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What a great year for communication, exemplified in the field of the recent U.S. presidential election.  With all the media and talk about the past year’s debates, have you found any of the candidates appearing in YOUR dreams?  If so we’re not surprised.

Why?  Long-standing dream research says that most of the content in our dreams comes from our everyday waking life.  We tend to dream about the people we know, what we ate yesterday, where we work, or what we see on television.

People sometimes dream about their country’s leader.  So we are wondering have Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, or Kasich had starring roles in your dreams? Have you dreamed of the future election? Has the United States of your dreams changed in notable ways? We want to know!

Share your election inspired dream with us by filling out the form below! Then talk to us about what it means during our National Dream Hotline® this weekend (April 29-May1) !



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