and express yourself honestly.  You will find that there are many positive side effects of honesty including having more real friendships, freedom to express yourself, and the ability to learn and grow.

A Global Glimpse

World Happenings on 08-10-2008

  • Russian Navy blockades Georgia, Russian planes bomb Georgian aircraft plant
  • Sri Lanka soldiers attack rebels, 40 killed
  • Louisiana, USA, bans cockfighting, last state to do so.
  • Dark Knight (a movie film) stays number one in sales with 26 million dollars
  • Gas prices down 15 cents from two weeks ago
  • Bolivians back Morales (Pres.) in recall vote.

Date: 08-11-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

My dogs Lola and Chewie (who are both at my grandparents)were both standing outside of a door. Lola was sweating profusely and Chewie was a little bit dirty, but seemed to be shaking it off. I grabbed Lola and took her to the sink and began to bathe her. I then was in a gym practicing yoga, and got up frustrated and said this isn’t helping me I need a punching bag. There was one in front of me and the color was white. I then said I need it because I am angry. Then it switched and I was inside an old house by myself. I walked outside and there was a for rent sign. Lola was inside a fenced yard and there was a huge dog next to her. I then said to myself I need to take her out so the big dog won’t attack her. At the same time though I was holding on to Vader a lab that I gave away two years ago . I kept on saying I can’t have a black dog because that color is bad. I then realized it was my dog and not anything  evil. I then transformed him into Chewie. I went back inside the house and opened a cupboard. There was a vicious panda inside, and it was growling and trying to attack me. It had very small and thin teeth and spit covered his mouth. Someone was next to me I don’t know who it was. I began to poke the panda bear, telling it to calm down. It then transformed itself into a Japanese boy. The boy was crying.
female/TX, United States

Identify the outstanding characteristics of your dogs, for they represent habits that were playing in your life.  When you became aware that you had gotten wrapped up in these ways of thinking you quickly began to clean up your habitual way of thinking and acting.
Later in the same day you were attempting to practice a peaceful state of mind and then decided it was not working and you need to release your anger.
Later in the same day you found your Self in a state of mind that is new to you, even though it feels very worn.  Your attention is drawn to how Lola, which represents this familiar habitual practice, is in danger of being effected by another large unfamiliar habit.
Inside this state of mind you uncover something that scares you about your Self and then realize that what once scared you is actually an aspect of you that is foreign and upset.
In short, this dream indicates many ways that you are functioning from habit.  In order to “wake up” in your experiences, you will need to focus your attention in the moment rather than simply going through repeated thoughts and actions compulsively.  A study of the inner workings of the mind would be helpful in order to understand how to harness your mind’s powers.  Visit and click on the locations to find the School of Metaphysics center nearest you.

A Global Glimpse

World Happenings on 08-10-2008

  • Family of American tourist, left to grieve over Stabbing Attack, Bejing
  • Nebraska Beef Expands Recall Pulling 1.2 Million Pounds of Beef
  • Impact of Edwards Affair on 2008 Race
  • Sector Wrap:  Major Internet Stocks Rise

Date: 08-12-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

For the past three nights, I have had a recurring dream.
In this dream, my family and I are visiting family out of town, and my sister goes blind right before we leave. She isn’t worried about being blind, but she keeps stretching out her arms to find her way through the house in which we’re visiting. My mom has her arms around her and is trying to lead her, but she still keeps flailing her arms to find her own way. In this dream, I keep going into the bathroom to deficate. There is an ostrich in the bathroom that was nice to me at first, but each night has gotten increasingly more agitated. It keeps pecking at me and taking my hands in its beak to lead me around the bathroom. It’s not really mad at me, but it’s just upset (almost like it’s having an anxiety attack or something).  In this dream, I also keep going into the bedroom to deficate. Strangely, there is a toilet next to the bed in this room. As I’m sitting on the toilet, my two older uncles keep entering the room to see if I’m okay. I’m embarrassed that they see me, and I try to hide from them (as best I can while still sitting on the toilet). I know that they’re not trying to embarrass me; they just want to make sure that I’m okay.
Need some sleep! Thanks for your help!
female/IN, United States

It’s significant that you’ve had this dream three nights in a row.  Dreams are messages from subconscious mind, a deeper part of mind, which gives us feedback on our attitudes and feelings in the form of images.  Your sister being blind, needing to defecate both in the bathroom and bedroom, and even the ostrich are images that add to the meaning of the dream.  The recurring element of this dream shows that the message from subconscious mind is urgent and needs to be addressed.
One of the main actions of the dream is your need to defecate, both in the bathroom and in the bedroom.  Defecation is a means by which waste products of the body can be flushed out of the body in a cleansing fashion.  When it appears in dreams, it symbolizes the attempt to “flush out the mind,” so-to-speak, by processing experiences, understanding what can be learned from those experiences, and most of all releasing or discarding what is no longer needed.  The rooms that this action takes place also support this insight, as different rooms of a house represent different functions of the mind.  In this case, bathrooms represent a part of mind that causes cleansing, while the bedroom is a part of mind devoted processing, understanding, and assimilating your life experiences.
This action as a focal point of the dream itself shows that there’s definitely something that you’re attempting to understand, however, different obstacles distract you from achieving this.  For example, both the ostrich and older uncles are found in the bathroom and bedroom respectfully while you are trying to defecate.  Whenever unrealistic events occur in your dreams like these, they indicate types of thinking or perspectives that are in the way or out of alignment with reality.  In other words, neither the ostrich nor your older uncles would be found in the bathroom with you in waking life.  Therefore, your subconscious mind will draw upon these types of absurd images to get your attention to help you stimulate a change in your thinking.
What’s needed in these two instances is space or privacy.  Just as you would allow yourself space in waking life, you need mental space in your mind to aid with understanding whatever it is you’re endeavoring to understand in your life.  Talking with someone you trust to merely listen while you talk your thoughts out loud and/or journaling your thoughts will help create clarity and space in your mind, for they both provide means for your thoughts to be expressed, heard, and reasoned with.  Learning how to meditate would also help greatly.  There are two instances in the dream where there’s difficulty in something leading something else.  First, your sister is flailing her arms about while your mom is trying to lead her, while an ostrich repeatedly tries to lead you by the hand with a bit of difficulty.  Both of these interactions reflect a difficulty in being able to receive direction from the inner mind.  Meditation is a practice of listening to the inner mind, which will help you follow the inner mind’s direction more readily.  Consistent practice will help you establish connections to deeper parts of you that can provide clarity, wisdom, and insight when you need it.

A Global Glimpse

World Happenings on 08-10-2008

August 12th, one of the days of the dream, found the conflict between Russia and Georgia increasing as Russian military forces continued to push forward into Georgian territories against the demands of other European countries and the United States.  Since then, there has been a cease fire and withdrawal of Russian forces from Georgia.  This world event and your dream highlight a universal principle that connects both events though relativity.  The state and content of the thinking, whether it’s on an individual basis like your dream or the actions of entire countries, will dictate what will occur in the life.  To put it simply, Thought is Cause.  The same thinking and attitudes will produce the same results, as shown by recurring dreams.  The ability to cause change can also be found in this universal principle.  For change to occur, the thinking needs to change.  A change in thinking overall has caused the cease fire and withdrawal of Russian forces from Georgia to occur in the same way that changes in your own thinking will impact your dreaming and waking life experience.

Date: 08-13-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

I don’t remember the actual story to this, but I just being inside a bedroom that felt like mine and noticing the wood that encased and made up the window was rotting.  I looked for my Dad to fix, I could see him, but he was not paying attention to me.  I then went outside to find the back driver’s side tire on my car flat, and then the front driver’s side, I thought was flat, but really was a smaller tire than normal being on the car.  I don’t really remember much else, but the feeling that things were falling apart.
female/KS, United States

During the day prior to having this dream, this dreamer noticed areas of thinking within herself that need attention and correction.  The window is a way to be aware of more, as in the phrase “your window on the world.”  This dreamer could see she needed to do some work to maintain a clear perception of things – her window frame was rotting.  The window maintenance may be the strengthening of her concentration or listening, or the removal of assumptions or prejudices that distorted her perceptions.
We have higher, deeper parts of ourselves that have a clearer, truer perspective than our conscious mind.  The dreamer wanted some help with maintaining her awareness from the higher part of herself (her dad).  In the dream, he paid no attention to her, which could show a need for more patience and persistence in asking and listening to receive guidance and inspiration.  It could also show a need to expect that she will actually receive guidance and inspiration from her highest Self when she asks.
The dreamer also noticed that her body (symbolized by the car) needs some corrective action (symbolized by the flat tire and the undersized tire).  As this dreamer responds to needs that she notices in waking life, any feelings that “things are falling apart” will be replaced with a sense of self-direction and control.
Developing strength of mind through practicing concentration exercises would be helpful in creating clear thinking.  Visit and click on the locations link to find a center near you.

A Global Glimpse

World Happenings on 8-13-2008

  • The Olympic Games continue in Beijing, China.  American swimmer Michael Phelps sets a new record for career Olympic gold medals, winning his eleventh.
  • France mediates a cease-fire and peace plan between Georgia and Russia.
  • Fighting continues between the ruling/occupying government and opposing groups in Afghanistan, Congo, Zimbabwe, Iraq, and Central African Republic.
  • The leader of the Democratic Party in Arkansas is murdered in his office in Little Rock.

Date: 08-14-08
ONE DREAM we received today:

I am being followed while helping another unidentified person move logs, all of a sudden a third party unknown pushes us in the water and we are trapped under a bridge with only a two inch gap for air, then I am pulled out into a hospital with blood spraying from my mouth and nose and my ex-husband of 24 years is there and I wake up.
female/TX, United States

This dream is showing a way that the dreamer felt overwhelmed by their day-to-day experiences represented by the water. The bridge is a way of transitioning from one way of thinking to another. An example of a transition in thinking would be focusing on positive aspects of situations rather than negative.
The hospital is a state of mind for healing. Blood represents truth. The need for this dreamer is to become aware of how her thoughts are creating her experiences. How did her thoughts cause her to feel forced into and overwhelmed by her experiences?
The key to answering these questions is to identify the unknown third party that is responsible for pushing her into the water.  This unknown party is an aspect of the dreamer that interferes with productive ways of thinking or acting.  This unknown aspect could be a tendency to think that experiences will be difficult or challenging.  This type of thinking will interfere will accomplishing goals that are set and transitions in life that are desired.  In order to transform thinking it would be beneficial to study the structure of the mind.  Visit and click on the locations link to find a center near you.
A Global Glimpse

World Happenings 8-14-2008

  • Mongolia wins first ever-Olympic gold metal.
  • 53 inmates escape from a jail in Nepal.
  • 8 people are shot and killed in a rehab center in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  • Tibetan protesters clash with police in Katmandu while protesting China and the Olympics.


First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09

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First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09

First Report: GLiDE #4 04.27.09
Type: Incubation
Subject: The economy
Objective for this Study: 
To explore how patterns of waking thought impact sleeping thought through incubating a thought focus determined and communicated globally by mass communication.

College of Metaphysics researchers are currently studying data collected from the recent GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT focused on incubating solutions for the economy. The over 160 dreams reported included President Obama, Greg House (from the TV show) and Mr. Peanut. While a few dreams included money the most recurring dream symbols were food and water.

“This is a fascinating development,” said project director Dr. Barbara Condron. “Symbolically, in the Universal Language of Mind, food and water represent knowledge and conscious experience. The current content of what we think is influenced greatly by the media applications of technology. To see this, just answer this question: Have you heard about the swine flu, which has been renamed H1N1?” Condron is researching how this wave of dream images fits into those she has been tracking since early 2008 when the economy became news.

A total of 173 individuals signed up to participate. As might be expected 131 of the these say they have remembered lucid dreams. This is an increase from the first four experiments. The dreamers are distributed among the levels of lucid dreaming with the bulk ranking themselves at Level 3 (see chart). Level I Participants (12) are infrequent dreamers. Level 2 (41) are Occasional Dreamers who may recall a lucid dream, often from childhood years. Level 3 are Frequent Dreamers (95) who remember dreaming throughout their lives, sometimes lucid, and Level 4 participants (25) frequently experience dreamstates, both lucid and subconscious messages.

Of the 173, School of Metaphysics students comprised the majority at 105. This is a record for student participation in GLiDE which enables researchers to investigate several threads of data. Of the 65 people who completed the experiment, meaning they participated all three days, 52 are SOM students. The breakdown by level of study is: 68 First Cycle, 32 Second Cycle, 3 Third Cycle, 3 Fourth Cycle students, and 5 Post Doctoral teachers.

“SOM students carried this experiment,” said Condron, “and we are grateful. It makes sense those who are studying Mind and its language would be the most curious and confident in an experiment of this caliber. This enables us to examine the effect of prayer and meditation on dreaming. We look forward to publishing our findings.”

This year’s GLiDE team includes Laurie Biswell, Tad Messenger, Jonathan Duerbeck, Rory Colgan, Allan Rider, Kerry Keller, and Karen Mosby. “Last year with the Moon’s effect GLiDE, I didn’t really know what we were looking for,” said Colgan. “After a year of mind study and developing as a dream interpreter, I find I can still my mind and absorb the data and some very interesting energies make themselves known.”

In the weeks ahead, the researchers will publish their findings in articles, online, and in book form. “With each successive GLiDE the vision comes more into focus of the importance of this work to the evolution of humanity.” Condron added. “Everyone associated with it needs to be aware that they are playing a significant role in humanity’s evolution.”



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Dream Date: 10/29/2011
Female, 46, California UNITED STATES

I was visiting my grandparents house and my mother was there as well.  I was staying with them in a city unfamiliar to me and wanted to go to the grocery store called Ralph’s.  It was  in a different area of the city..a more repressed area..but I had to go to that store.  My grandparents lived near the ocean and the store was east of there.  I took off walking through streets and neighborhoods to get to the grocery store.  I found the store and got what I needed, which I can’t remember what it was from the dream now.  I started to walk home but suddenly was not familiar with the surroundings and felt lost.  I was not afraid but knew that I needed to get help to find my way back.  I was in a neighborhood and asked a man if he could help me.  Suddenly I was in his house and he had a bag and he pulled it open and reached in and pulled out  baby! He placed the male baby on the seemed as though the baby had Down’s Syndrome.  I said, “O A Baby!!!”  I was so happy.  And then I looked again and there was another baby, a female!  They were twins.  When the male baby looked at the female baby, male baby started laughing and was soo happy!  It was his sister and you could see the love and joy being exchanged between them!  They were infants and there names were Matt and Vivian.  I left the house, still lost but happy.  I encountered a group of teens that looked like misfits in a way.  I asked them if they knew how to get to the area I was looking for and it seemed as though they did not want to help me but instead were ‘messing’ with me.  Taking advantage of the fact that I was lost, if you will.  I did not feel threatened but felt slightly uncomfortable and wished them all a happy day and thanked them and made my way away from them.  Next I encountered another shop..this seemed like a shop filled with boutique items that I liked. Incense and pretty clothing..a variety of unique items.  There was no one working in it.  There was a bed and it was high up I climbed up to see what was there and more pretty clothing scattered about.  I jumped down off the bed for there was no ladder and landed safely.  Continued on my way, looking to the west and recognizing the area I needed to be but still not there yet.  Also, at this point I realized I did not have my cell phone nor my car keys.  I was thinking of calling the police and just telling them I was lost.  I knew they would give me a ride to the neighborhood of my grandparents but suddenly I was in beauty salon and there was my mother!  I said, “O Mom, I’ve been kinda lost!”  She was happy to see me but seemed distracted.  I asked her what was the matter?  I had the feeling something had happened to my grandfather..he has been ill in waking life and in waking life my mother is also staying with my grandparents for a few months.

