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Because their Audiences Love Dream Interpretations & Inner Self-Counseling
Call in phone lines light up, twitters start singing and site traffic goes up when stations ask their viewers/readers to send in their dream questions to be asked on-air.

Radio, TV., On-Line, Talk Show Hosts Empower Audiences with these Topics

1. Dream Messages are Personally Relevant and Dream Experiences Provide an Ancient form of Self-Counseling

2. The Peace of Mind Dream Interpretations can Bring

3. How Dreams are Liberating and Healing, Dispelling Self-Doubt while Truth Restores Hope in Life.

4. Introducing the Universal Language of Mind, the Picture Language of Subconscious Mind and Children Under 8 Years old.

Kerry – Indy Dream Experiment TV Video
Dreams are daily messages from the Inner Mind. While asleep your higher Self reviews
the creative value of your previous days thoughts and attitudes. Your dreams then
reveal how your conscious awareness is influencing your future experiences and also
how you react to them. The Indy Dream Experiment reveals how the community is
responding to life experiences and how we can live more quality lives.

BLOGGERS magnetize their posts by having their own dreams interpreted.
** Visitation dreams / Precognitive Dreams
** Healing Dreams / Group Dreams      ** Intuitive Dreams / Kid’s Dreams
** Lucid Dreaming / Dream Telepathy    ** Dream Incubation / Dream Inventions

Available this year are:

Kerry Keller, D.D., National Dream Awareness Coordinator for the School of Metaphysics. Follow these links for previous TV/radio spots.

Weekly dream interpretations and counsel that empowers the meaning of the dream.  These dreams highlight the origin of mental images, beyond word derivations to prevailing thought – revealing their universally applicable meaning.


Dr. Laurel Clark, author of Intuitive Dreaming and current president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Follow these links for previous TV/radio spots.

Dreaming awakens us to the Self that transcends time and distance. Has a loved one from the ‘other side” ever visited you in your dreams? Have you shared dreams with other people? Had precognitive, telepathic or lucid dreams? Heard a commanding
voice? These exceptional dreams give you a taste of life beyond everyday, waking consciousness.

Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron, founder of and author of The Dreamer’s Dictionary and Every Dream is About the Dreamer.
Author of the book, Dreamer’s Dictionary, interprets a two part dream where an insurance agent interrupts her dining in a restaurant, then she’s riding a motorcycle in high-heals while pulling her pants down.

NDHLDC7 from School of Metaphysics on Vimeo.

Dr. Christine Spretnjak, President of the School of Metaphysics.

Contact Dr. Karen Mosby, SOM Intl. Sec’y of SOM, at 417-345-8411 or Kerry Keller at (317) 251-5285 to schedule interviews.

Past Media Interviews

Dr Laurel Clark interview WGN 2014


Dr. Laurel Clark on Dreams interviewed by Author Steven Hawley Martin YouTube Channel

Dr. Laurel Clark on Developing Intuition Interviewed by Author Steven Martin




Dr Laurel Clark WGN chicago 2012






1. Kerry Keller stopped by Daybreak to talk about the Indy Dream Experiment. 2016 05/012016

2.  Dr. Laurel 2016, St. L Maplewood


School of Metaphysics Dream Webinar in Maplewoood

by Staff Writer

ST. LOUIS-We all dream, right? But sometimes those dreams can be confusing. Fortunately there are experts right here in St. Louis who can help interpret those dreams. Larry Hudson and Kerry Keller from the School of Metaphysics in Maplewood tell us about their Dream Webinars. We dream every night. Every […]

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