Then I woke up.

PLEASE PLEASE help me understand this dream.  In my waking life, I have been living really remotely and isolated for the last 1.5 years and living where I work as well.  The area is BEAUTIFUL  but I have been feeling like being closer to my family in my life lately.  Normally I have always been away from them.  I also have been contemplating a job change with the move as well.  The move would be out of state.  I have been having some emotional stress symptoms as well.  I have been praying for guidance and last night I also prayed to my Higher Self and to the specific angels to please help me with my dreams and to give me clarity and understanding in my dreams ….THANK YOU!

Female, 46, California UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Grandparents: superconscious mind

House: represents the dreamer’s mind

Mother: superconscious mind

City: condition of mind where many aspects are connected

Grocery Store: indicates a place in universal mind, specifically related to gaining knowledge

Ocean: conscious life experience

Neighborhood: condition of mind where aspects are connected

Man: subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Bag:  tool for receptivity

Baby: (male) subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Down Syndrome: condition that forms a recognizable pattern

Baby: (female) conscious aspect of this dreamer

Lost: undirected attention

Teens: maturing aspects of this dreamer

Shop: universal mind

Cell phone: means of telepathy

Car keys: access to solutions

Bed: mental tool, usually relaxation, used for assimilation

Police: disciplined aspects of Self

Beauty Salon: universal mind, specifically related to thinking and identity




Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dreamer desires connection with her divinity to gain clarity regarding the questions she has about her job, her family and where she should live.  Wisely, she has prayed for guidance and expected to find it in her dreams.  This whole dream starts in her grandparents’ house and her mother is present, it then ends when she sees her mothe again.  Parents and grandparents symbolize the superconscious mind of the dreamer and can be understood as the dreamer’s inner authority.
In this case, our dreamer recognizes an inner voice exists and she wants to heed the message.

The dreamer is seeking knowledge (going to the grocery store).  She knows this entails facing parts of herself that she has held back or neglected.  Her challenge is in comprehending what she receives while on her quest.  Note that the dreamer is “lost” after she leaves the grocery store in her dream.  While she always knows that her destination is to…return to the grandparents’ house…she never actually gets there in her dream.  This is a neutral condition, it merely means there is more for her to learn in her waking life.

Our dreamer lives more subconsciously than consciously (unfamiliar male that presents the babies).  She has new ideas (babies) about conscious and subconscious mind (male and female babies).  These ideas need to be developed, however, especially regarding subconscious mind (male baby has Down Syndrome).  Note that in the dream she delights when the babies are presented to her, however, she does not stay with them. She might connect this to a feeling of unity or oneness in her
waking life.  She values this, however, she also leaves it up to fate. So she is aware of these ideas, however, they are likely ungrounded in her waking life and seem to be stimulated from something outside of her. Indeed part of what this dream is stimulating the dreamer to see is the need to consciously develop her ideas about love and happiness.

This leads her to awareness of parts of herself that need to mature (I encountered a group of teens that looked like misfits in a way.)  Maturing her own understanding of how conscious and subconscious mind work—and there is a science to this called visualization—is important for this dreamer.

The sense of foreboding at the end of the dream leaves this dreamer questioning.  Remember, she tells us she is considering many choices that are life changing.  She is still not at ease with herself, she knows there is something more for her to understand than what this dream offers, and this is true.  The benefit of the apprehension upon awakening shows in her motivation to learn more about the meaning of this dream.  We are glad that she found for guidance
and support.

The end of the dream offers an important key for our dreamer.  At this point in the dream she realizes how disconnected she is—doesn’t have her cell phone or car keys.  Our dreamer says, “I was thinking of calling the police and just telling them I was lost. I knew they would give me a ride to the neighborhood of my grandparents…”  Instead of doing this, she finds herself in a beauty salon with her mother.  Once again all of this seems to “just happen” in the dream.  Understanding
how conscious and subconscious work as a team will be a great asset to this dreamer in understanding her own train of thought and its affect in her waking life.  Note that police symbolize discipline and herein lays the key for our dreamer—discipline will aid her to find her way “home”.

One additional note before moving on; there is a need for continuity in our dreamer’s consciousness that is apparent in how many times the dream jumps from one scene to another.  This can be accomplished through greater discipline and concentration in waking life.




Putting the Dream into Your Life:

 So how does the dreamer put this dream into her life?  Relying on
discipline, whether a devoted spiritual practice or physical routine that
clears her thinking, is going to aid our dreamer to make sound choices
regarding her life.  We also suggest a daily concentration exercise.
Practicing this will aid her to become aware of ALL of her thoughts.  This
is helpful because she can begin to be more connected in her waking thoughts
instead of jumping from one state of mind to another.

The dreamer’s willingness to continue toward her destination is admirable.
There is a way that she knows that discipline will aid her to get where she
is going.  She probably is disciplined in some areas of her life and
therefore has a sense of security that when she calls on her discipline she
will get the help she needs and wants. Discipline does not appear out of
thin air, it comes when one takes action on a regular basis.  Sometimes
people are erratic with discipline and then expect that they can call it up
at a moment’s notice.  This is a bit like not practice for the piano recital
and then thinking that because you practiced three weeks ago you’ll be able
to perform at the same standard on the day of the event.

This is a person who has ideals and wants to fulfill them.  Life is not a
straight path and there is always a reason for the bends and curves.  Our
dreamer has a sense of this yet she still has to do the work of learning how
her Mind works the way she expects it to.  She is likely beginning to
realize the limitations that isolation can place on her consciousness.
Nature is a living example of aggressive and receptive principles in
balance.  An environment unfettered by human presence gives and receives
according to natural law. Living in a remote setting allows one to harmonize
with natural law. It is easy to withdraw into the Self, live more
subconsciously, when alone. Interacting with people requires reasoning and
is function of the conscious mind.  It is likely that the dreamer’s urge to
move reflects an inner urge to develop the qualities of love and happiness
more consciously.  It is one thing to think about ideals and another to
experience them through interaction with other people.    All people need
time alone as well as time with others. This allows for balance within Self
so that the individual attunes to the superconscious mind, that part of Self
that is unified in all ways.

Our dreamer’s dream is showing her how much she relies on subconscious mind
to lead her to the answers that she desires and needs.  This is indicative
of someone who is faithful and spiritual in her perspective with a strong
belief of the power of Mind.  In order to be whole these ideas need to be
developed in the conscious waking life.  It is one thing to believe in the
workings of the divine Mind.  It is another to know the workings of Mind.
Developing command of the conscious mind, so that one can harmonize the
conscious mind to the subconscious mind will aid this dreamer to know where
she is rather than being lost, or knowing where she wants to be and not
getting there.  We encourage her to explore the suggestions given below.
She is at a turning point in her life and has a good start in driection

Law of Attraction
Our book suggestion:  The Universal Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of
 by Dr. Laurel Clark

The experience we suggest:Request an Intuitive Health Analysis








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Dream Date: unknown
Female, 30, New Mexico UNITED STATES

This woman took me to a meeting that was filled with people. The meeting was being led by Gandhi and Babaji.  We had jewels, necklaces, and gemstones being handed out and piled all over the tables.  Everyone was handed a blue ring, except me, known as Babaji’s ring.  The other attendees kept looking at me wondering why I was there, especially since I did not receive a Babaji ring. 

At one point Gandhi stood up and said how many people have read my mind.  Half the room raised their hands.  I stood up then and said, “It’s very invasive to read my mind without asking first.” That’s the last thing I remember in the dream.

Female, 30, New Mexico UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Woman:  conscious aspect of this dreamer

People:  aspects of self

Gandhi:  superconscious mind

Babaji: superconscious mind

Jewelry: value expressed in the outer presentation

Ring:  commitment

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Sometimes things are not what they appear, as this dream reveals.  Our dreamer is not as committed as she imagines, to her spiritual growth and she is beginning to realize this.  Our dreamer wants spiritual interaction, and likely spends a lot of time thinking about it.  She has a strong sense of value in spirituality but is not committed in a way that honors her whole Self yet (she doesn’t receive a ring).  The question now becomes how come?  Her dream also brings this forth.

An outstanding element in this dream is the people.  Take a moment to think of all the different people you know of; spiritual people, historical people, musical people, people you know, people you don’t know and the list continues.

People in dreams represent the many aspects of Self.  An aspect is a particular way of thinking and expressing.  An easy way to recognize aspect of Self is to acknowledge the roles the thinker plays in life…aspects reflect characteristics of the dreamer—the comic, the shy one, the ambitious one, the generous one etc…from The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

A familiar person in a dream symbolizes a familiar characteristic in the dreamer.    Unfamiliar people symbolize parts of the self that are not recognized, or unconscious.  From what the dreamer tells us all the people in her dream are unfamiliar.  Thus, on one level, this dream is saying it is time to discover new and different parts of you.  How well you know yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually determines the degree of responsibility you can demonstrate.  Remember, our dreamer did not receive a ring when it was handed out in the dream.  Part of the message here is that lack of commitment leaves one unaware of Self.

There are significant superconscious aspects in this dream.  Gandhi and Babaji are both recognized as great spiritual leaders by many people throughout the world.  Our dreamer likely has her own ideas, from studying or researching these men, about who they are.  We know she is not old enough to have met Gandhi and she did not mention any direct experiences with Babaji.  Well-known people in dreams, whether they are historical, spiritual, celebrities or famous in some way, symbolize imagined ideas the dreamer has about that person.  Realize that seeing someone on television or reading about his or her life in a magazine can make it seem like you know that person.  Actually you are left only with your imagined thoughts that are stimulated by the source of media that has conveyed the information.  This is also true for historical or spiritual figures in a dream.

The jewels, necklaces and gemstones represent what the dreamer values.  As we said above, there is sense of value that this dreamer holds regarding spirituality.  When it comes time to receive a higher consciousness she is divided within herself—The other attendees kept looking at me wondering why I was there, especially since I did not receive a Babaji ring.  

She imagines that she has a higher self as represented by Gandhi and Babaji, but does not receive this.  Probably the failure for the commitment is due to defensiveness.  Note what she says at the end of the dream... I stood up then and said, “It’s very invasive to read my mind without asking first.”  In essence this is her attitude toward her superconscious mind.  Superconscious is one’s inner authority.  Her reaction is toward her own inner authority.  It is as if she thinks she’ll be judged if she allows a new perspective to enter into her thinking.  Consider that it requires humility to admit when there is more to know, more to understand.  More in the next section about becoming more committed…

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

 This dream could be a catalyst for the dreamer to get clear and honest about what she needs for greater commitment to Self.  We wonder if the dreamer recently attended an event in waking life that stimulated a higher energy field than she is used to, or ready for.  This could come in many ways, perhaps experimenting with energy healing modalities or reading a lot of books without a daily discipline for practical application of spiritual principles.  Concentration and meditation are important to this dreamer and need to be honored each day.  Consider the fact that students in the School of Metaphysics practice daily concentration exercises for nearly two months before sitting in meditation.  Meditation also aids in creating a humble state of mind.  Humbleness is stronger than defensiveness and one who strives for humility can let go of distracting aspects of self, focusing on what will create true spirituality.  Our suggestion is that the dreamer internalize the interpretation presented here and learn to translate what she values outwardly into transformation inwardly.

The book we recommend is:  Master Living by Dr. Barbara Condron



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Dream Date: 10/05/2011
Male, 18, New York UNITED STATES

Well, I’ve been having the same dream over and over for a week or so now.  It is that I’m getting married to this girl.  I’ve never met her.  She is friends with one of my ex’s. The dream, however, is very vivid of this girl and I am getting married. What does that mean?

Male, 18, New York UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Marriage: commitment between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind for the fulfillment of desires

Girl: subconscious aspect of this dreamer




Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Our response today speaks to the power that even the slightest memory of a dream can glean important information.  Our dreamer describes the kinds of dreams he is having but he never actually tells us one of the dreams.  Perhaps this is all he remembers or maybe there are more details and he chose to describe the dreams generally.  All dreamers, note that when you submit a dream please describe as much detail as you remember.  This aids us to give more in our interpretation.  Having said this, lets look at the answer to the dream question from this young man.

Commitment is important for this dreamer right now.  So important that getting married is showing up in the same dream over and over.  Symbolically a dream-marriage indicates that the dreamer is willing to cooperate with his inner self.  The dream-girl represents the part of his inner mind that important to this commitment.  It will be helpful for the dreamer to identify one or two qualities he sees in the girl.  He knows of her in waking life so he has some idea of the kind of person she is and this will aid him to understand the dream message.  For example, maybe he sees her as motivated, responsible or outgoing.  The quality the dreamer identifies lets him know about his own thinking.  Read on to see how this might play out in his life.




Putting the Dream into Your Life:

 This type of dream indicates the initiation of a new awareness for the dreamer. At 18, our dreamer is embarking on a time of life where he will likely have more responsibility than he has previously.  Reflecting on what he has been thinking and doing lately is important now as well as considering dreams or desires that are meaningful.  This dreamer probably has been focused on a goal or accomplishment that is important to him and he is seeing it through to manifestation.  He has yet to realize that this pursuit has an inner affect on his consciousness too.  Perhaps he recently made a decision about attending college or university.  He may be realizing that it is up to him to work and pay for all of his own expenses and he is willing to take on the challenge.  These thoughts and actions are causing unification between his inner and outer self that is new and different.

An appropriate response to this dream includes thoughtful reflection on commitment, especially commitment to self.  So, what is commitment to self? Consider that each person has something unique and important to contribute to the world.  People who are in tune with this inner calling and take action towards the fulfillment of such are successful, fulfilled and contented.  Commitment to self indicates dedication to being aware of whom you are beyond the physical waking life.  In fact, there are certain esoteric symbols in the Universal Language of Mind™ that are revealed in dream when someone has made a full commitment to self. Getting to that point requires information, knowledge, understanding and application of the science of how the mind works.  Please make time to study the information about conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind at this link.  This is a beginning.

For now, we recommend the book Kundalini Rising by Dr. Barbara Condron as an excellent resource for understanding commitment to self and the marriage made in heaven.

Book:  Kundalini Rising by Dr. Barabara Condron
Experience:  Kundalini Initiations Spiritual Focus Session








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Dream Date: 9/19/2011

Male, 33,  INDONESIA

(I don’t remember earlier scene, but it’s about my meeting with this new friend)

Inside a library, I and one new male friend were looking for books. He quickly picked up his books while I was still searching for my one book. He said that he would go abroad tomorrow and asked what do I want for souvenir: knowledge or barter. I said knowledge. Then he said he would be working on animal division. I asked ancient animal or recent animal, he said both. I said I want an artifact then. I went over a counter and asked for a librarian. The women said the librarian is out eating lunch, but there was a catalogue atop a table. I went over the table and scrutinized it. The list of books was not complete. So we went out from the library.

Outside was a big yard that separate two three-storey buildings where across was the male prisoners building and here was female dormitory. (I think the buildings were linked or bridged forming a ‘u) The male prisoners were having fun, cheering and jeering. We were thinking it was so unruly. A truck full of live turkeys was passing by. The prisoners harassed the turkeys, tossed them around to a big tree in the middle. Some turkeys flew to other branches, some got back to truck and some tried to bite the prisoners. (at this time I felt this is not a prison but more like a juvenile)

Several of the males were holding musical instruments and some holding other equipments. Things got so chaotic one male fell from the branch (three-stories high).  “It must have been fatal”, I thought. His friend quickly brought him aside.  Another two fell and broke their instruments, and then another fell. Still another fell and seemed to break their fall. Afterward they were busy fixing their broken instruments. I watched them and fascinated at their attempt. Some equipment seemed to return to normal condition.  I went inside a room.  (I think this was the office)

There were many people and a group of females was demanding to see my friend because he looked like Keanu Reeves from the Matrix and the movie had started. This friend was the one in the library earlier.  I and the other friend knew that he was hiding inside another room. We slowly backed away and signaled him to follow us. Together we passed the girls and went upstairs to watch the movie on television. When I got to floor three, I forgot which one is the room. My friend was searching for the room too while we navigated from the two girls. Inside one room I saw a television and it’s playing a situation back in a house in my hometown. My aunt was preparing for a big feast. I woke up.  

Male, 33,  INDONESIA

Symbols in this dream…: 

Library: represents wealth of information available

Males: conscious aspects of dreamer

Women/girls: subconscious aspects of dreamer

Buildings: (prison, dormitory) universal mind

Two: duality

Three: creation

Turkeys: habitual ways of thinking

Musical instruments: means by which harmony is produced within the Self

Keanu Reeves: imagination

Movie: imagination

Television: imagination

Aunt: familiar subconscious aspect of dreamer

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™: 

This dreamer wants knowledge (library) in his waking life, and it is available to him.  He falls short of what he is looking for when he shifts his attention from gaining knowledge from new and different experiences (friend planning to travel abroad) to things of a more temporal nature (decides he wants barter instead of knowledge).

He is beginning to realize the dual nature of Mind (2 separate, 3 story buildings).  We call this the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind functions in waking life, is associated with personality and it holds the potential for reasoning.  In a dream people of the same sex symbolize conscious aspects.  Note that most of the people in this dream are male, as is the dreamer.  This shows the dreamer’s perspective was more conscious or physically oriented in the day prior to the dream.  The subconscious mind is the part of Self that exists beyond the physical.  It can be described as soul or the part of you that is more permanent and everlasting.  People in a dream that are the opposite sex symbolize inner qualities or aspects of the dreamer.  The females in this dream are separated from the males and even avoided at the end of the dream.  More on this below.

This dreamer’s habits (turkeys) regarding entertainment (male prisoners having fun, cheering and jeering) trap him, not so much in a mental prison, but in immaturity.  He is waking up to the reality that is up to him to choose to live in harmony with himself and others (we were thinking it was so unruly). Harmony is produced within the Self (musical instruments) when conscious thinking is geared toward using knowledge and information in daily experiences.  This dreamer is aware of the need to be more productive in his thinking in order to experience harmony.  This can be understood more in depth by looking at the definition for musical instruments in The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron.  Remember that the men were dropping and breaking musical instruments in the dream and a few of them were fixing the broken instruments.

Musical instruments are the means by which harmony is produced within Self.  One example of such an instrument is imagination.  Imagination enables the thinker to combine different and separate ideas or objects into a new and unified creation.  Imagination is what stimulates the artist to mix pigments creating a new hue or the inventor to combine material, wood, and steel to form an umbrella.  Note the quality of your recent thinking.  Has it been imaginative, directed, intuitive, reminiscent, visionary?. . .By acknowledging the quality you know how to ensure your continued peace of mind.  If your dream-instrument is broken you need to add this productive quality to your thinking.  The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

Movies and movie stars (the dreamer likely does not know Keanu Reeves personally) symbolize imagination in a dream.  Imagination played a big role in this dreamer’s thinking the day prior to the dream. This dreamer turns to imagination when he wants to go deeper, understand his own authority and divinity.  The difficulty comes when he intentionally creates distance from his inner mind (we slowly backed away…we passed the girls…we navigated from the two girls).  He imagines he has knowledge in him (aunt is preparing meal on tv), he has yet to bring this into his life and actually do so.  This is part of the process he has embarked upon.  If this dreamer will continue to pay attention to his dreams as a means of applying information that comes from his inner Self into his waking life he will begin to see that men and women will interact in his dreams.  Read on for more of how the message of this dream can be used in daily life.

Putting the Dream into Your Life: 

This kind of dream comes when someone is awakening to a greater reality of Self and has yet to coordinate the information he has gathered. It will be most helpful for this dreamer to identify the knowledge he is seeking.  What does he find interesting these days?  What has he been reading, researching or learning about?  What are his ideas of spirituality, life beyond physical existence, the power of the Mind and intelligence? Delving into a deeper study of the structure of Mind  will be beneficial for this dreamer.

Concentration and meditation are necessary to create peace of mind and harmony within self. Concentration first, because one develops the ability to clear cluttered thinking and be quiet and still. Meditation second, since it requires concentrating in a way that allows for deeper insight and understanding of Self.   This dreamer has an opportunity now to look more closely at his thoughts and feelings about who he is as a soul and gain true knowledge of the Whole Self.  We recommend the booklet called Concentration as an aid in this endeavor.

Additional book we recommend:  Master Living:  Ten Essential Life Skills for Health, Prosperity, Success & Peace of Mind by Dr. Barbara Condron

Experience we recommend: The Silver Cord DVD


My Child – (Official Music Video)

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[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]AN EXPLOSION, A SNAKE, AND AN ISRAELI KING
Dream Date: 10/14/2011

Last midnight (Oct 14), in my dreams, I and some people, which I don’t know, were in some kind of a rocky and mountainous terrain. Then from afar, there was a big explosion. I saw this big thick fog scattering and I can see the impact heading to our location. I shouted to take cover behind a cliff and then I jumped off the ledge then covered my ears with my fingers.

After the great impact, I tried to look to the direction of the explosion. We saw this great fire now approaching our location. I ran to the opposite direction to avoid the fire that quickly approaches. The next thing I knew, I was running towards a bridge. Not a footbridge but a bridge built for vehicles. I was alone there. The bridge looks kind of old. When I got there, I wasn’t above the bridge but instead I was trying to climb sideways on the edge. As I go further, there were vines and branches covering the bridge. I found out that I was already in some kind of a lost forest or jungle. I saw lots of snakes on the vines that covers the bridge and large ones on the river below, and so I tried to jump and cling to the branches near a very big tree. There were still a lot of snakes, I know I’m scared . I tried to slowly avoid them so I won’t get bitten but I got bitten by a small one on my right arm. I fell on the river beneath which has these big snakes.

I felt dizzy and I already know my fate that time, I’m going to die. But then there came two men, they looked like they were tribesmen, and they rescued me. Thank God! I don’t know how I got to be accompanied by a friend who’s a soldier. We were looking for a clinic. The first clinic refused to help so we searched for another. The second clinic accepted to help me. She started to give me a surgery on my right arm. I can see that the procedure looks so excruciating and although it feels so numb, I can feel a little pain.

The next thing I knew after that, I was in a Christian festival of some kind where food is involved and there was a contest. I volunteered to help in one of the groups although my arm just healed from the surgery. There was this Israeli King I think he’s the judge. He and his companions seated and joined our table. He enjoyed the food a lot and he was also very funny. Then he left after he was done eating. The leader of our group asked one of his companions what our score was and she said it was a perfect 15.

I’ll end the story here. I still have two different dreams after that, but don’t think there’s a connection in between.  In the real world, I’m currently suffering from depression. I’m burdened by family, friend, and other kind of problems. I’m starting to hate the world. I feel so alone.




Symbols in this dream…:


: aspects of Self


: a challenge or obstacle in the dreamer’s life


: forced expansion


: (clouds) represents the separation between the subconscious and superconscious parts of mind


: represents will in subconscious mind


: receiving information through listening


: (fingers) purpose


: expansion


: a means of transition in the life


: subconscious existence


: compulsive use of life force or creative energy


: intention


: duality


: conscious aspects of this dreamer


: disciplined aspect of self
Clinic: (hospital) state of mind intended for wholeness

Woman at clinic

: subconscious aspect of this dreamer


: desire for wholeness


: beliefs that can lead to Knowing


: how the dreamer approaches life


: represents knowledge


: superconscious mind of the dreamer

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dream conveys the perspective of someone who feels stuck in between “a rock and a hard place.” Whether that might be obstacles found in waking life, such as the ones this dreamer mentions feeling burdened with, or those found in the inner struggle to understand his creativity and power as shown by the presence and conflict with snakes, this dream mirrors an inner feeling of powerlessness.  The dreamer has an inner urge to do something and likely a lot of wisdom that he is not sure what to do with.  The images of explosions, fire and snakes symbolize kundalini energy—the  creative potential available to all people.  The dream indicates that he is being purposeful in listening to himself (covered my ears with my fingers), however, it is worth this dreamer’s time to consider what he is listening to.  It is possible overpower an inner soul urge with doubt and fear.

There is a need for the dreamer to make correct choices throughout his day.  As he does this he will realize that what he needs is there all the time.  When the dreamer becomes more aware of the inner strengths he possesses and less fearful of his own power there will be a big shift in his consciousness.  

The study of dreams can illuminate parts of the whole picture that might seem hidden within the waking consciousness. In this case, the dreamer encounters unexpected allies in the dream within the soldier and the woman at the clinic, which reflects a message that his struggles aren’t a lost cause.  Healing does eventually happen within this young man—I volunteered to help in one of the groups although my arm just healed from the surgery.  As the dreamer becomes lucid of this in his waking life he will likely understand that he has freedom to make wise choices and he can claim his own authority with ease (eating food with the king).

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

While he may feel at a loss in the midst of the problems he faces in waking life, this dream teaches that the person he can have the most impact on his himself.  Behind the inner turmoil experienced in the midst of depression and the problems this dreamer faces is the desire to make a difference in his and other people’s lives.

Finding ways to explore and harness his own creativity and personal power are highly important for this dreamer.  Daily exploration of his own strengths and heartfelt desires with journaling or drawing pictures and creating something everyday based on these explorations can help clarify both the strengths he has to offer to the world and for what purpose he offers them.  For the musician, this could be as simple as creating a simple melody that captures the essence of happiness.   For the artist, this could be drawing a picture of a blossoming flower.   For someone who desires to aid others, having a goal of finding three ways to help someone each day can make a difference.   Reading biographies of great scientists, inventors, artists or Nobel Peace Prize Laureates could help form an image and hold the attention upon the type of person this dreamer dreams of becoming.

The morale of the story comes from the function of attention. Whatever the mind’s attention is placed upon grows. As this dreamer invests more attention upon what he does have control over – his own creativity, his own power, his own strengths, his own attitudes – he will find himself overcoming depression.  He will find that he can reach the summit of mountains.  He will be able to manage the fires of his expanding consciousness.  He will become “the King of snakes” – the ruler of his own creative power and not the subject of it.  He will be able to wield the soldier’s spear and harness the healer’s touch.  Destiny is in the hands of those who choose to be the determining factor.

The book we recommend is Charisma, a complimentary download.

Charisma  Free Download

Dreamer’s Dictionary App for Android

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Dream Date: 9/11/2011
Female, 18,  UNITED STATES

I am the same age I am today, eighteen.  I live with my parents in my grandparent’s house (fathers’ parents) with my mom.

In my dream I don’t see any other family members.  My dad scares me.  He is very controlling.  He has some sort of IV tube in my arm.  It’s a lot larger though, so it’s not an IV.  I can see a pocket of blood right on the surface of my arm, but still held under my skin.  He, my father, is using me for something of his own gain, I’m not sure what.  In my dream, I know, subconsciously, that he is a very evil and persuasive man.  My mother is very inferior to my father.

This is especially odd because in real life, my mom makes decisions and my dad doesn’t really have a back-bone and kinda just does whatever she tells him to do.

The most significant part of my dream, I was in a room at the end of the large hallway, when I realize my dad is coming down the hall for me.  I immediately run into the laundry room (the very last room at the end of the way) and turn off the light.  I know my dad isn’t in the hallway so I don’t suspect he saw the light turn off.  I hope he doesn’t enter the room.  I assume he more than likely will so I prepare myself.  I look around, pulling a plastic glove from the box on the wall.  I lick my palms and rub them against my bare feet, giving my skin more grip against the hard marble flooring.  As soon as my dad comes in the room, he grabs my wrist, I hit him off of me, throwing the glove in his face hoping it will distract him long enough so I can get out the door frame, and I run as fast as I can out door and down the road.  We live in the middle of several cotton fields so I run into the field in one of the culverts behind a plant hoping he will drive past and not see me.  He pulls up right where I am hiding, getting out of the van and starts pulling my arm, dragging me to the car.  I start yelling at him.  This whole time, my mom is telling me to stop making it worse and to just do as he says — again this would be very irregular behavior for my mother in conscious life.  She is trying to calm the situation down.  Somehow I push my father to the ground and I tell him, “I f***ing HATE you.” 

This is very odd for me, because I do not use profanity/swearing, and I absolutely love my father.  I usually don’t take to heart what my dreams mean, but this dream was especially odd for me.  It just makes me feel uneasy.  Please help me.

Female, 18, Arizona UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Father:  superconscious mind

Fear:  indicates what is unidentified and unknown to the dreamer

Arm:  indicates purpose resolve to attain or achieve

Blood: truth or life force

Room:  particular part or activity of mind

Hallway:  symbolizes access to parts of mind

Light: symbolizes awareness

Plastic Glove: way of covering up purpose

Feet: spiritual foundation

Stone: (marble floor) will

Wrist: purpose

Face: identity

Road: dreamer’s direction in life

Fields: subconscious existence

Car: physical body

Yelling: (screaming) uncontrolled thoughts

Mother: superconsious mind




Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This is an action driven dream and fear is the driving force of the action.  What is the dreamer afraid of? She says that in her waking life she loves her father and would never swear at him.  The answer to what she fears lies in this young woman facing her inner authority, her own divine nature rather than running away.  There is a real need for the dreamer to clarify her motivations for what she is doing to fulfill her own potential, her purpose in life.

The activity in the dream centers on the conflict between the characters.  Look at how many times the dreamer references conflict:  my dad scares me, he is controlling, he is very evil, he is using me for his own gain, I hope he doesn’t enter the room, he starts pulling my arm, I yell at him, I push him to the ground and I tell him, “I … hate you.”.  The main characters are the dreamer and her father who symbolizes superconscious mind.  One way to understand superconscious mind is as the “inner urge”. Sometimes it is seen as a calling “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher” or “I decided to change my career to help the environment.”  Listening to an inner urge feels like the right thing to do.  People are happy and fulfilled when they follow they listen to this divine calling that comes from within.  Conflict arises when there is a clash between desires, needs and impulses.  Inner conflict arises when fear is present.  It is worth noting what The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condron says about fear:

Although the common conception of fear is that of an emotion, this is incomplete.  Fear is a refusal to identify cause, and this is its meaning in the language of mind.  Since thought is cause, fear only arises when the thinker allows something to remain unknown.  As this thought manifests through the mind, it eventually reaches the emotional level of consciousness.  Here fear is registered by the outer, conscious mind as an emotion.

Our dreamer, like many other people in the world, reacts to fear by running away.  This shows up in the dreamstate like this: I run into the laundry room and turn off the light, I run as fast as I can down the road..I run into the field.  Sometimes people turn away from something because they think they can’t handle what life has brought them.  In this case the dreamer retreats into subconscious mind as illustrated because she ends up in a field.  The fact is you can never escape yourself because all of life’s experiences are meant for Self-awareness.  Notice that her father still finds her in the dream and her mother is present at the end as well.  Superconscious mind is always present, spirit always exists.

This young woman interprets her inner urge in a negative way and probably views life as happening to her in a way that is out of her control.  Perhaps not unusual for someone who is 18.  Remember that dreams are feedback about how the dreamer sees things from a waking point of view.  In other words, superconscious mind would never turn on you.  However, it is possible to consciously ignore the Real self through neglect, distraction with physical world or negative thinking.

An important answer to this dreamer’s quandary lies in the dream itself.  Arms are the most repeated symbol in this dream.  Arms, palms and wrists symbolize purpose.  In this case there is a real need for purpose in this dreamer’s life.  We will explore this in more detail below.




Putting the Dream into Your Life:

It is important for this young woman to explore potential.  Thinking more deeply and contemplating her true potential will help.  She needs to take this seriously.  What motivates her?  How does she spend her time and energy?  The magnitude of her fear and the running away in the dream points to someone who is trying to escape in the face of a situation that seems overwhelming.  What is she trying to get away from?  Sometimes people are afraid of discovering who they really are and avoid listening to the real Self at all costs, even if the cost is the awareness of divinity within.  Our dreamer needs to ground her purpose and intention in the physical world.  In other words bring her mind and body together so she can learn to learn through her experiences.  Concentration and meditation help to do this.  The course of study in the School of Metaphysics provides this kind of teaching.

The inner battle the dreamer wages is with her authority.  The root word of authority is author and an author causes, or is the originator of something.  Receiving one’s inner authority and acting on it creates peace of mind.  Who am I?  Where am I going? What am I here to do? Can I do this?  Should I do this? Will I do this?, are questions worth asking, and answering.

Our dreamer mentions that she usually doesn’t take to heart what her dreams mean.  We hope this changes, understanding the messages of dreams is an immediate way to listen to the Self.  This dream may very well be the wake up call that launches our dreamer into a new realm of self-discovery.

Book we recommend: The Purpose of Life by Dr. Daniel Condron

Experience we recommend:  SOM Correspondence Study








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Dream Date: 9/19/2011
Female, 55, Florida UNITED STATES

Usually I am observing the dream. If I’m in the dream I am aware of myself as a silhouette to the left of the dream. In this dream, however, I am the dream.

I am lying in the bed I really sleep in, my arms and hands are above my head and I’m sleeping. Then there is another hand holding my right hand down on the bed so I can’t move. I don’t know if this hand is attached to anything, but it is firmly pressing on my hand. I try to yell out, but can’t. I’m frightened. I keep struggling to yell and bit-by-bit I start saying, “hellllll”, but I can’t quite form the word. Eventually with all my might I yell out, “Heelllp, Help” and as I wake up, I am exactly where I am in the dream and I am actually saying, “Help, Help” long and drawn out. I was kinda disturbed by this dream and felt a bit shaken.

My dream is currently in this week’s list of ten dreams. I am writing because the dream re-occurred and if chosen for analysis I wanted you to know.

This time the dream takes place in the room next to my bedroom (where the original dream happened). Again, I am not observing, but am the dream. I am sitting at this very computer I am typing on and typing in the dream and someone walks behind me and moves their hand, in a caress like manner, across the back nape of my neck. I am frightened as before, and begin to have trouble calling out but am able to say, “Help, help” easier than in the last dream. When I woke up I was actually saying the words. I felt a-bit troubled but not like before and was able to fall back to sleep.

Female, 55, Florida UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Bed – A place for assimilation

Arm– Purpseful Intention

Hand – Purpose

Head – The dreamer’s ways of thinking

Computer – Brain

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This kind of experience comes when a transition is occurring within someone.  A transition is a process or period in which something undergoes a change and passes from one stage to another.  While this is illustrated in the dreams themselves, it is even more evident in what the dreamer relays in her commentary.  This week we are going to talk about the importance of Mind in relation to these experiences instead of interpreting the dreams our dreamer has submitted.

This dreamer describes how she experiences dreams from three different perspectives.  One viewpoint is as an observer, in the second she sees herself as a silhouette and third she says that she is the dream.  Note the progression of involvement here.  She starts by saying she is usually the observer in the dream.  People who dream this way tend to be observers in life, they are attentive and watch what goes on around them.  The dreamer then says, that if she is in the dream she sees herself as a silhouette.  When people dream in black and white the dream is occurring in the subconscious level of mind related to emotion.  The emotional level of mind is closely connected to the waking state of mind and obviously involves feeling.  The silhouette perspective shows she is viewing her waking life from an emotional perspective.

Finally, in the dream she sends she notes that she

is the dream.  All dreams are about the dreamer and all people, places and things in the dreamer are the dreamer.  This is true for everyone and applies to all the dreams this woman has had, regardless of her perspective in the dream.  She has recently moved from observer to full participant in the dream.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

In this woman’s waking life she is likely aware of becoming more present, more active, more involved consciously in her life.  It will be helpful for her to reflect upon what has been happening in the last few weeks.  What has she been thinking about, contemplating and exploring regarding self-awareness?  There is a great deal of Mind to explore that exists beyond what the five physical senses receive.  Waking up to this reality can and does change someone’s perspective significantly.

The activity in the dreams indicates that our dreamer is out of synch with herself.  This is why she finds it difficult to say what she wants to in the dream.  This is similar for people who dream of running in slow motion and referencing The Dreamer’s Dictionary is helpful here:

“Running in slow motion indicates that the dream action has moved from one subconscious level to a more outward level where the vibration is slower.  The dream action appears in slow motion because the consciousness has yet to adjust to the change in vibration, when the adjustment occurs the dream action will appear at ‘normal’ speed.”

Instead of running, the dreamer is trying to talk.  Then she wakes up actually saying the words.  Consider that in the second dream experience she speaks with greater ease.  Whatever the transition is that is occurring in this dreamer’s life, the dreams show that she is beginning to adjust.  As this continues there will likely be a progression of dreams that she will have.  Although the dreamer says that the first dream re-occurred, there are only elements that repeat.  As she remembers her dreams in the upcoming weeks and months she should look to the repeating elements and how they change.

As the dreamer acknowledges, these changes are unsettling to her. As she understands more about herself, her emotions and dreams the anxiety will subside.  We encourage her to embrace this awakening and look forward to discovering more of her real Self.

Book we recommend:  The Purpose of Life by Dr. Daniel Condron

Experience we recommend:  SOM Correspondence Study



[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]QUITTING SMOKING, EXCEPT IN MY DREAMS.  HELP!
Dream Date: 9/5/2011
Male, 19,  CANADA

I quit smoking last month.

I dreamed about smelling a cigarette head to toe. ( Yes smelled, I was a nose and a hand nothing else mattered.)  I was going “mmmm good”.

A cigarette I had on my bed stand to remind myself, NO.  It’s gone from the bed stand (in real life I put from bed stand to garbage about a week ago).  Does this signify anything important?

Male, 19,  CANADA

Symbols in this dream…:

Cigarette:  Indication of weak will
Hand:  Purpose
Face: (nose) Identity


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

The first thing to note is that this is a dream-fragment, which means the dreamer remembers a little bit from a longer dream.  Having said this, there is still meaning to be gleaned.   The day before the dream, this young man’s efforts to change his identity as a “smoker” may have been consuming to him.  This is why only his nose, hands and the cigarette are what he remembers about the dream (reference the translation of symbols above).

There is little more to say about what the dreamer does remember.  Hands symbolize purpose, the motivation for why one makes choices.  Perhaps the dream is highlighting a greater need for purpose, or maybe it was the dreamer remembering his reason for quitting smoking that propelled him to throw away the cigarette by his bed.  Maybe he is moving from negative motivation (I’ll keep what I want in front of me and say NO so I can prove that I am stronger than the cigarette) to positive motivation (I see and feel what it is like to breath clean air).  These are simple examples that may help the dreamer see how the dream message fits into his life.  Read on for more information about how to use a dream like this for self awareness.


Putting the Dream into Your Life:

In many ways the dream submitted has more to teach by what is lacking than by what is present.  At night, when a person sleeps, the subconscious mind reflects back important messages about what the individual has been thinking, feeling or acting on during waking hours.  These messages are conveyed as dreams.  Remembering the whole dream is kin to hearing the whole message.  When only parts of a dream are recalled it is like talking on a cell phone with poor reception.  You get bits and pieces of what is communicated but certainly not the whole picture.  As many people know, it can be a guessing game as to what is being said.

Things would be different if, for instance, the dreamer remembered where he was in the dream.  A new house, outside in nature, at a mall, in a school or church would give greater insight into his state of mind the day before the dream.  If he remembered whether or not there were other people in the dream he would have a greater understanding of how different parts of himself are being affected in his quest to stop smoking.

This dream is evidence of consciousness remaining tied to more physical, sensory thinking.  How well has our dreamer been sleeping since he quit smoking?  How often does he think about it or feel the urge to smoke?  These are good questions to ask, and to answer.  Overcoming a physical addiction is challenging.  Remembering and interpreting dreams is an excellent way to note progress mentally, emotionally and physically in a life transition like this.  For instance, the dreamer may have a dream in a few months that he is driving a new car.  Since a car symbolizes the physical body this would be an affirming dream that his choices are leading to better health.

Laurel Clark, who is the President of the School of Metaphysics, describes her journey as she changed her identity from “smoker” to “living healthy ideals” in The Universal Law of Attraction.  This is an excellent book for anyone facing the challenge of change.

We encourage this dreamer to strive to record his dreams each day, thus teaching himself to remember more of each dream.  If he starts this at 19 he is well on his way to a lifetime of self-awarness.

The Law of AttractionThe book we recommend: The Universal Law of Attraction by Dr. Laurel Clark

The experience we recommend:  Intuitive Health Analysis



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Dream Date: 8/13/2011

Male, 53, Texas UNITED STATES

I married an English girl who was just short of royalty.  Big money.  I was a commoner and knew it, and knew how fortunate I was to be in this position.  Huge old English estate, but I think I was still in USA.  The main estate was on one side of a large courtyard with fountain in middle and area to park and turn around cars.  On the left side of the courtyard was a smaller estate, but still very large. (To give perspective, the large estate was about 1/2 the size of the Biltmore, and the smaller one was 1/2 that.)

The dream was mostly about the wedding…getting dressed for it, getting undressed after the wedding, and the reception at the estate.

I took off my pants in the courtyard standing next to the Rolls Royce limo after the wedding and handed them to my new bride who asked if I wanted her to put them in the car.  I said no, “ I probably won’t need them, just put them inside.” So she folded them and put them inside the big estate by the front door.

Next it was time to get set up in the courtyard for the wedding picture with a couple hundred guests.  I went over to where the photographer was getting set up and there was a couple of the groomsmen standing there.  When I stood next to them I realized I was naked from the waist down.  I thought I had underwear on, but when I looked down I did not and I put my hands in front to hide myself.  I asked one of the guys if he thought it would be OK, and he said “yea – probably so – there will be a lot of people standing in front of you”.

I decided anyway to go inside the large estate home to look for my pants.  They were not by the door as apparently someone had moved them.  As I was walking around the estate looking for them, all the guests exited a room heading outside for the picture.  They had just ended a board meeting where they had been discussing how much money to give me and what to do with me.

One of the older gentlemen who walked out first – typical old Englishman with spectacle in one eye and walking with a cane said “hello old chap” to me as he walked by.  I was busy trying to hide my nakedness and get out of the room before the ladies walked by.

I found my pants in a room, and was walking back to the main room – through another room – when I saw all of our wedding gifts that I had not seen yet.  My bride had previously opened a couple, but I had not.  They were scattered all over the floor in this room, and were very expensively wrapped.  I was looking for some new boots, and one of the gifts looked like it might contain a pair of boots.  I was contemplating opening it – and decided it would take a while longer for everyone to get situated for the photo shoot and I would have time – when my new bride came running in through the front door. She was out of her gown and in her white slip, her hair was messed up and she said to me “I cracked again and I just couldn’t be out there anymore!”  We had an intimate moment amidst the chaos – just being close to each other and alone for once in the day – lying on the floor by the gifts as I consoled her and told her it would be all right.  

We started opening some of the gifts and as I suspected there were a pair of boots in the box I had found.  We kissed and then we were wondering if we should go back outside for the photo. That is when we noticed it was pouring down raining and we decided the guests must have left or gone elsewhere, maybe inside the smaller estate, cause they were not back inside where we were.  

Next I cleaned 2 crystal glasses that we had toasted from earlier in the day and brought them back into the butler’s quarters where they came from.  I also cleaned 2 crystal faucet handles that were from one of the bathroom sinks.  I meant to leave them in the other room, but also had them with me.  I put the glasses on a small table next to the double doors leading to the butler’s bedroom which were partially opened.  The room I was in was a large ornate game room with oak pool table, very large oak bar, and sitting area.  The butler (who was a typical English butler: smart, wise, very perceptive, and had taken a liking to me from the beginning) walked in when he heard the glasses clink as I set them down.  He was dressed in his lounging pajamas.  He said, “hello old chap, can you smoke?”  He had a glass of port or something like that in one hand, and a cigarette in a very ornate wooden/inlaid ivory holder in the other hand. I said yes and he handed me this cigarette and said this was a world record – this cigarette had been lit for many hours and was being smoked by many people and the world record was being broken.  It looked like it was almost out.  I took a drag and it relit.  

Then he said that my bride had done something earlier in the day that might have seemed like it had hurt my stature, but in reality it was very smart, perceptive thinking because she was thinking about my future and she had financially set me up for the future.  It was something he was very impressed with and I was very grateful for.

Then I started catching up on some sales call reports that I needed to do for work.  Next I got ready to go make some sales calls with H* (male, current co-worker, actually VP of Technical Services for the company I work for, one word – self-centered, 2nd word – conceited).  It was February and had been very warm and I went to the estate only wearing short sleeves.  I was in a bathroom and looked out the window and saw that it was overcast, raining outside still but drizzling, not pouring down as before, and it had gotten cold.  I told H* as we were leaving that I had neglected to look at the weather report before I left home, and asked on our way out if we could stop by my “flat” (yes, I actually said flat instead of apartment) so I could get a sweater or jacket.  That is all.

Male, 53, Texas, UNITED STATES 

Symbols in this dream…:

Married: commitment between the conscious mind and subconscious mind for the fulfillment of desires

Female: (girl, bride) subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Money:  value

Mansion: (estate) represents the mind

USA: condition in mind where many aspects are connected

Clothes: (pants) how the dreamer is expressing self

Courtyard: universal mind

Car: (Rolls Royce limo) the dreamer’s physical body

Door: access to places in mind

Picture: manifestation of an imaged desire

People: (wedding guests) aspects of the dreamer

Men: (groomsmen) conscious aspects of this dreamer

Naked: openness and honesty

Hands:  purpose

Man: (older gentleman) conscious aspect of this dreamer

Glasses: (spectacle) need to improve vision

Eye:  receiving information through perception

Walk:  direction in dreamer’s life

Cane: support for direction in dreamer’s life

Gift:  indicates value

Shoes: (boots) covering of spiritual foundation

Clothes: (white slip) how the dreamer is expressing

Hair:  symbolizes conscious thoughts

Kiss: represents loving acknowledgment of part of self

Rain: conscious life experiences

Numbers: (2) universal structure of developing thought, duality

Cup: (crystal glasses) symbolizes receptivity as a tool

Faucet Handles: tool to control conscious life experience

Sink: means of purification and release

Butler: conscious aspect of this dreamer

Door: symbolizes access to places in mind

Table: a means of support

Room:  a particular part or activity of mind

Clothes: (pajamas) how the dreamer is expressing self

Alcohol: (port) an interference with the conscious will

Cigarette: indicates compulsive action

Man: (H*, self centered, conceited) conscious aspect of self

Bathroom:  means of purification and release

Window: a means for awareness

Cold: contraction

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

Dreams that are long and detailed indicate A LOT of thinking on the dreamer’s part.  Sorting through the meaning of a dream like this can be challenging.  In short, this dream starts at a wedding, ends at work with a selfish, conceited co-worker and includes a bit of embarrassing nakedness along the way.

How do you interpret long dreams with so many symbols?  It is easy to get lost in the details of every single symbol.  Looking at the whole picture, including the general theme and the overall plot, aids in comprehending the dream message.  The next step is to identify repeating themes, scene changes, and the actions of the dream people.

With this approach, we see that this wedding-dream is speaking to a commitment the dreamer has recently made.  He also values his mind and his capacity to think a great deal.  In the dreamer’s own words, the dream is mostly about the wedding, getting dressed and getting undressed.  This man wants to understand how his expression has changed because of the commitment to Self he has made (just married).  His life is different now, and he is coming to terms with an open and honest (naked) means of expressing (pants) that matches the transformation.

In the Universal Language of Mind™, “Being naked in a dream symbolizes an attitude of openness and honesty. Honesty is the result of the alignment of the thinker’s thoughts and words or actions.  When someone appears nude in a dream this will represent an aspect of Self that is being expressed openly; the ideas manifest in their true form…note the reaction to the dream-nakedness.”—The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron

As soon as the dreamer notices he is naked, he begins to cover up.  Later in the dream he is trying to hide. Often people are uncomfortable in allowing themselves to be completely open and honest.  Honestly admitting and expressing your real thoughts and feelings allows you to know who you really are.  Honesty is a virtue that precedes the quest for Self Knowledge and Awareness.

The dreamer has committed to himself in a way that is new, it is also not completely conscious (the dream-brideis not someone he knows in waking life).  The commitment opens his mind to the amazing value and potential of his mind.  He has yet to realize that HE is the one in command of his inner riches.  In the dream, he still feels that his fortunate marriage is being bestowed upon him or coming from an external source (he is grateful for his good fortune in the dream, others are deciding how much money to give him and what they will do with his life).

When the dreamer is faced with visualizing his future (wedding photo scenes) he begins to question whether he has made the right choice.  For example, sometimes people speak truth and then second-guess themselves. “Did I hurt her feelings?  Should I have said those words?  What do they think of me now?”  When these kinds of questions arise, it can be tempting to fudge the truth to avoid sticky situations.  Our dreamer is not alone in this—many people can and do have difficulty facing themselves openly and honestly.  And this must be done to make a commitment to Self.

When it comes time to image and visualize what this commitment is going to bring him, what kind of life he will live, who he will be, then the dreamer takes a detour in thought—he gets distracted.  When it’s time for the dream photo, first he is looking for his pants, then he is looking for boots, then he is with his new bride, then he questions whether he should return for the photo, and the photo is never actually shot.  To take charge of his own life and use the full value of what he has, he will need to learn to replace his distractions with a concentrated, visualized image of what he wants and who he wants to be.

Receptivity (crystal cups) is an important way for our dreamer to understand what he experiences as the pairs of opposites, like being willing to be open and honest and then feeling uncomfortable.  Receptivity is an important and valuable tool for this dreamer when he feels pulled in two directions, especially when he is trying to see the whole picture.  Remember we have two mansions on the estate, two crystal glasses, two crystal faucets handles and then double doors.  Two symbolizes duality in any creative endeavor.

In order to receive the great value of his own mind with clarity, this dreamer needs to come to terms with his distractions, including his own tendencies toward conceit and self-centeredness.  These qualities are shown in the dream as his co-worker, H*.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

It is okay to be honest.  Discovering and revealing his true thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be, is part of this dreamer’s commitment to spiritual growth and Self Awareness.  Staying true to this commitment day by day, in thoughts and actions, is an ongoing practice of concentration.  As his concentration ability improves with practice, he can use his inner and outer minds in accord, the science of visualization.  This will aid him to adjust to the newfound honesty and openness he has discovered within himself, and his outer expression will match this genuine honesty.

What is commitment to Self?  When you have an idea of the kind of person you want to BE, qualities that you want to develop, skills and talents that you want to use wisely, then you have an image of a future you.  Staying true to an image requires making choices each day that bring it to life.  For instance, if you want to be more calm and relaxed, deciding to practice concentration each day is one way to clear your mind.  Choosing to do a concentration exercise, even when you feel tired, is a way to practice commitment to Self.  Making spiritual choices instead of physically minded choices is a way to practice commitment to Self.

The Dreamer’s Dictionary describes visualization as “the mental process of creation.  Visualization is a skill employing the conscious and subconscious minds, which enables the individual to conceive a desired image and experience its manifestation.”

In other words, when you make a commitment in the conscious mind, then your subconscious mind helps you. This is what visualization is all about.  This dream captures an important moment in this dreamer’s life.  His choices during the day are creating a greater commitment within himself and we encourage him to continue!

The book we recommend for this dreamer is The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization by Dr. Laurel Clark.

The experience we recommend is the Still Mind, Present Moment, Open Heart teaching.


10 Powers of Dreaming Trailer

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[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

Dream Date: 8/22/2011
Female, 54, Texas UNITED STATES

There were two wood frame white houses on this property, one in back of the other.  Connected by a dirt driveway.  The one in the back was under repair.  These houses were older houses.  There was wood and a carpenter had been there. 

I was not in this dream, but just an observer.

Someone went to the back house to get the others to come to the front house.  There was one woman who was not a good person there.  There were three women being held in the house against their will. 

They were standing in a row.  One on the right I couldn’t see, but the other two were sisters in their twenties.  The one in the middle was the oldest and she was doing cocaine and asked her younger sister if she wanted some. The younger sister acted like she did just so she wouldn’t draw suspicion, but she really didn’t want any.  She just wanted to be free.  She wanted a boyfriend, but when she found out who he was she changed her mind.  He came straight to the house from prison.  The woman that wasn’t good helped him put all his rings back in his body, his tongue, ears, brows and one big ring in his lips.  This ring covered his whole mouth and was ornate. 

Then one woman went to the front house to take a shower.  She heard a noise and was afraid it was her boyfriend.  She was afraid of him.  He came into the bathroom and reached his arm in through the shower curtain and pinched her on the breast. 

Note: None of these women were me and they were all unfamiliar, as was the man and the houses.

Female, 54, Texas UNITED STATES


Symbols in this dream…:

Number: represents the universal structure of developing thought, (2) duality

House: the dreamer’s mind

Road: (dirt driveway) the dreamer’s direction in life

Carpenter: aspect of self

Observer: objective perception

Person: (unknown) aspect of self

Woman: conscious aspect of dreamer, unkown

Number: (3) represents the universal structure of developing thought, (3) creation

Drugs: (cocaine) will buster

Rings: symbolizes commitment

Face: the dreamer’s identity (tongue, ears, brows, lips)

Male (boyfriend): subconscious aspect of this dreamer

Bathroom (shower): condition of mind for purifying and cleansing

Arm: purpose

Breast: receptivity

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

The setting of this dream is in two white houses, however, it is the drama that unfolds in the house that reveals what this dreamer is beginning to realize about herself.  Remember, a dream is a message to the dreamer, from the dreamer and about the dreamer.  Dream interpretation is a chance for every dreamer to understand Self better and why life unfolds the way it does.

A one-line interpretation of the dream might read like this:

The dreamer is waking up to unconscious thoughts and actions, and is realizing fears she has about knowing her real Self.

A one-line response to the dream message could be:

The dreamer knows she needs to let go of deleterious thoughts about herself and others and make more productive choices.

Let’s look at the details of the dream to understand why…

The most outstanding element is that all the people and places are unknown to the dreamer.  In fact, the theme of this dream points to the dreamer beginning to awaken to her own unconscious tendencies.  For clarity, this is what The Dreamer’s Dictionary has to say:

Unconscious is the state of being unaware arising most often from ignorance.  Information stored in the brain, that is unused, promotes a lack of awareness…Inattentiveness promotes unconsciousness in the waking life.  What an individual remains unaware of –whether thoughts, motivations, facts or perceptions –reveals what, how, and why she is unconscious.  Functioning from habit promotes this limited frame of mind.

This kind of dream occurs when unconscious thoughts and actions are surfacing.  In other words, the dreamer is realizing that her attitudes and actions have an effect that she has not considered before.  Based on the nefarious elements in the dream –the women being held against their will, cocaine, deception, fear, the effects she is experiencing are less than desirable.  This dreamer is beginning to realize that her choices influence her in ways that she has not predicted.  In the days prior to the dream she may have found herself asking, “Why is this happening to me?”, “How did I end up here again?” or “I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t think it would matter that much.”

This dreamer seems to be living in two worlds (two houses) and needs to reconcile this.  She is becoming aware that, according to her own standards, some of her intentions are less than admirable (there was one woman who was not a good person).  It will be beneficial for this dreamer to admit when she is behaving in ways that weaken her integrity.  It will be important for this dreamer to note her thoughts and intentions regarding commitment (rings), especially commitment to Self.

The dream women symbolize conscious aspects of the dreamer.  Our dreamer seems to have difficulty making good choices and following through (dream sister who does cocaine) when it comes to being true to herself.  These attitudes lead to difficulty in cooperating with her subconscious mind.  The dream men symbolize subconscious aspects of the dreamer.  Note that the men in the dream are feared or avoided.

Please make time to read more about the structure of mind at:

It is in understanding how your mind works that true freedom is attained.  This information will help to comprehend why the people in this dream tell the story about how the dreamer is unconscious of her own subconscious mind.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

This dreamer is someone who ends up fighting against herself at times when she most needs to settle down, listen and be honest.  This will help her listen to an inner voice centered on standards and integrity.  The dreamer finds that sometimes she thinks one way and acts another.

There is a need for this dreamer to be more aware of her intentions, why she does what she does and how she thinks about her soul in the choices she makes.  This dream points to what interferes and hinders the dreamer –it is time for her to look at ways that she has been indecisive or weak-willed.  Making choices and disregarding long-term effects is unconscious.  As it says above, inattentiveness promotes unconsciousness in the waking life.  Exploring purpose will be helpful for this dreamer and an excellent book is recommended below.

A beneficial question for this dreamer to ask herself is “What is my intention and how is this related to commitment?”  Commitment to Self will aid our dreamer to continue to face herself, thus “waking up” even more.  Meditation is a fulfilling way to practice listening and experiencing self each day.  Deepening experiences through meditation aid any individual to view life more objectively, and lessening emotional reactions.

Maybe this dreamer feels forced to keep working at a job that she does not like.  Perhaps there is a relationship in her life that needs to be evaluated more honestly.  Ultimately, this dream is urging her toward awareness that is already growing within her.  We encourage her to contemplate commitment, think more deeply about Self and be willing to delve into what exists beyond the physical world, including soul and spirit.

The Purpose of LifeThe book we recommend:  The Purpose of Life by Dr. Daniel Condron

The experience we recommend:

Intuitive Health Analysis


Answer Honestly and I’ll let you go!

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Answer Honestly and I’ll let you go!
Dream Date: 7/20/1999
Female, 19, Oklahoma UNITED STATES



The friends in this recurring dream change every time, and I’ll be giving them aliases.

It’s summer time, and three friends and I go on a summer trip to a near by ocean. We’re in a white van, and it’s past dark when we arrive to the waterfront. There are long, dark cliffs cascading down to the waves, and the moon’s full light casts upon the rocks just right to give an eerie, beautiful setting. Rocks sitting in a row according to height lead from the top of the cliff (where we have parked) and lead down all the way to the water. Mitch leads the way down the rocks, Hanna and Karin follow. I stay up on the cliffside with my little cousin Millie, due to a fear of heights. We eventually follow thanks to the coercing of Mitch, Hanna, and Karin, but all I can focus on is the quiet splashing from the waves rising on the rocks. We come to a hidden bank, with a trail to a dark forest. We decide to explore it, and find a tunnel hidden in leaves beside the trail miles deep in the damp forest. In order to fit, we must crawl on all fours. Before completely sinking into the mud, the long tunnel finally breaks way to a lone 3 story house, with a garage similar to the ones seen on houses off of  beaches. It’s completely surrounded by the same dark green forest, no moon light able to escape the trees.

We climb the stairs to the first room inside the house, which is a large ball pit. We laugh amongst ourselves and throw the brightly colored balls at each other. On the other side of the room is a neon colored ladder, leading up to the next room. After passing through the plastic flaps placed as a doorway at the top of the ladder, we come to a completely foreign room. There are neon orange cushions on the walls, like sewed down pillows in a triangular pattern, repeating. I go to one of the patterns while my friends talk amongst themselves about the slightly unsettling room.  There are yellow horizontal zigzags across the design, eyes with long grey eyebrows, and a long grey mustache to adorn the face. “It looks so real.” I say, running my fingers through the strings that strongly resemble human hair. A bad feeling begins to stir in my gut as we finally leave the strange room, which also only has a ladder as a means of exit. The final room is very small and plain, with violet color on the walls and a cream colored carpet. A set of glass doors framed by mahogany wood stands in the middle. We push through the doors and enter the other side of the room that looks identical to the one before, save for women’s underwear and bras laying scattered on the floor. A yellow glow catches my eye, coming from a hallway on the left. My friends are giggling amongst themselves about the underwear, while Karin protests how creepy it is. I step closer to the hallway, ignoring them, and can hear faint voices of someone else talking. I turn on my heels and face them and beg them to leave, but Hanna pushes past me, telling me to “calm down, and stop being such a baby.” She goes down the hallway.

After a few minutes, she doesn’t return and Karin follows her. I’m sitting with Mitch and Millie, they’re talking amongst themselves. Again, I get a horrible feeling, so I stand and follow Karin, but stay at a distance and try to keep hidden. She comes to a middle aged man sitting in a chair, with two women at each of his side. The beautiful girls stand in their lingerie and casually draped over him, smiles on all their faces. Panic immediately sets in when I lay my eyes on him. He smiles at Karin. Karin looks around the room, trying to find any trace of Hanna before addressing the man. “Where did she go?” The man looks at her and smiles. “If you can answer one question, completely honestly, I’ll let you go.” She stares at the man and hesitantly replies “Of course I can answer honestly.” 

“Do you think for yourself?”

Karin continues to stare, as if she’s on the brink of unlocking a puzzle. “Of course I do.” He shakes his head and smiles wider, bearing sharpened teeth. “…You’re lying.” He replies, grabbing her, tearing off her head. His hand pierces the flesh of her stomach and he pulls out a segment of her intestines. All air escape from my lungs as I try to scream, but instead I prepare to run. Before I can get back to Mitch and Millie, however, he looks at me and smiles, telling me his name is Grady. I run and grab Mitch and Millie shouting “we have to get out of here! NOW!” We dart through the house all the way down to the garage, where our van is magically parked, and flee the scene.

Years later, Mitch is giving a speech to toast a successful business product, how everyone wants it, why you need it, and how you’re no one without it. It’s a huge garden party, everyone dressed in suits and fancy gowns, drinking a thick, dark red liquid in crystal wine glasses. Mitch and I are married, and Millie is in her early 20’s. She walks up to us and congratulates Mitch on his product. We both say “Thank you.” While he and Millie are having a conversation, I slowly bite his neck, and the edges of my lips curve to a smile. I stare directly at Millie, and Mitch continues to talk, as if my cousin wasn’t now silent. Her eyes widen as she stares in horror and sputters “you… you’re exactly like him.” I wipe the blood off my lip and smile, replying  “Some people just can’t think for themselves.”

Then I wake up, still able to smell the forest and feel the wet dirt against my face.

Female, 19, Oklahoma UNITED STATES


Symbols in this dream…:

summer: (ref. seasons)    represent the stages of growth; summer is adulthood

ocean:    conscious life experiences

white van (ref. vehicle):    physical body

waterfront (ref. beach):    area of action between the conscious and subconscious parts of mind

cliffs (ref. rocks):    will in subconscious mind

moonlight:    awareness in subconscious mind

Mitch:    known aspect of dreamer’s subconscious mind

Hanna:    known aspect of dreamer’s conscious mind

Karin:    known aspect of dreamer’s conscious mind

Millie:    known immature aspect of dreamer’s conscious mind

trail (ref. path):    the direction the dreamer is taking to achieve a goal

forest:    subconscious existence

tunnel:    means of moving from one inner level of mind to another

mud:    merging of conscious life experiences and subconscious life experiences

house/garage:    dreamer’s mind

room:    a particular part or activity of mind

ball pit (ref game):    perspective of life held by dreamer 

ball (ref toy):    ways to use the imagination

ladder:    means to gain access to levels of consciousness

door (glass):    access to places in mind

underwear (clothing):    how dreamer is expressing self

hallway:    access to parts of mind

middle-aged man:    unknown aspect of dreamer’s subconscious mind

two women:    unknown aspects of dreamer’s conscious mind

business:    how dreamer is choosing to be productive in life to promote growth and learning

garden:    subconscious existence

clothes:    how dreamer is expressing self

married:    commitment between conscious and subconscious minds for the fulfillment of desires

blood:    life force


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

We begin interpreting this dream by receiving the translations in the Universal Language of Mind™.  If you review the symbol list above, you will note the preponderance of references to the “subconscious”.  Since this is a recurring dream, this tells the dreamer that she tends to approach her everyday life intuitively.  The action in the dream, provided by aspects of her conscious mind and subconscious mind, is known to the dreamer.  The dream says she is attempting to figure something out.  This is why the dream repeats and probably has everything to do with why the friends who appear in her dreams may change.  This would be a key for the dreamer to explore.

So what actually happens in this dream?  This is most readily identified through the dream’s “setting”.  The setting of any dream is revealed in the place and time the dream occurs.  There are three places where the action occurs in this dream:  Scene 1:  The WaterfrontScene 2: The House, and Scene 3: The Garden.   This movement reveals that the dreamer is seeking to understand her emotions.  Emotions express in the level of consciousness connecting Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind.  They are an essential part of one’s created thought manifesting into the life.  Scene One, tells the dreamer which aspects of self are invested in this work. By identifying what Hanna, Karin, Millie, and Mitch represent to her, she will know the primary ways she was using or being used by her emotions in her waking life the previous day.

The females reflect conscious choices, Mitch indicates the inner urge of subconscious mind.  That inner urge initiates the action in the dream.  Mitch is the leader in Scene 1.  This tells the dreamer that her inner self is manifesting something she has desired as illustrated in the rocky cliff adventure led by Mitch.  When the dreamer invests her conscious will (her choice to follow), she finds herself a bit over her head, muddled or confused, ultimately symbolized by the mud.  Her determination to find answers, opens her mind and “Scene Two: In the House” begins.

There is a detailed progression in the imagery of the three rooms in the house.  In the ball pit room, the dreamer is admitting her limitations.  The second, foreign room reveals the discomfort this produces for the dreamer.  She is recognizing that sometimes she pretends things are authentic when they are not.   The ladder is the only exit. She is going to need to elevate her thinking to understand what is happening in her waking life.  The final roomreveals that the dreamer’s innermost thoughts the day before this dream were an immature response which brought fear.  The dreamer does not want to remain in this frame of mind.  The tendency is to avoid (beg them to leave); however, something different occurred:  Hanna pushed past the dreamer and headed down the hall, never to be seen in the dream again!    Hanna is the way the dreamer forcibly controls her emotions.

The rest of Scene 2 revolves around encountering the unknowns in her life symbolized by the unidentified characters.  This terrifies the dreamer.  Karin follows Hanna and carries out the remaining action in Scene 2 focusing the dreamer on this known aspect of the conscious mind.  By staying with emotions, depth becomes clear as symbolized through the middle-aged man and girls.   Beautiful girls with smiles on faces convey unconscious aspects that identify with happiness.

Karin is the way the dreamer defends what she doesn’t know, limiting her intelligence and capacity to understand what is happening in her waking life.  This leaves the dreamer in a state of fear.  The dreamer doesn’t use intelligence to meet the challenge (answer the question), she escapes by immersing herself the physical body (van).

At this point, the place and the time of the dream shifts.  Scene Three is the garden party years in the future. This indicates the long-term impact of the dreamer practicing these patterns of emotions which the dream has revealed.  The dreamer can produce a pattern of commitment between conscious and subconscious minds for the fulfillment of her desires (marriage).  The dreamer will be able to get what she wants in her life through using her mind in these ways.  The question becomes, “At what cost?”

The aspect of the conscious mind – Millie – matures through the course of this dream.  She stares in horror at the dreamer’s vampiric ways.  The dream’s message ends by letting the dreamer know she can continue to muddle her way through subconscious existence as she has throughout the dream, reacting to perceived limitations and manipulating her inner and outer worlds thus taking from her own subconscious mind (bite his neck, wiping blood off my lip) to try to get what she wants.  Or, she can carve a different future for herself by exploring her own saving grace – Millie.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

The dreamer begins by stating two facts about this dream: it is recurring and the friends starring in the dream change every time.  This focuses us upon the import of the message right away.  First, the same message is pertinent for the dreamer every time she remembers this dream-plot, and second, the dreamer is attempting to understand this message through her own versatility, the different friends appearing in starring roles.

This dream is about emotions.  The dreamer is becoming awake to what the emotions are, how they express, and where they will lead.  Relying on inner guidance has been the dreamer’s pattern.  Given that she is 19, this is a natural evolution of human consciousness out of the inner levels of mind into establishing Self in the physical world.  This dream is an allegory for this movement from the descent down the rocks into the tunnel and the house which stimulates fear into the malevolent character who kills the dreamer’s friend and sets the protagonist’s destiny for years to come.  More on this universal message later.

This dreamer is on the threshold of her adult life and her dream, timed in summer, reflects her thinking.  The dream repeats, often with characters changing, which indicates the dream message is the same how the dreamer acknowledges, admits, experiences, and understands the message is different.  The message is about how the dreamer is using her conscious and subconscious minds and where that will lead her if she continues along the same line of thinking.

The emotional element in this dream is the strongest so the dreamer has a unique opportunity to use her dreams as inner guidance.  When interpreted and understood, the dreamer will be able to see how her dreams are a commentary on her state of mind the previous day.  Some experience was frightening to her.  What this was only the dreamer can identify.  The dream reveals what was going on in her mind when the reaction occurred.

When faced with challenges, this dreamer’s pattern has been to rely upon her intuition.  Perhaps an “everything will work out as its supposed to” kind of attitude.  This level of trust is leading her to examine her thoughts about the “game of life”.  Much of what she sees in the everyday world around her doesn’t make sense.  It is foreign and strange, and sometimes she cannot distinguish what is real.  The dream encourages her to make this distinction, even giving her a glimpse of what the failure to do so produces.

There is a level of judgement that the dream brings forward.  The crux being whether aspects of Self symbolized by Hanna and Karin will dominate choices of self or the dreamer will prevail.  In this dream, Hanna and Karin win out and the rest of the dream unfolds because of it.   Forcibly controlling the emotions, then defending what she doesn’t know leads to more unanswered questions.  It does not produce fulfillment.

In the dreamer’s waking life this could appear as trusting in someone then discovering things are not as they seem.  How could she let herself be hoodwinked?  The dreamer is looking in the mind for answers, coming up with more questions.

Honesty is the clear message here, and when it arises it is an accusation from a trio of unknown aspects of Self.  When the dreamer is confronted with answers, her reaction is to escape in some physical pursuit.  Whether this is spending a couple hours at the fitness center, losing herself into work or study, or “drowning her sorrows” in alcohol, only the dreamer knows.

The dream is letting her know of a pattern, the typical way she has developed to cope in the world.  Since the tone of the dream is fear – from Millie’s initial and concluding reaction to the dreamer’s own emotions about what happens in the dream – this indicates a less than desirable pattern of thinking that can be changed.  The dream comes in service to the woman potentially aiding her to understand how she can create what she desires in her life.

The last scene of the dream tells her where her current established thought patterns lead her.  She will get by in the game of life very well.  Her subconscious mind will do her bidding, and successfully at that.  She will have the life force or energy she requires to accomplish her desires.


The aspect of Self represented by Millie is horrified at HOW this will be done.  “Millie” becomes the key for the dreamer making a significant change for it is this part of Self that is awake and maturing.  Once the dreamer deduces why Millie – out of all the people she knows – is the one chosen to be in this dream, she will have the key she needs for emotional maturity.

This dream contains elements of an Epic Dream, an allegorical dream with insights that will benefit everyone. “Answer Honestly and I’ll let you go!” is a plot-driven dream, rich in detail and for this reason we have chosen it as one of the dreams we will discuss in this Wednesday’s (August 3, 2011) Webclass.  We will discuss the universal implications then.  The class is open to the public and you can register now to attend.

The book we recommend is: Spiritual Renaissance: Elevating your Consciousness for the Common Good by Dr. Barbara Condron.



[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]THE DEVIL IN ME
Dream Date: 12/31/1980
Female, 37, Michigan  UNITED STATES

I have had this recurring dream many times since 1980.  I am walking down my road and see an object.  Sometimes a tree, birdhouse, trash, spraypaint can.  I look at the object and think, “I bet I can make it move with my mind.” I stare at it (in this case the paint can) and it does move.  I then become afraid and think that maybe it is the devil or something demonic in me. I then try to stop the movement, but then have no control. (I am thinking it must be the devil now.) I am Catholic and love God.  Now the object (spray paint can) is floating in my face, threatening me.  It then sprays paint in my face and I wake up alarmed.  

I have had this type of dream many times and each time I desire to make it move, then want it to stop. I am unable to stop it. Sometimes I am lucid, sometimes not.  I have had the ability to become lucid in dreams many times, but not always.  If I was to guess, I have become lucid 20 times in my life. That is what I remember.  Also, when I become lucid, I often choose to fly.  I have had night terrors all my life.
Female, 37, Michigan  UNITED STATES

Symbols in this dream…:

Road:  the dreamer’s direction in life
Objectspraypaint can, signifies what captures the attention of the dreamer
Face:  signifies the dreamer’s identity
Devil an unknown aspect of self

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dream has many layers so let’s start with our approach to making sense of it.  First, this is a recurring dream that began around the time the dreamer was six years old and continues today.  The dreamer tells us she is Catholic and loves God so we have a general idea of her spiritual belief system.  Her spiritual beliefs play an important role in this dream so we will be exploring belief systems, as we did in last week’s interpretation.

The components of the dream are similar, however, the objects change (sometimes a tree, birdhouse, trash or spray paint).  This reflects a slight variation in the dreamer’s thinking.  We are going to work with the symbols the dreamer gives us in the dream she submitted.  She also describes becoming lucid in some of her dreams as well as experiencing night terrors throughout her adult life.  This will be addressed in the following section.

Remember, this dream occurred when the dreamer was six.  The road symbolizes the dreamer’s direction in life.  At such a young age the direction of her life was dependent upon what she was being taught by the people around her.  Other people’s attitudes, beliefs and actions were influencing how she behaved and what she thought and felt.  This is true for all people.  How an individual responds to external stimuli depends on who the person is as a soul and their permanent understandings.  This is why children can grow up in the same family, have the “same” experience and have vastly different perspectives.  In this case, the dreamer knows that her religious beliefs are influencing her because she describes it as part of the dream.  More on this below.

The dream continues as she notices an object, in this case a can of spray paint.  The can is indicative of a thought or idea that captures her attention while she is awake.  She is discovering her mind through the choices she is making and the effects they cause in her waking life.  The dreamer is willful (makes conscious choices) and this shows in the action of the dream.  Moving the can in the dream indicates the use of will and imagination.  So, in her six-year-old world an idea has captured her attention, is stimulating her imagination and she is choosing to do something with it.  However, the imaging gets out of control and she reacts fearfully (I then become afraid and think that maybe it is the devil or something demonic in me.)  There is a realm of good and bad that the dreamer believes in and she is becoming aware that her choices, (I look at the object and think, “I bet I can make it move with my mind.“) have led her astray.  In other words she has made a wrong choice, from her perspective.  Following is an excerpt from The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron and gives thoughts to consider regarding a devil in a dream.

“What am I afraid of?  Do I feel like there are forces in my life beyond my control and understanding?  Identify what these are.  Dispel your fears of the unknown by bringing them into the light of your awareness.  Be willing to admit your intentions, changing those which are dishonorable and destructive to Self and others to those which are truthful and constructive to Self and others.”

Please note that all dreams are about the dreamer’s conscious mind perspective.  The dream itself is feedback from the dreamer’s inner, subconscious self to the outer waking mind.  From a soul point of view there is no wrong or right, only learning.  In the physical world there are parameters that serve a purpose.   Spiritual beliefs show what will lead to soul awareness and spiritual development as well as the kind of thinking and choice that prolongs entrapment.

The most revealing action of the dream is at the end when the dreamer is unable to control the can and it sprays her in the face.  A face in a dream symbolizes how the dreamer identifies herself.  If this were to happen in waking life it would be uncomfortable at least, certainly disorienting and even potentially harmful.  These are the kinds of effects that the dreamer has set into motion, of her own accord.  She is the one who initiated the thought that the can move in the first place.  The dreamer has done this to herself.  Thought is cause is a Truth that exists regardless of age, race or religion.

To sum up the meaning of this dream, we would say the dreamer was captivated by a certain idea that she accepted and then fueled with her imagination.  When her imaginings got the best of her she reacted by thinking that something was wrong with her and this affected her identity.  In other words, her beliefs have distorted her perception of her true identity, her real Self.  This has continued throughout her life.  The key to freedom comes in opening her mind to the benefit of religious and spiritual beliefs because their sole purpose is pave the way to knowing the whole Self.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Religion is vital to the development of humans as spiritual beings.  For example, Christianity teaches “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”  This perspective is repeated in all the world’s major religions and here are some examples:


Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then there will be no resentment against you, either in the family or in the state.


Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.


No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.


What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellowman. This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary.


Regard your neighbor’s gain as your gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.

Our dreamer needs to explore what she was taught about herself as a spiritual, everlasting being in order to understand the dreams that have repeated for over 30 years.  Realize that she may or may not have been taught that something was wrong with her.  What is important is that she internalized what she learned and believed that something is wrong or bad inherently in her.  This set up a cycle of self-doubt that plagues her when she wants to change her identity.  This can happen whether or not there is a religious foundation in your life.  The reason we know the dreamer continues to be conflicted is that, the dream repeats and the dreamer tells us she has had night terrors all her life.  She has a hard time changing her beliefs about herself.

In light of all this she is becoming more aware.  This shows up in the lucidity of some of her dreams.  Lets explore how lucid dreaming can cause unexpected effects.

The fact that this dreamer experiences lucidity in the dreamstate shows that she is waking up and beginning to change and evolve to greater awareness.  Even at the age of six there was enough awareness to think in the dream, “I look at the object and think, I bet I can make it move with my mind.”  Causing action in a dream while lucid creates an effect in the dreamer’s mind that will manifest.  For this dreamer, she has prolonged confusion about her identity.  It is important for all lucid dreamers to learn the Universal Language of Mind™ so they understand how changing a dream actually changes their consciousness.

Every person on the dreamschool staff has taught dream interpretation.  Our experience, time and again, is that a nightmare occurs when there is a repeated misunderstanding in the dreamer’s life.  Receiving the message of any dream means the dreamer is receiving a message from the inner self into the outer, waking mind.  Putting the dream message into practice allows the dreamer to change and grow, according to inner guidance.  In other words listen to the Self.  Our recommendation to this dreamer is to ask this question.  “Am I expressing myself in the way I desire?” Many people think in one way and express in another.  This results in mental and emotional confusion.  Endeavor to align your thoughts with your actions and words.  Be the person you are meant to be.

The book we recommend is: The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols, ed. Dr. Barbara Condron



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Male, 50, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Dream Date: 08/01/1999

Dream: The dream was a healing dream.This man lost one of his arm.To replace his lost arm I used a wooden branch to repair his arm. I was the healer who reconstructed his arm by moving my hands swiftly around his lost arm.As,I proceeded to move my hands, I was using the sun as my source of energy to rebuild his lost arm,suddenly a cloud covered the sun, I lost contact w/ the sun energy. The healing process cesed until the cloud slowly moved away,I continued to shuffle me hands around his arm,produced a new arm!

Symbols in this dream…:

arm/hands – purpose

sun – superconscious awareness

man – conscious aspect of the dreamer

branch – subconscious existence

cloud – separation between the subconscious and superconscious parts of the mind

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This is a great dream that reflects what can happen when entrainment, or the alignment between all parts of the mind, operates within a person.  In this case, a strong connection to inner authority, an inner recognition of a higher purpose for life, and acting upon this connection can create wholeness in any individual.

The man with the lost arm represents a conscious aspect of this dreamer that has lost connection to a purpose (lost arm). Purpose can be defined as something that benefits the dreamer — what the dreamer gains or how he changes or evolves through the choices he makes.  This dream may have come at a time when this a part of this dreamer failed to see the purpose for what he was doing in his life in some way.  Was this something that was happening in his professional life? His personal life?  A certain personality trait he possessed or an attitude he felt?  Whatever the case may be, there was the recognition that something was missing.

Using a branch and the power of the sun’s energy to heal the man’s arm reflects how the dreamer connected and pulled upon his own subconscious mind (branch) and superconscious mind (sun’s energy) to restore the man’s arm.  Many people are familiar with phrases like  “know thyself” or  “look within for the answers.”  The healing of the man’s arm in the dream reflects that there was some way that this dreamer took this to heart.  In turn, he restored his own connection to the power of purpose in his waking life — a purpose that reflected the wealth of his inner mind.

There are times in life that anyone can feel disconnected to a purpose (lost arm) or temporarily experience a disconnect from who they are on the inside (clouds passing over the sun).  However, the dream reflects that connection can always be established.

This dream can serve as a reminder for this dreamer that wholeness comes from within.  It echoes the lyrics ofAmazing Grace, a traditional gospel song that states: “I once was lost, but now I am found.  Was blind, but now I see.”

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

There are many ways that the action of healing the man’s arm in the dream can reflect in waking life.  Some people experience reconnecting to a higher source within themselves through the action of prayer, which is a special form of concentration directed within.  Others may experiences feelings of a greater peace or bliss upon meditating for a period of time.  Even simple actions like taking a quiet contemplative walk or singing an inspiring song with an uplifting message and lift someone’s spirits.

It’s important for everyone to discover ways that help them to move the attention inward when the need arises.  It is a choice to look within for the answers, cultivate peace of mind, or simply bask in the “sun” of greater wisdom, love, or truth.

We recommend reading the book The Emptiness Sutra by Dr. Daniel Condron.  This simply written book instills the peace that emptiness can bring.


Life Insurance and High Heels

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here is a dream entitled “Life Insurance and High Heels,” interpreted by Dr. Barbara Condron on an episode of Dream Catchers Video Responses.[/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]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[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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Male, 23, California, UNITED STATES

Dream: Before I give you my dream I want to set up a little bit of background first. I recently got out of the navy and I normally don’t remember my dreams. In the navy, I was on submarines. The dream is about skydiving, but I have never been skydiving. So here’s the dream: I was skydiving with my friend/roommate who was also on the sub with me. On the ship, one of his jobs involves measuring the amount of oxygen and toxic gases during fires. In the dream I am jumping in tandem with him and I have no parachute for myself. We jump out of the airplane and we get to the point where I feel like we should open the parachute. We fall further and and I yell to him that we should open the parachute, but he yells back that he has to test the atmosphere before we open it. He takes out one of the tools his uses on the ship to test the air. We keep falling and I say we should open the parachute again and he tells me that he’s almost done. Then we hit in the ocean, in very shallow water right of shore. We then just stand up and walk out of the surf without any problems. That’s when I woke up.


Symbols in this dream…:

airplane – physical body

flying – freedom

friend (male) – conscious aspect of the dreamer

air –thought

atmosphere measuring tool – tool for measuring thought

ocean – conscious life experience


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This is quite the dream this dreamer had!  This dream is a great example of how the subconscious mind will use any image or scenario to capture the dreamer’s attention.  While this is loosely related to his profession, it involves actions both unfamiliar to him (skydiving) and absurd (skydiving without a parachute), which appears to have successfully captured his attention!

This dream reflects a need to understand timing: when to act, when to take a step back, when to analyze the situation at hand, and when to cease thinking and simply make the best choice possible. This message comes in the contrast between the urgent need to open the parachute during the skydivers’ free fall from the airplane and the friend’s attachment to testing the atmosphere. It’s possible that his friend’s cool, calm, and collected manner reflects a part of this dreamer who takes everything in stride, calculates things with accuracy, and patiently waits for the correct course of action to present itself. However, some situations call for immediate action.

Because the dreamer’s friend plays an important role in this dream, understanding what the friend symbolizes may provide further insight.  Does this dreamer view his friend as analytical, detail-oriented, patient, or perceptive?  How this dreamer views his friend may highlight what quality in his own thinking gets in the way of “pulling the chord” when he needs to.

On the other hand, we have to ask, “Why did the dreamer jump out of an airplane without a parachute?” Perhaps this reflects the opposite extreme taken at times by the dreamer – acting before thinking or “firing before aiming.” For this dreamer, understanding proper perspective or the ability to discern what’s most important at any given time will help him determine when to think and when to act.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Because this dream is confined to one main dream scene and captures a very clear cause and effect happening (i.e. no parachute = slamming into the ocean), this is the type of dream we would expect the dreamer to think, “Aha! I know exactly what this dream is referring to!”

Identifying what experience this dream is related to will help this dreamer to reconcile the issue of when to think and when to act by giving him a point of reference. Because the dream is so captivating, it can also act as an analogy for this dreamer to consider from this point forward.  This could be done in a variety of ways, including this dreamer thinking to himself, “Now, what’s better?  Should I ‘open the parachute’ now, or do I have time to consider all my options again?” when faced with an important decision.

Practicing this will also help him strengthen his connection and command of the quality his friend represents.  At the moment, this dreamer may be prone to “jumping into a situation without a parachute” and hoping things will work out.  In this dream’s case, it does.  Both the dreamer and his friend walk away unscathed, despite not openng the parachute in time.  However, when this dreamer strengthens his ability to use proper perspective, foresight and developing that sense of “knowing what to do and when,” he will have more control of his own mind and the situations he faces — potentially far beyond what he currently experiences.

This dreamer also mentions that he’s not prone to remember dreams often.  This could become one of those dreams that some people describe as “a dream that I’ve remembered all my life.”  Time will tell whether this becomes true or not. However, the very possibility that dreams can become something that will be remembered for a lifetime shows how powerful dreams can really be.  They capture snapshots of consciousness that can provide that nugget of wisdom anytime the dreamer needs one.

We recommend this dreamer read the book Intuitive Dreaming by Dr. Laurel Clark.  This book shares many people’s stories of how dreams have benefitted them, both as insightful feedback and inspirational content for creative endeavors.

We also recommend attending a Dream Catchers Online webinar.  Dreamschool staff answer dream questions from dreamers around the world during these one-hour Q & A sessions, which are broadcasted every 1st Wednesday of the month. These are open to all dreamers, free to the public.


Turbine Destruction

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

Here is a dream entitled “Turbine Destruction,” interpreted by Dr. Barbara Condron on an episode of Dream Catchers Video Responses.


Dirty Waters

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here is a dream entitled “Dirty Waters,” interpreted by Dr. Barbara Condron on an episode of Dream Catchers Video Responses.[/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]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[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row]

I Just Can’t Shoot

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here is a dream entitled “I Just Can’t Shoot,” interpreted by Dr. Barbara Condron on an episode of Dream Catchers Video Responses.


A Beauty Salon Wedding?

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here is a dream entitled “High School Friends & Broke Down Cars,” interpreted by Dr. Barbara Condron on an episode of Dream Catchers Video Responses.[/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]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[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row]

A Beauty Salon Wedding?

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here is a dream entitled “A Beauty Salon Wedding?,” interpreted by Dr. Barbara Condron on an episode of Dream Catchers Video Responses.[/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]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[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Beautiful Black-Eyed Girl

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]BEAUTIFUL BLACK-EYED GIRL

Dream Date: 08/01/1999

Im in a hospital bed talking to the nurse when a voice says to her we need you out here as she runs out the door another nurse comes in holding a new born baby girl. She urgently asks me to hold her and rushes over to another person i didnt notice before laying in a bed next to me. I look down at the baby as it crys eyes closed her head oddly shaped like an upside down rounded tear drop . I begin to make soft hushing noises. as she stops her eyes open and they are compleatly black no white just black. I smile at her making funny faces and she begins to copy me . The nurse looks at us murmurs i thought so and tells me the babys name is Annabelle. She walks out and I begin to talk to anna and all of a sudden she begins to talk back to me. The nurse comes back in as anna and i are talking and tells me that anna was just born she to small to know what im saying. she then takes anna and the dream fades to black. It picks back up im walking into the waiting room where anna and her parents are i tell them she talks to me they say we know she decides who can understand her she told us about you. We love her but cant take care of her. She chose you to take our place. I ask to talk to my lover about this and he comes and says its ok. Then for the past week all my dreams include her growing perfectly but her eyes are still back. I have odd dreams but i just cant figure this one out. Help please? 

Female, 17, Texas, United States

Translation of Major Symbols:

bed – tool for assimilation

hospital – state of mind related to healing

nurse (female) – conscious aspect related to healing

baby girl (Annabelle) – new idea

eyes – perception

Annabelle’s parents – aspects of the dreamer related to that produced the new idea

lover – subconscious aspect of the dreamer

black – color related to receptivity


Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind™:

This dream reflects how this dreamer’s mind interacts with a new idea (baby) that she has come across in her waking life.  Although this new idea may not have been something she created initially, (she is not one of the birth parents of the child), this may be an idea that this dreamer has decided to claim as her own (decision to take care of the baby) by choosing to shape it, develop it, nurture it and act on it.

Related to wholeness (hospital), this new idea is receptive and responsive to her mind’s attention (baby copying her funny faces/talking to her/all black eyes) and is both something this dreamer may be able to identify (baby has a name) and is also something continuing to develop (The baby is growing perfectly in subsequent dreams).

These dream details may provide clues for this dreamer to consciously identify this new idea.  Once she has identified the specific idea or thought symbolized by the baby, it will be much easier to nurturing nurture the growing idea in the ways this dreamer sees fit.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Our research at the School of Metaphysics in the USA indicates that dreams are messages from the subconscious mind that give feedback to the conscious mind concerning on a dreamer’s thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions 24 – 48 hours prior to having the dream.  For this reason, it may help this dreamer to recall what was happening in waking life around the time of the dream.

Did she have an important conversation with someone that influenced her into making an important decision?  Was there an event that led her to consider taking on something new?  Was there a creative idea that she came across at work or school that compelled her to act on it and make it “her own baby?”

Answering questions like these may help her to identify the idea her dream baby represents.  Once she identifies the idea, she can then clarify why she wants to nurture it.  She can imagine how she’ll become more fulfilled through experiencing the new way of life this idea can bring.  She will be stronger, determining actions to take to encourage this new development in her life.

All of these steps play an important role in the health of this new idea and ultimately on her own sense of wholeness and vitality.

This dream indicates the dreamer has been exposed to a new idea concerning communication.  Although not originally her own, the idea is attractive to her because she senses its healing power in her life.  For this reason, the dreamer has adopted the idea as her own and is now making it a part of her every day life.  Her first dream and subsequent dreams convey this new state of awareness.  At 17, as this “new baby” grows, she may grow and mature as an individual.

The book The Law of Attraction: and Other Secrets to Visualization by Dr. Laurel Clark would be a great resource for this dreamer and others.  It describes the components or thought and action that can transform “good ideas” into memorable and fulfilling experiences through the powers innate within your own mind!


Prolific Dreamer – Four Dreams in One Night

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_raw_html]JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGbG9qNFlyek01aWclMjIlMjBmcmFtZWJvcmRlciUzRCUyMjAlMjIlMjBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW4lM0UlM0MlMkZpZnJhbWUlM0U=[/vc_raw_html][vc_message message_box_style=”standard” style=”rounded” message_box_color=”info” icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]The dreams below come from thousands of dream journal entries documented by Dr. Damian Nordmann for over 20 years.  These dreams were featured in an episode of The Prolific Dreamer, a weekly Youtube series where Dr. Barbara Condron, creator of, and Dr. Nordmann, President of the School of Metaphysics. discuss his dreams and the variety of dream topics that arise from them.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

Dream #4440                May 30, 2007

I’m at a very simple dinner theater.  After the host takes our order and finds out what we generally like he chooses the performance.  He brings it out slowly.  Each piece of the performance is important and builds on itself.  I am brought lots of different kinds of bacon to eat.  My alarm goes off before I can finish the dream. 


dinner theater – signifies an imaginative frame of mind

host – unknown conscious aspect related to service

bacon – knowledge

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

The theme of this dream is how the dreamer is using imagination to learn.  This dream reflects someone who enjoys using the imagination (dinner theater) to decide what to experience and cause it to happen deliberately and intentionally.  As a result, knowledge (bacon) becomes available to the dreamer.

Dream  #4441                May 30, 2007

I’m in a gas station.  I see this black guy and I want to give him a brochure for the School of Metaphysics.  I have to call after him and follow him out to the pumps.  I give him one and I give some other people a brochure.  I eventually go wait in a friend’s vehicle.


gas station – place to receive energy for the body

black guy – conscious aspect related to self doubt

School of Metaphysics brochure – information related to spiritual learning

other people – unknown aspects

vehicle – physical body

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

This theme of this dream is energizing the body.  This dream reflects someone who puts forth effort to replace self doubt by putting themselves in a position to learn something new.  Meeting indecisiveness with learning that thought is cause has an energizing effect on many parts of the self.

Dream #4442                May 30, 2007

There is discussion about my friend *D.  For some reason we need to track him down and talk to him.  I ask some people how he is and I think about what he might be doing.


*D – conscious aspect

people – unknown aspects

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

This theme is driven by the appearance of the *D, a friend of the dreamer.  As we identify what certain people in our dreams reflect in ourselves, we can receive a dream’s message with greater clarity every time that person shows up in a dream.  The Prolific Dreamer is the only one who can determine which aspect of himself *D represents.  There is a desire to reconnect with that quality.  For instance, this could be someone who desires to rekindle their imagination, their humor, or being more expressive or forthright.

Dream #4443                May 30, 2007

I’m sleeping on a hide-a-bed in my living room or a den.  *C opens the front door, says something and leaves.  I follow her later and she’s in a room with several different kinds of people.  She seems to be in charge of something there.

Somehow I reverse time and I follow what she did earlier.  I see her taking her mom and some kids to the movies and she’s trying to find a good, kid-appropriate movie.  One of them she looks at, but it has partial nudity in one scene.  I tell her I would have liked it as a kid.  


sleeping – indicates a loss of consciousness and will

bed – tool for assimilation

living room/den – part of mind related to rejuvenation or socialization

*C – subconscious aspect

*C’s mom – subconscious aspect

kids – unknown aspects in development

movie – imagination

partial nudity – honesty

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:
The theme of this dream is relativity.  It informs the dreamer of how he used memory and imagination during the previous day.  The time reversal symbolizes retracing steps in the thinking to identify cause in his life.  This dream opens as the dreamer is assimilating, meaning he is in a contemplative frame of mind regarding a subconscious (*C) aspect of Self symbolizing leadership. There are two factors impacting how the dreamer is developing himself as an individual (kids):  imagination (movies) and honesty (nudity).  Understanding of this came through hindsight after this dreamer took some time to “sleep on it.”

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Potato Admiration

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

Potato Admiration
Dream Date: 07/18/2013
Someone (?) is offering me some french fries,from quite a big bag they are holding,and,surprisingly (as in real life I do not eat them) I take a few and taste them.I remain surprised at myself for doing so.Then I walk around and I find myself in sort of an open air market.I see a store that attracts me in particular and I notice that they are selling potatoes,only potatoes.There’s a counter with all kinds of shapes of potatoes,and quite big potatoes.I had never seen such huge potatoes in my life.I tell so to the ladies behind the counters and begin a conversation with them.They explain to me that they grow themselves the potatoes and they are quite proud of their accomplishment.I tell one of them that I cannot eat potatoes as I get bad reactions from eating them,like inflammation with terrible pain in my legs,etc …arthritis actually (this is also true in real life : I haven’t eaten potatoes for so many years) but I stopped at their counter because I was impressed by such beautiful and amazing potatoes.The lady tells me that she also doesn’t eat potatoes because she also suffers the same reactions.I become quite surprised by the fact that she would be in the business of growing and selling them …
Then somehow I find myself in sort of a ‘spa’ and I am lying down on my front and my legs are being massaged (!) and someone is talking to me so gently and explaining things (?) to me in a very comforting way.Meanwhile I notice that someone else is waiting for me for the second part of the treatment.I feel so ‘nurtured’ and a bit lost with what is happening (as in real life,I do not live that at all).
Then I wake up.  Female, 60, Montreal, Canada
French fries – knowledge
market/store – state of mind related to value
potatoes – knowledge
ladies – conscious aspects of the dreamer
spa – state of mind related to mental relaxation
spa workers – aspects of the dreamer related to mental relaxation
Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:
In the Universal Language of Mind©, food represents knowledge present within the dreamer’s experience.  The type of food, the interaction with the food and this dreamer’s own associations with the food in waking life all play a role in reflecting how this dreamer uses knowledge in her life.
This dream addresses a change in how she views a specific type of knowledge (French fries/potatoes) in her recent experiences.   This is illustrated in the flow of the dream from French fries to the largest potatoes the dreamer has ever seen, that she is admiring.  This may be knowledge she’s viewed with uncertainty, aversion or increased sensitivity to in the past (food allergies/choice not to eat potato products in waking life).  However, the act of eating the French fries and admiring the potatoes at the potato stand shows that there may be an attempt to make use of that knowledge (eating French fries).  At the very least, a new found admiration or respect for this knowledge is growing within her mind.

It’s possible that her change in perspective has brought upon a greater level of mental relaxation (spa/massage).  Oftentimes, looking at something in a different light or having a more positive view can release mental tension or stress.  This dreamer’s next step is to identify what the French fries and potatoes reflect from her waking life.

This dream is about a shift in how the dreamer receives information and makes it knowledge.  Previously, she resisted this, even to the point of making herself ill at ease or sick.  Something happened the day before this dream that she began thinking of information in a new way, her mind opened up to how she has been previously  unconscious in the value of information in her life.  There have been ways she could move forward that have been taken for granted.

Putting the Dream into Your Life:

Examining her experiences around the time of the dream may provide additional insight.  Did she have a visit from an old friend that stirred up past memories to be re-examined?  Did she recently travel to an area where she used to work or live?  Did she come across an old item that brought about nostalgia?  Whatever the case may be, something in her life may have triggered old memories, a re-examination of those memories and the experience of seeing something, someone or even herself in a different light.

The way anyone looks at something will determine how useful or useless, beneficial or harmful it is.  In the dream, the act of eating French fries shows that she may be taking in knowledge she’s viewed as being harmful to her in the past.  Is “eating French fries” a fleeting curiosity or an intentional experiment?  Has she reached a conclusion that the knowledge in question can be used productively, or does she need further experiences to determine its value?  If she finds this knowledge useful, what will she produce with the knowledge she possess?  Answering questions like these can help this dreamer identify her next steps.

Numerous “accidental” inventions have come about from this process: seeing something in a different light.  Speaking of potatoes, the potato chip was invented by George Crum, who intentionally overcooked French fries for a customer who kept returning his fries for being soggy in an attempt to silence them.  What started as an act of frustration pointed towards an unsatisfied customer turned into a surprising profit!
The book Four Stages of Growth by Dr. Daniel Condron may provide additional insight.  It highlights the stages of learning — infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and wisdom — and how to make full use of the knowledge she possesses.  She may discover that not only can she “stomach” knowledge from her past, she may find new uses for it that she may find fulfilling.


Prolific Dreamer – Fragmented Dreams

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_raw_html]JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGbEFwVWJaWTNGWTAlMjIlMjBmcmFtZWJvcmRlciUzRCUyMjAlMjIlMjBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW4lM0UlM0MlMkZpZnJhbWUlM0U=[/vc_raw_html][vc_message message_box_style=”standard” style=”rounded” message_box_color=”info” icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]The dream below come from thousands of dream journal entries documented by Dr. Damian Nordmann for over 20 years.  These dreams were featured in an episode of The Prolific Dreamer, a weekly Youtube series where Dr. Barbara Condron, creator of, and Dr. Nordmann, President of the School of Metaphysics. discuss his dreams and the variety of dream topics that arise from them.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

Dream #337 September 22, 1994

Simultaneous action. I’m talking to *J (female known to me). I’m trying to find out if she wants to do anything. Parents, convenience store. Dressed up, I was. Blood dripping VCR movie with Enigma song. *J and I both doing math. Two girls carelessly trodding through my house dropping pens. I’m talk to guy later. He has a gun and so do I. We both lay our weapons down. Also something about *M. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

*J – subconscious aspect of the dreamer

Parents – Superconscious aspect

Store – place in universal mind

Clothes – how the dreamer is expressing the Self

Blood – life force

VCR/movie – product of the imagination

Song – harmony

Math – understanding of identity and relativity

Girls – unknown subconscious aspects

Pens – tool for communication

Gun – tool for change

*M – conscious aspect of the dreamer

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

This theme points to the dreamer relying upon a subconscious understanding to aid him in a change he wants to make in his identity. It is not just any change. This change is centered on how the dreamer influences others through universal mind. He wants to do so harmoniously. By reviewing his previous day, our Prolific Dreamer will find how he has been using his imagination energetically to stimulate himself and others, and perhaps what change he could have made and didn’t.

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Baby Dragon to the Rescue

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Baby Dragon to the Rescue

The dream happens in 3 parts.  In the 1st part, I am fighting vampires in some type of post-apocalyptic world.  I get out of this old beat up truck and I leave my purse and phone in it.  I am going into this old building looking for something (I feel like I am looking for a weapon and food) and I meet some friends that I know.  They end up stealing my truck, leaving me stranded because the truck had my phone and purse inside.  I was really upset and I remember screaming, “David, how could you do this to me!”  Then I start to run because the vampires start chasing me again.  In the 2nd part, I am at the house where I grew up and the sun is beginning to set.  I am in the front yard with people I don’t know who are watching the sun set as well, but I can’t see their faces, they are mostly just shadows.  Then I turn and look at my family home and I reach up and grab a bag of money from the roof.  In the 3rd part, I am on a battlefield and an old woman is with me.  She appears as if she is from the Elizabethan Age and she is wearing a purple gown and it billows as we walk.  She tells me these words exactly.  She says, “We have found a secret weapon that will help us win the war against the vampires.”  She takes me to this secret weapon and it is a baby dragon.  Then I wake up.

female, age 35, Texas, USA


vampires: something that we imagine is taking energy to deal with

post-apocalyptic world: a place in the future

old beat up truck:  physical body

purse: something that holds value

phone:  communication, often telepathic

old building:  place in mind

family house:  familiar place in mind

setting sun:  awareness

people  with faces in shadows:  unknown aspects of the dreamer

bag of money:  value

roof:  place in mind of elevated thinking

battlefield:  place of conflict

old woman:  wise part of the dreamer

purple gown: way of expressing, purple can represent spiritual

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

This dream reflects a specific conflict that this dreamer is endeavoring to resolve.   The conflict involves feelings of being drained, or “the life being sucked out of her”.  (Vampires) This could come from imagined fears, worries, or doubts.  Whatever the case may be, this dreamer may have a feeling of losing value (purse stolen) or may even be experiencing some physical illness (truck stolen).

However, this dreamer found a way to center herself again, to reconnect with her value.  This is shown by her grabbing the money from the roof.   She may not know what parts of herself play a role in centering herself, (people without faces), however the method she uses to center and reconnect is very familiar to her (family home), perhaps second nature.

The act of centering herself helped her to connect with a possible solution to the conflict she’s experiencing: a baby dragon!  In the Universal Language of Mind, dragons represent the conscious ego, or her identity.  Therefore, identifying or viewing herself in a new light (baby dragon) will play a very important role in how well she is able to resolve any conflict within her mind.

Putting the Dream Into the Life:

How we view ourselves has a big impact on our outlook on life and what we are able to create.  Does this dreamer view herself as a successful person or a person with a lot of faults?  Someone who is an inspiring presence or someone who feels uninspired?  Someone with a positive attitude is more likely to look at successes rather than failures, solutions rather than problems, and will honor past lessons rather than hold onto past regrets.

Once this dreamer identifies what her “vampires” are in her waking life experience, she’ll be able to identify what changes she needs to make in her thinking or perspective on herself.  Looking at the day or two before the dream might help this dreamer find a reference point for this dream.  What happened the day before that stimulated conflict in the dreamer?  This could be anything from a fight with a friend, a stressful day at work, or worrying about an important event in the future.  Whatever the case may be, her dreams show her that the answers she’s looking for are within her.

The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron may be a great resource for this dreamer.  It is more than just a dictionary.  It explains the science of dreaming and how we can get the most value from remembering our dreams.

We also recommend participating in a local dream group.  Since this dreamer is from Texas, she may be close enough to participate in the Dream Catchers Meetups in Dallas and Ft. Worth.  Having a group of people to share dreams with can be a very rewarding experience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Prolific Dreamer – Abandoned Hotel

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_raw_html]JTNDaWZyYW1lJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI1NjAlMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjIzMTUlMjIlMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbSUyRmVtYmVkJTJGejdjd3pjWmZSM0ElMjIlMjBmcmFtZWJvcmRlciUzRCUyMjAlMjIlMjBhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW4lM0UlM0MlMkZpZnJhbWUlM0U=[/vc_raw_html][vc_message message_box_style=”standard” style=”rounded” message_box_color=”info” icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-info-circle” icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”]The dream below come from thousands of dream journal entries documented by Dr. Damian Nordmann for over 20 years.  These dreams were featured in an episode of The Prolific Dreamer, a weekly Youtube series where Dr. Barbara Condron, creator of, and Dr. Nordmann, President of the School of Metaphysics. discuss his dreams and the variety of dream topics that arise from them.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]Dream #666  June 10, 1995

My dad and I go to stay at this desolate vacant hotel/motel. It’s cold out and I’m wondering how we will get heat when there is no one even operating the place. We almost kind of have to sneak in as well. *L (known female) and some other people actually are inside. *L and I are talking while she is on a bed. She asks me if I like her butt and I say yes. We talk for a while and I think she is very cute. There are other people but we don’t converse as much. EOD


Dad – Superconscious aspect

Temperature – measurement of extremes

Hotel –  Universal Mind

*L – subconscious aspect

Butt – thoughts relating to release

Other People – unknown, unidentified aspects of the dreamer

Bed – tool for assimilation

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The Prolific Dreamer is hiding something, from himself. To find out what, we examine the images in the dream in the Universal Language of Mind©. Perhaps the previous day, the dreamer went to extreme lengths to engage others to seemingly no avail. His efforts were empty because at first he did not accept the authority for his choices. By referencing a subconscious understanding of release, the dreamer can recognize why the hotel is empty in his dream. The dream’s message tells the Prolific Dreamer that when he lets go of an attitude represented by *L he will be more equipped to open his mind to the expansiveness of universal mind.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”More Prolific Dreamer Entries” style=”modern” shape=”rounded” color=”info” size=”md” align=”inline” i_align=”left” i_type=”fontawesome” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-adjust” i_icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-dial” i_icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-adjust-brightness” i_icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-note” i_icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-heart” link=”||” button_block=”” add_icon=”” i_icon_pixelicons=”vc_pixel_icon vc_pixel_icon-alert”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Why is Everyone Going Topless?

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Why is Everyone Going Topless?

Dream Date: 08/07/2013

I was with my husband in my most favourite place on earth but it was ruined by every young woman taking her top of as if it was so natural. One young woman trotting on a horse smiled at me as she took her top off. I remember feeling confused why it was happening I wasn’t worried about mg husband looking at first but then we were surrounded and I wanted to leave

Female, 41, United Kingdom



Husband – subconscious mind of the dreamer

Favorite place – positive attitude

Young women – developing conscious aspects

Naked – honesty

Horse – will

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

We can see why this dreamer would feel confused in the dream!  While the symbols found in this dream are basic (husband, women, nakedness, horse), this is an example of dream language capturing not only what occurred within this dreamer’s mind, but her own thoughts, ideas or mental commentary on what happened.  The natural display of nakedness portrayed by all the young women in the dream reflects a certain level of honesty this dreamer experienced during the previous day.  Honesty in of itself is not something uncommon.  Rather, it is something that many people consider a virtue to strengthen and strive for.  However, the confusion she felt and the desire to leave the place in the dream combined with the out-of-character way the young women were taking their tops off reflects experiencing honesty in a way that was unexpected or even alarming to her.

Honesty is more than speaking truthfully.  From a metaphysical perspective, honesty can relate to deeper thoughts, ideas, intuition and inner wisdom held within the subconscious mind expressing more fully and completely in the waking life.  Some might describe this experience as expressing one’s soul more or becoming more aligned with his or her life’s purpose.  The honesty she experienced could be the result of having a positive attitude (favorite place in the world) and making intentional choices (horse) connected with her heartfelt ideals or desires (husband). This dream presents an opportunity for this dreamer to explore honesty in a deeper way.

Putting the Dream Into the Life:

While interpreting the dream in the Universal Language of Mind© can be a powerful tool for insight and self-discovery, finding the context for the dream in waking life is the dreamer’s responsibility.  Because dreams reflect the previous day’s experience, it will be helpful for this dreamer to revisit the situations and circumstances that may have led to a dream like this.

This dreamer may have been more honest with a desire she’s held for a long time by finally expressing it, no matter how apprehensive she may have been in voicing it in the past.  This dreamer may have been stimulated by a conversation that helped her to examine what she really wants out of life or even act on some of those desires in a more honest and forthright way.  She may have voiced something at work in a truthful and honest way that placed her in an uncomfortable spotlight.  Whatever the case may be, the memorable tone of the dream reflects a strong possibility that she may remember the exact situation(s) she found herself in that relates to the dream.

Once she can identify these experiences, she’ll be able to discern how and where the level of honesty changed within her thinking.  What is she becoming more honest about?  What actions can she take to further her heartfelt desires and ideals?  How do these desires and ideals align with her soul?  Dreams like this can open many doors for self-discovery and exploration.

We recommend the book The Wisdom of Solomon by Dr. Barbara Condron.  This book includes accounts of people honestly exploring their feelings, dreams and circumstances for deeper meaning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]